Will Obama Call for Calm After Zimmerman Acquittal?

Will Obama Call for Calm After Zimmerman Acquittal?

Sad Obama 150Following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for murder and manslaughter in the killing of Trayvon Martin, and threats of riots in Sanford, Florida and nationwide, President Barack Obama has yet to make a statement.

Obama contributed greatly to the national controversy over the case, and to mounting political pressure on Sanford officials and Florida authorities in March 2011 by stating: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” His response came in reply to a question allegedly planted by the White House with a sympathetic NBC reporter.

The president’s reference to Martin’s appearance amplified the racial element of the case, which was fanned by perennial race-baiter Al Sharpton and by a news media that strove to portray Zimmerman as “white” and then “white Hispanic,” and which–at NBC, CNN, the New York Times and elsewhere–selectively edited or distorted Zimmerman’s 911 call to suggest that he had acted out of racism and had targeted or “profiled” Martin.

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Will Obama Call for Calm After Zimmerman Acquittal?

I haven’t posted in 3 or 4 days, I have been waiting for this case to come to some sort of conclusion and I took a bit of a break to recharge my batteries and get ME back to a better place in my own thinking.

The first thing I have to say is; congratulations to George Zimmerman on the verdict. I never felt like he committed MURDER of ANY degree.

That said, I am not sure if this whole incident couldn’t have been avoided if Zimmerman had only remained uninvolved, an observer only and had stayed IN his car, allowing the police to do their jobs.

To the best of my knowledge George Zimmerman has never been trained as a Police Officer. I know he had/has a concealed weapons permit, but that is not certification as an Officer. In my opinion a CHL course only gives the most rudimentary training, yet far too many come out of CHL classes thinking that they are God’s Gift to Law Enforcement and are trained gunfighters in the process.

They are neither.

In my opinion George Zimmerman is a lucky man. This trial probably should never have taken place, and here in Texas it’s doubtful it would have made it past a Grand Jury.

Do you remember Joe Horn? Joe Horn cleared by grand jury in Pasadena shootings.

Much like the 9-1-1 operator that told Zimmerman to break off and stop following Martin, the 9-1-1 operator urged Horn to remain inside, but he went outside with his 12-gauge shotgun and came face-to-face with Diego Ortiz, 30, and Hernando Riascos Torres, 38. Horn shot and killed BOTH after inserting himself into a situation he had NO business being involved in as anything other than an observer.

Do I mourn the deaths of Ortiz, Torres or Martin? No, not in any way, but the folks that shot them have pushed *stand your ground* pretty hard, and in Horn’s case, the Castle Doctrine was shredded. Those actions will only make it even more difficult for LEGAL and SANE gun owners in the future.

If you come into MY house and try to hurt me or my wife, steal our stuff or place us in a position where we fear for our lives, I have NO PROBLEM with punching your ticket to hell, in the Zimmerman case Martin wasn’t in his home, hell, he wasn’t even in his yard and as stated above; had Zimmerman not inserted himself into a POLICE matter this would most likely not have escalated to the level it did.

Regardless, this entire trial was a fiasco. The President of the United States involved himself in this affair, he made statements that have escalated the emotions and some feel that he, or his Dept. of Justice exerted a certain degree of pressure on the trial judge to bring this case to a conclusion that favored Trayvon Martin.

I would also tend to believe that race baiters Al $harpton, Je$$ie Jack$son, Ben Jealou$ and the NAACP will do everything in their power to keep this brouhaha rolling by attempting to have civil rights violations charges brought against Zimmerman.

This morning I have seen some posts on Facebook, and a couple of other sites, asking if Obama will once again weigh in and call for CALM now that a verdict has been returned.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the bastard didn’t encourage civil unrest; that unrest is all he needs to declare martial law.

And then the fight really starts.

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10 Responses to Will Obama Call for Calm After Zimmerman Acquittal?

  1. brian hutchins says:

    i concur fred 100% but feel the martin kid had a phone he could have dialed 911 also to report being followed end of story.

  2. dekare says:

    I too wonder if the obama will come out and tell those who wish to riot, to instead, seek peace. Since it has now been legally decided that Zimmerman committed no crime, will obama state to the world that trayvon acted stupidly. After all, he seems to like to weigh in on events that should be of no business to the presidency.

    When the OJ verdict came out, you could hear the collective jaw dropping of almost every white person in the country followed by the whooping and hollering of just about every black. Well, now they know what if feels like. Only in the OJ case, he was blatantly guilty whereas in this case, Zimmerman was certainly not guilty.

    What scared me the most about this case was the effect it could (and still might) have on our castle doctrine. I remember the stories of deadly force and self=defense prior to the castle doctrine where once the victim shot his would be murderer, he had to drag the body to a certain place, plant weapons nearby, shoot extra holes, and on and on. Why in the world would we put innocent victims whose only action was to defend themselves and their families in the position of feeling like a criminal, and with the very real possibility of prison. Imagine how many victims are dead today becasue they hesitated to act because they were in more fear of criminal persecution then the action guy trying to kill them.

    The castle doctrine is one of the greatest laws to be created and it should never go away.

    So what will obama and the other race baiters do from here? We can only wait and see. What I do find odd is that those that claim to want to see an end to racism seems to be the ones to keep racism alive and well. After all, racism for these certain few is a great tool which gives them power and money. They would be nothing without it.

    Finally, I will go out on a limb and say that I absolutely believe that racism is much greater in the minds of those that claim to be victims of it. Most whites today don’t care about the color of others skin, denounce racism, and live a life of judging others by their character. Whites are trying to end racism, but for the actions of these race baiters, it would be all a memory or at the very least, quite minimal. Just my 02 cents.

