Hispanics skip work to protest immigration law

Hispanics skip work to protest immigration law

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (AP) – Along Main Street in this small Alabama town, the Mexican restaurant was closed, lights were out at a Hispanic-owned grocery store and even a bank catering to Spanish speakers was dark. Nearby, the usual hum of a chicken processing plant was silent.

Businesses dependent on immigrant labor were shuttered Wednesday as workers took the day off to protest the state’s strict new immigration law.

The work stoppage appeared largest in northeast Alabama, the hub of the state’s $2.7 billion poultry industry, but metropolitan areas were also affected. At least a half-dozen chicken processing plants closed or scaled back operations because employees, many of whom are Hispanic, didn’t show up for work or told managers in advance they wanted to join the sick-out to show disapproval of the law upheld by a federal judge two weeks ago.

“We want the mayor, the governor, this judge to know we are part of the economy of Alabama,” said Mexican immigrant Mireya Bonilla, who manages the supermarket La Orquidea, or “The Orchid,” in Albertville.

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Hispanics skip work to protest immigration law

I guess I’ll once again be called a racist by a certain self-proclaimed erudite, bleeding heart libber in Conservative clothing, a FAUX conservative that poisons young minds in his position of Associate Professor of Political Science at a 3rd rate CITY college, but the 1st thing that crossed my mind when I read this story was; “What a wonderful time to round up the ILLEGALS and send ’em on their way back to whatever fly infested dung heap they crawled out of…”

There are those among us that call themselves Conservatives that just don’t fit the mold. They call me a bigoted racist because I want to rid this nation of ILLEGALS and don’t too much care how the mission is accomplished.

There’s only one thing wrong with those accusations of bigot and racist; I haven’t so much as mentioned nationality or ethnicity. I have made some brash and bold statements about ILLEGALS, and what I feel needs to be done with them, and for that I make NO apology.

Here’s the *wrong* part; to the best of my knowledge, ILLEGAL is an action, not a RACE, and for the life of me, some supposedly well educated people just don’t *get* that part.

illegal — A definition thereof

Used as a Noun: An illegal immigrant.

Used as an Adjective: Contrary to or forbidden by law, esp. criminal law: “illegal drugs”.

Synonyms: unlawful – illicit – illegitimate – lawless – wrongful

Now I readily admit, I am NOT a Ph.D, I don’t play one on television and I didn’t spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express, but seriously, I just don’t see any racial connotation in the words ILLEGAL or ILLEGALS (plural). Just sayin’… 😛

I hate to say my accusers are wrong, but they have failed to show me how they get RACE out of ILLEGAL or how I am a RACIST because I advocate the shooting down of ALL that cross OUR borders illegally. Maybe they’re not as well educated as they claim to be.

It wasn’t clear exactly how many workers participated in the protest, but the parking lot was virtually empty at a Wayne Farms poultry plant, which employs about 850 people in Albertville. All along Main Street, Hispanic businesses were closed.

There is an estimated 18-20 million illegal residents in the USA. I know as well as anyone, an arrest and deportation of 850 or so from a chicken plant in Albertville isn’t going to be a game changer, but it’s a start, and you’ve got to start somewhere.

Jose Contreras shut down his restaurant and store, a move he said cost him about $2,500.

“We closed because we need to open the eyes of the people who are operating this state,” said Contreras, originally from the Dominican Republican and a U.S. citizen. “It’s an example of if the law pushes too much what will happen.”

Contreras is an American citizen? I thought that those who came to America and earned a *green card* and then went on to become American citizens were supposed to be even more opposed to ILLEGALS than are natural born Americans. That’s the story we hear on a regular basis when immigration is discussed. I am regularly hearing how naturalized folks resent those that won’t put in the effort to become legal residents and then citizens.

Apparently not ALL naturalized citizens feel that way…

Since the law was upheld, many frightened Hispanics have hid in their homes or fled. Some construction workers, roofers and field hands have stopped showing up and schools have reported high absentee rates among Hispanic students. Officials said even more students were absent Wednesday, apparently because of the protest.

Again there appears to be a bright side, all of these absences have caused less of a strain on city, county and state services, medical services and police resources, lots of TAX dollars are being saved.

