The Tea Party Comeback

The Tea Party Comeback

Thousands of Tea Party activists will gather Monday at rallies across the nation to mark Tax Day, April 15–and to re-ignite a movement that had been written off as dormant by the media and the political classes. SOURCE

Tea-Party-MovementBack in December of 2012 there was a fight going on to try and remove Texas House Speaker Joe Straus from his position of power.

The TEA Party here in Texas was trying desperately to work second-term Rep. David Simpson of Longview, a Ron Paul libertarian-Republican and a Reformed Baptist seminary graduate, former church pastoral assistant and owner of a denominational publishing house into a position of contention for that job.

They FAILED and I am convinced that the connection to Ron Paul is the reason why.

The TEA Party and Ron Paul … that just about says it all. Ron Paul and his Paultards are the reason for the downfall of the TEA Party, at least from what I see here in MY particular little section of Texas.

The TEA Party in Rowlett started off well, had some good ideas and presented themselves as knowledgeable political fans of true Conservatism. Then the Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters came out of the woodwork and took over the TEA Party and it all rapidly went to hell in a hand basket.

A former Rowlett TEA Party president ran for City Council a while back, he lost, but the funny part was the number of people that DID vote for him that later told him that if they had known he was a TEA Party person and Ron Paul Libertarian how they wouldn’t have supported him.

As far as I know this person that ran for Council is still a Libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter to this day.

The fact of the matter is this; the Rowlett TEA Party began to fall apart almost as soon as it was started when the founder called for the entire Rowlett TEA Party to stage a protest march on Washington so that *WE* could let *them* know that *WE*, The Rowlett TEA Party, were not at all happy with the games D.C. was playing.

Yes indeed, the entire Rowlett TEA Party was going to MARCH on Washington, all 8 or 9 members of us, and that was going to send a POWERFUL message to the powers that be according to those in charge of the Rowlett TEA Party.

It was right about then that I began to rapidly lose interest in TEA Party politics.

This is the REAL story regarding the demise of at least 2 versions of the Rowlett TEA Party; seriously irrelevant and ineffective plans of action, no effort made to follow TEA Party policy and the declared *core values* of the TEA Party and the TEA Party being taken over by Ron Paul supporters that did all they could to hide their support for Ron Paul until they were in a position of authority.

The Rockwall TEA Party never was threatened by the Libertarians and Ron Paul, you see, the Rockwall TEA Party was/is the operational arm of the Rockwall Republican Men’s Club and I don’t think a Libertarian has a snowball’s chance in HELL over in Rockwall.

The TEA Party was supposed to be non-partisan, it wasn’t non-partisan, at least not here in my area of Texas, and it continues to be, for the most part, lacking in direction and is still leaderless in the true sense of the word. Like a ship adrift with no rudder, with no leaders giving direction and meaning to the TEA Party.

You see, leaders were not allowed, all of the members were leaders and they were ALL free thinkers and they don’t need no stinkin’ leaders telling them how to make TEA … unless you considered yourself to be THE founding member of YOUR TEA Party and then it was more of a *benevolent dictatorship*.

I understand the *all inclusive* suggestions and so forth, and that is great, you need feedback from ALL your members, but for any group to be a success, regardless its size, there has to be a leader, a chain of command if you will.

I saw no leadership in our TEA Party group, it wasn’t allowed, and you can’t LEAD by suggestion.

I saw what should have been leaders, folks needing to exercise their leadership, bow their heads and grovel, “Well, OK, if that’s what you really think we need to do”, that kind of stuff, they gave in to Political Correctness all because they were afraid of hurting some delicate feelings and losing that *delicate* type in the process.

On occasion, the so-called *benevolent dictator* would burst into tears and gave it the old *drama queen try*, as if the over-done emotions were going to persuade members to follow her lead.

I thought the TEA Party, as a whole, was a great idea and I was actively involved for quite a while but I am no longer involved in ANY way.