  3. I have no doubt Zimmerman will be brought up on federal charges … and soon. Move over Snowden!

  4. mrchuck says:

    Congrats to the jurists. They were intelligent and forthcoming.
    They followed the laws of our land. Thank you.
    I bet O’bastard in the white house was having a tantrum.
    I also expect the current “neighborhood watch communities” have had meetings and looked at their own “policy’ for their members. If not, it’s on their up-coming agenda.
    Unfortunately, the very large population of Negroes in and around more wealthier communities will not get the message due to their IQ, and will continue and possibly escalate their search and looting, but now feel they gotta get even with “whitey” for Travon.
    Sad, but low level of intelligence causes this.
    So, white people out there, be very cautious around people of color, as your personal safety now dictates this.
    And to the LEO’s still on the job out there, be extra careful.
    This isn’t over yet by a long shot!!!

  5. LD Jackson says:

    You make some good points.

    Concerning the stand your ground and castle doctrine, there are limits. I was never in favor of using the stand your ground law for Zimmerman’s defense. I did not think it applied in that situation.

    I really hope the situation after the trial doesn’t get out of hand. It doesn’t have to, if cooler heads will prevail. I’m just not sure that will happen.

  6. Texasperated says:

    A coupla “What-ifs” for ya Fred. What if Zimmerman had not been armed and what if Martin jumped him as Zimmerman reported and what if he cracked his head open and his brains spilled out? Ok, three what-ifs. Would they have tried Martin as an adult (17 years old at the time) or would he have gone to family court?

    • TexasFred says:

      What ifs? What if Zimmerman had done what he was told to do? Break off, stay in the car and let POLICE handle what was indeed a POLICE matter?

      What if Martin had then attacked Zimmerman? Zimmerman would have been IN HIS CAR and well within his rights regarding Castle Doctrine..

      What if Zimmerman had locked the doors? What if Zimmerman had driven off? What if Martin hadn’t been born? What if their are aliens among us?

      Richard, you KNOW I don’t play *what if*..

  7. I too believe this case was a tragedy as well as a fiasco. Castle Doctrine..? Not according to how we in Colorado viewed it when we pushed for it. Self Defense, sure. Avoidable? Of course, on many levels…

    That said I have to agree with Fred about many CCW permit holders. They get rudimentary basics at best. I also agree that he should have limited his (Zimmerman) involvement, and avoided any confrontation.

    Bottom line, in my eyes, is that this did not have to happen.

  8. dekare says:

    Was Zimmerman required to break off his following of trayvon? No. Should he have? In hindsight, the answer is a resounding yes. However, we have to remember that Zimmerman was actively involved in his community crime watch. What purpose is joining if all you do is get in your car and drive away after seeing someone who looks like they are up to mischief? Zimmerman was active and despite what any 911 operator tells him, he has the absolute right to remain engaged in protecting his neighborhood…his home community. Zimmerman did not appear to trespass, and has the absolute right to follow whoever he wants. He didn’t approach trayvon or attach him…he followed him. And I bet he followed him because as we all know to darn well, if he didn’t then trayvon would have simply vanished in thin air by the time the cops rolled around. And for Zimmerman, that would have meant that the cops would not have gotten the opportunity to see trayvon, and go up to him and ask him who he is and what business he has there.

    We constantly tell our citizens that they must take an active roll in policing their community. That the cops only arrive to take the report after the fact. That it is vigilant (NOT VIGILANTE) citizens that make the difference in crime.

    Now, the world wants Zimmermans head on a platter and saying he should have never left his car…that he should not have followed trayvon, that he should have driven away. Aren’t those the things that allow crime to increase. Isn’t that was people who don’t want to get involved do? I do not fault Zimmerman in the least for doing what he did.

    If trayvon was so scared, as it was claimed, why didn’t he run away, or call the police? It was this thug that wanted to show cracker whitey that you don’t follow him unless you want to get your ass whupped. Well, trayvon made the mistake assuming that Zimmerman was a gun-fearing liberal. He did not count on Zimmerman exercising his God given right to arm himself.

    Sadly, the planets aligned and the perfect storm hit Zimmerman, and now his life is ruined. I feel horrible for him and the lifetime of hell this will bring upon him. Society ruined a man who once cared about the world and making it a better place. Next time he sees someone casing a home or stalking an elderly person, he will simple turn around and walk away. And if someone dies or is horribly injured due to his inaction…I bet his attitude is “oh well…I’m not getting involved…I no longer give a shit”. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll take bets I’m not.

    As for trayvon, call me a sour bitter asshole, but I feel nothing for him or his family. I do not feel bad at all. In my book, one less thug, and that is a good thing. Sadly, at the expense of Zimmerman. If trayvon did any number of things other than take it upon himself to try and beat someone up, he would be alive. He chose poorly and he suffered the consequences. As for his parents, well maybe if they did a better job, he would be alive. When I see a 17 year old with tattoos, gold teeth, flashing a gun around with full on flipping off the world gangsta attitude, then I am sure we can all bet that he will be in prison or dead much sooner than should be. If his parents didn’t see this path their wonderful son was on, well shame on them.

    Instead of blaming racism or guns, how about blaming trayvon, his parents, his thug culture, and gangsta rappers that all promote this lifestyle choice. trayvon is NOT the victim, Zimmerman and society are. Both paid or very large price for a thug who wasn’t worth the oxygen he wasted. That is what I find sad.

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