Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall

Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall

Even as Israel fends off relentless rocket attacks from Gaza, government and private websites are under siege from hackers, who have mounted 44 million cyberattacks in less than a week, the government said.

The international hacker collective Anonymous, which has broken into websites of international banks, governments and even the CIA, said it mounted #OpIsrael to protest Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Defense” against rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip.

Full Story Here: Fox News

Cyber attackers are the NEW wave of modern warfare, and seriously, it’s an attack that should surprise no one.

The Islamic jihadists may have religious beliefs that are antiquated but they also have some very modern and well educated computer gurus and friends. These people are NOT stupid; they have suffered cyber-attacks and have figured out a way to return the attacks and do damage in against Israel.

They apparently feel it’s retaliation for this: Stuxnet was work of U.S. and Israeli experts, officials say.

I would not be at all surprised to see stepped up cyber-attacks against the United States soon. It’s an effective attack and can do massive damage to our computer infrastructure and financial markets.

“The reasons for Anonymous intervention through #OpIsrael should be abundantly clear: What is happening in Palestine is oppression,” Anonymous declared. They have no navy, no army, or air force. There is no war in Gaza.”

Yes, I DID say they are not stupid, but ignorance abounds, common sense is a whole new concept for these supporters of Hamas, Palestine and anarchy.

Only one of the millions of hacking attempts on Israeli government websites was successful, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told The Jerusalem Post. But the sheer volume of tries demonstrates the stress being put on the country’s web infrastructure. Steinitz did not name the site that was hacked, but said it was back up within minutes.

That sheer volume of attacks causes, if I understand this correctly, a server overload, thus causing a server to shut down temporarily, giving you a *DOS* Denial Of Service error and a web site that won’t work until the server settles down and re-sets.

A DOS attack is something that every site on the ‘net is vulnerable to, we are all running through servers to get our content on the web. A DOS attack does little, if any damage, it simply denies you the ability to be seen on the WWW or for your visitors to see you, a DOS is not a *hack* and doesn’t steal information, it merely denies service.

“The ministry’s computer division will continue to block the millions of cyberattacks,” Steinitz said. “We are enjoying the fruits of our investment in recent years in developing computerized defense systems.”

One site’s homepage was replaced with an image of a man wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh and the message: “This attack is in response to the injustice against the Palestinian people.”

It’s all about defense, and you have to maintain your defensive posture.

Site owners that have their own server put the best security measures in place that they possibly can, or, if you don’t have your own server you must lease server space from a company that does site hosting. If you lease server space you make sure that the host has its own security measures in place.

It seems that no matter how careful a site owner leasing space is, if you have a group of bloggers similar to that which I use, if you have one *weak link* in the group you can still be vulnerable if that particular blogger refuses to update his security and do the much needed updates, hence leaving his host partners vulnerable to attack because of weakness in HIS site and system.

It happened to us on our blogging group a while back, one member that is no longer with us left us all wide open because of his lack of caring, and yes, we did get hit, a minor hit, but hit nonetheless.

Keep your virus and security programs updated folks, and if you have a site of your own, protect it with the best security you can afford.

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8 Responses to Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall

  1. Katie says:

    It was sheer heck trying to get into your site today Fred. I guess you are important enough for Anonymous to attack.

    • TexasFred says:

      Can you be more specific? We need to know what the problems are and what error message you got if any.. Please?

      We have been testing ALL the sites we are sharing hosting with and have not seen ANY of them take longer than 2 seconds to load… We need any info you can provide on this…

  2. Robert says:

    Katie, thanks. But Fred’s right we need specifics. We’ve switched our host so the DNS needs to propagate. You and other readers may experience some issues until your temp files are over written.

    • TexasFred says:

      I have had 2 readers report 404 errors, those don’t bother me too much, all they need to do is hit the site a few times and re-write of their files will happen… But just telling me it was heck to get in here, well, describe *heck*..

      I am still hitting ALL of our sites with NO errors, at this time anyway, and they are ALL opening in less than 2 seconds..

  3. At 6 pm my time, 8 pm your time, I accessed your site with ease.

    That said, how people get into digital domains and into confusers confounds me. It is so way far beyond me as to be gibberish.

    It is the current warfare model, and beyond.


  4. Cyberspace — another war front in the 21st Century.

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