The Obama administration has asked the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to at least temporarily block enforcement of the law, arguing in court documents Wednesday that the statute oversteps the state’s authority and could lead to the discrimination of legal residents. The appeals court has not indicated when it may rule on the administration’s request for a preliminary injunction.

OK, there are a few things need to be said here, the first being, much like George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama never met an illegal he didn’t like.

Secondly, immigration laws are NOT being aggressively enforced by the U.S. government, that said, shouldn’t the STATES have the right to enforce the laws that the Feds should be enforcing but don’t have the courage to?

The third thing that the above paragraph begs to have answered is this; how in the hell can a law against ILLEGAL invaders lead to the discrimination of or against legal residents?
That is some Obama regime double-speak BS that they are throwing out there to make themselves look like the protector of American freedom.

They are NOT…

Let me boil this all down into a conclusion; Alabama is doing the job that the Feds won’t do.

Obama and Company hate to see any potential Democratic voters sent away in a sweep of ILLEGALS, and none of this has anything to do with human rights, it’s all about the law of the land and it not being enforced, and the law that Alabama has passed is, much like the one Arizona hit on a while back, similar efforts to enforce immigration laws based on federal standards.

Once again let me make this VERY clear; if you come to America legally, work, learn the language, educate yourself, pay taxes, become an American citizen, become a part of the great American experience and support THIS nation and no other, I’ll welcome you with open arms. If not, you need to be gone from America as soon as possible. 

If that makes me a bigot or a racist, well, that’s the way the FAUX conservatives fall!

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18 Responses to Hispanics skip work to protest immigration law

  1. BobF says:

    I’m going to make an assumption here. I’m going to assume those 850 people that work at the processing plant and stayed home are either American Citizens or can work in the US legally. How about we replace them with 850 illegal immigrants who are willing to work for half pay? I wonder if they would then support or oppose Alabama’s immigration law? BTW, that’s what happened to hundreds of Americans who worked in the meat packing plants in Kansas and Nebraska.

  2. Lee says:

    No Fred, Your are NOT a racist, but, like me, we are probably a bigot,
    I am against all illegals, I am against all liberals, I am against all progressives, I am against generations of welfare recipients.. Well you get the idea.


  3. GM Roper says:

    Fred, I know a couple of Ph.D.s who are against Illegal Immigrants. I know my next door neighbor is a Border Patrol Agent and he is against Illegal Immigrants. I have another friend who is a cousin to a former big time college president who is against illegal immigrants and I’ve known a number of professionals who are all against illegal immigrants. In fact, a large percentage of the population where I live are against illegal immigrants.

    Are they all racists too? Oh, I forgot to mention that every one of the folk mentioned above is an American of Mexican or Hispanic descent, and we live on the border with Mexico. Interesting that so many could be “RACISTS.”

    Thanks for posting this.

    • TexasFred says:

      What amazes me is how an assumed to be Ph.D can be so stupid and SO liberal, all the while playing the part of Conservative bastion of righteousness, and he’s a damned good actor too, he has some great REAL Conservatives fooled…

      Ya see, here’s what happens, every time his nothing little blog gets too slow he tries to start a blog war with someone, hoping to get his ego stroked like he does by the guys that DID build a blog just to document this clown and his incredible stupidity…

      I won’t do it, I won’t name him in a post, and that drives him batty, well, battier…

      I mention him by name on occasion, his nickname, but not by LINK, I, like many other REAL Conservatives, have seen through this poser and I take great pleasure in his posts calling names and making false accusations.

      Hell, 3 years ago he attacked me on another blog, a friends blog, because he saw my picture and realized I’m FAT… He called me all kinds of names, telling me how FAT I was… Seriously, he did, a so-called Ph.D, and he found out that all he was going to get was exposed more and more every time he raises his ugly head… 😛

      And I’m still fat… But, he’s still an ugly, lonely little man that has a blog with thousands of posts, I mean thousands… He has a couple of hundred comments…

      He should name his blog Loserville… LMAO 😛

  4. Shady says:

    Just come down to the Lower Rio Grande, where I live and worked and most all farm jobs are taken by illegals, along with the restaurants, maids and yard workers are all illegals. One thing you will see is that many of the children of the illegals will join military and short-cut to being a USA citizen.