I hope the TEA Party CAN make a come-back. I hope they can become a very powerful force for true Conservatism, but to do so they WILL have to make some very serious adjustments in their method of doing business and they will have to rid themselves of the Ron Paul people that have taken the TEA Party into a very bad place.

They (The TEA Party) will have to stick to the TEA Party *CORE VALUES* and not allow impassioned members to take the TEA Party off of the course with their own set of personal standards, political issues and agenda.

Barring those adjustments, I am of the opinion that the TEA Party will continue to be as ineffective as they have allowed themselves to be.

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13 Responses to The Tea Party Comeback

  1. Gary says:

    I attended the Tea Party Tax Rally last year in Sacramento. There were about 1000 in attendence; all wearing red. It was good to see. the speakers articulated a return to the core values: fiscal responsibility and accountability for our current representatives.

    Interestingly however, ther was an underlying tone that resonated the personal agendas that have driven the tea Party off the straight and narrow we all bought in to, in the beginning.

    Let’s hope they become a voice of reason, and not the voice of a bunch of adolescent school girls again.

    • TexasFred says:

      They will become a voice of reason or they’ll continue with the Ron Paul BS and personal agendas…

      As you well know, I am very anti-abortion but we had one person here in Rowlett that used every TEA Party function as a platform to raise hell about abortion…

      I have NO issue with her agenda, but TEA Party events were NOT the time or place, and no one had the guts to stand and tell her that, except for a redneck blogger we all know and love.. 😛

      And yes, I was told I was wrong… Gee, all I wanted was for the TEA Party to stick to its intended and published issues… Silly me…

      • Gary says:

        You were right then, and you’re still right now. Hijacking the movement to progress one’s agenda does a disservice to the cause, and to everyone who supports the cause.

        You are the consumate ‘Evinrude in the Cesspool’, and that tends to piss people off who want to look at the clear water on top while ignoring the shit on the bottom.

        Keep it up.

  2. Gary says:

    Indeed, it was me.

  3. Texasperated says:

    Well Fred, I think you and I probably met at one of those TEA party meetings. That may be the one good thing from my perspective that came out of it. You already know why I think the Rowlett TEA party failed, and it goes deeper than just the Ron Paul idiocy. You touched on it when you brought up the subject of leadership.

    The problem with the Rowlett tea party from day one is that it was being run by women. And by that I don’t mean simply females. It was being run by women of both sexes. Do you remember when it was suggested that we have a booth on 4th of July the reason given for not having one? Do you? It might be hot outside.

    Imagine that — it might be hot outside in Texas on the 4th of July. There were people out fishing on the 4th; there were people playing ball on the 4th; there were even people fighting and dying in Afghanistan on the 4th. But the Rowlett TEA party decided that it would be too uncomfortable to stand in the shade for a couple of hours.

    Then, after the “change of administration” the group turned into a libertarian John Birch Society. Granted we no longer had a female woman, we still had a woman as president. After that meeting at Dickie’s BarBeCue, I told the new prez they had seen me for the last time. I think I was true to my word.

    Keep your powder dry

    • TexasFred says:

      Yep, that was how we met, and as you said, it was a good thing…

      All of the reasons listed contributed to the demise of the Rowlett TEA Party, and the *female* leadership part was paramount…

      And it WAS hot down there at the festival, but I was there, and you were at the one on the lake… Dedication has many degrees of insertion I suppose…

  4. Katie says:

    I think nothing will come of it. The TEA Party is over, destroyed by Paulbots and Sarah Palin. That is the choice we have here. Either you are a Paulbot or a Sarahbot. It could have worked if it stayed on message but those 2 individuals destroyed it.

  5. The alleged “TEA Party” is DONE.

    It is time to just supply oneself with GUNS and with AMMO.

    Keep your back to the wall in the restaurant.

    That’s a metaphor.


  6. It’s what all cops do on Code 7. At my advanced age, still, me too.


  7. mrchuck says:

    In these times, always be AWARE of your surroundings!
    Remember the 6 cops shot in a restaurant several year’s back????
    All sitting at one table “yucking it up”,,, then someone came up and opened fire.
    In these times, who knows who is watching you.

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