    • TexasFred says:

      Joining the military and taking that shortcut to citizenship is fine by me, as long as the speak English and make AMERICA their home, wonderful, and WELCOME to them…

      Brady, very few of my readers know my background, you and Rob, my wife and my kids, and few would believe how bad thing are on the border…

      The guy I reference in this story lives in So. California, but he has NO idea what goes on in the streets away from his rather upscale neighborhood… He’s never served, he’s a supposedly reformed libbers, according to his cousin anyway, I’m not all that convinced of the conversion…

      There is a WAR on our borders, there is a WAR in our inner cities, and shit for brains like him, guys that would run like the cowards they are if confronted face to face, call names and accuse guys like US of racism…

      I know YOUR background, and damn man, some of these so-called conservatives are nothing more than bleeding heart libbers in their support of ILLEGALS…of ALL ethnicities…

  5. TexasFred says:

    Yeah, but if YOU don’t want to SHARE your great job and pay, then you too must be a bigot and a, dare I say it?? RACIST!! 🙂

  6. Trencher says:

    It’s sort of funny here at work. I’ve been called the racist for the better part of 15 years. Given largely to the fact that I’m very active in correcting the problem of illegal immigration. I have been called racist, hater, and just about every name in the book. And I’ve come up with a few of my own like Hispanicly challenged and such. It wasn’t until last year when I had my fathers truck dropped off for me to drive until my little sports car was off jack stands to drive again (lead foot stuck again). To all their dismay they see the woman dropping off my truck is Mexican. Then all the questions come from every different direction and the answer is what just floored them. It was my mother. Just to add salt to the wound I added she was legal as well as her mother and father. The majority of my mothers family as you would suspect are Hispanic. They generally are of the same opinion as myself that illegal immigration is a problem. Which begs the question why would legal citizens be out protesting immigration laws? And why isn’t ICE out there rounding them up checking for valid citizenship? I would write more, but I’m at work making money to pay for some illegal child’s education or welfare.

  7. Katie says:

    Here’s an idea. We make sure that you can check out an SS # with a decent E-verify system. Then give every Landlord, every Employer 1 month to verify the SS #. Then we start the raids. Every illegal employee, renter and the Employer/Landlord gets a $1 million fine for each illegal found.

    No need to round up the illegals, they will run home on their own.

  8. Holy crap. BobF phrased the question in the perfect manner. Why haven’t we said or crafted our argument as Conservatives in this form before?? It is PERFECT:

    “I’m going to make an assumption here. I’m going to assume those 850 people that work at the processing plant and stayed home are either American Citizens or can work in the US legally. How about we replace them with 850 illegal immigrants who are willing to work for half pay? I wonder if they would then support or oppose Alabama’s immigration law?”

    So let’s ELIMINATE most EVERY American job and have Mexicans step in for HALF pay. Including UNION jobs.

    Wonder if we’d get any attention THEN??



  9. mrchuck says:

    First off, there is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”.
    Learn what words mean.
    Illegal alien is what you must use, to be correct.
    In Mexico, the word is “extranero illegal”.
    This translates to illegal foreigner.

    So, quit being timid and call them what “they” are correctly.

    Don’t get all emotional on me, Use the correct terminology.
    I didn’t care how pregnant the mexican woman is, or how many children she has borne free of cost at any of our USA Hospitals.

    The time is to sweep “them” all out now.
    Here in Gun Barrel City, TX today, was a Immigration and Custom Enforcement bus.
    A great big one.
    It took no time at all to fill it up, and it was “gone South”!!
    So, don’t expect your “gardener or worker” to show up tomorrow.
    Just absolutely love it when ICE makes a sweep thru here.
    God Bless Texas!!!!

  10. Bill says:

    Historically, our laws have been trampled to favor business by some and to
    add to the voting base by others, yeah. I’d like to remind us here that our present
    administration’s agenda includes the ‘illegal accommodation’ of middle-eastern
    folk as well; and i don’t think they want our jobs…

    Bottom line Texas; illegal means illegal. Unless we are ready to admit that we are
    no longer a nation of laws but of men. I want to hear words like this spoken on the
    floor of the Senate and the House…b

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