Rep. Pete Sessions and TexasFred Visit regarding the Obama Shutdown

Rep. Pete Sessions and TexasFred Visit regarding the Obama Shutdown

OK, I got that phone call I was expecting from my Congressman, Pete Sessions (TX-32). It’s almost like we’re on the same *wavelength*, I was pretty sure I would hear from Pete on Saturday regarding the load of *crap* we have from Obama. I like to think of Pete as a friend and I know that Pete trusts me, we have each other’s personal contact information, email and phone, and I copy Pete to nearly ALL posts made on the blog.

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Pete Sessions also knows; I have strong opinions and I am quite vocal when it comes to expressing them. On several occasions Pete has set me *right* on issues that I didn’t fully understand but was upset about, saving ME some serious embarrassment more than once.

As I have told a lot of people that claim to be activists, simply because you have a blog or make posts on Facebook; that doesn’t make you an activist. I don’t just talk a good game, I PLAY a good game. I don’t just sit here and type, posting a few lines of snark and a link in an effort to stir things up, I get seriously involved in politics, local, state and U.S.

I told Pete I was not at all happy about this 407 – 0 vote to pay federal workers that are on furlough. I was polite, because you see, I like Pete, I would never be rude with him, but I let him know that I was indeed as angry as I have been to this point in the Obamacare and shutdown debacle.

I asked him, point blank, “Pete, who in the hell voted for this BS to pay these people for not working?”

Pete explained to me that what we’re seeing now is not political negotiations between the GOP, the Dems and Obama, he said, and I quote, “We are now in the middle of a WAR for the heart and soul of this nation.” 

Pete went on to tell me that to PAY these furloughed government employees was a decision that the House GOP had agreed to in order to make one more point in this battle as they have done with several other different votes of late where they voted to fund this or that in the government and had done so in order to not have this shutdown that Barack Obama and Harry Reid have so much wanted.

Remember this one line: Angry Park Ranger admits they were told to “Make Life as Difficult for People as we can”. Obama and the Dems want to HURT us, the American people. That is not the action you would expect from American leaders, that is what you would expect from tyrants and dictators.

If the GOP votes to support paying the furloughed government employees and is doing everything in their power to stop this shutdown, they have done all they can. The GOP can’t give in to everything and retain a shred of credibility, but by the same token, they can’t pull a Harry Reid and say NO to everything either.

I am pretty sure we are going to see a rise in the debt ceiling , and that should stop this shutdown if I am understanding everything correctly, and I readily admit, there is much that I don’t understand, but I got this message loud and clear; if the shutdown continues ALL Federal Law Enforcement will be getting their last check in a couple of weeks.

That means a lot of folks that are in the business of protecting this nation will be sitting home, maybe looking for other jobs, maybe looking to become private contractors with a private enterprise whatever the case may be, but the nation will be in a very dangerous position and unprotected.

U.S. military commissaries will remain closed. That means that active duty and retired military families will be buying their groceries at the same markets that we do. Some may say “well, that’s only fair” but one of the perks of being military is the benefits, like commissary privileges, it helps to make up for the lower pay scale that our troops work under.

I suppose we can take heart in this though; the golf course at Andrews AFB is open for business. We can’t deny the tyrant in the White House his relaxation now can we?

The biggest thing that got MY personal attention was this; after the 1st of November, if this shutdown isn’t resolved and the government isn’t back to operating as normally as it can, Social Security will NOT have the money to pay senior citizens and disabled persons their monthly pension.

Folks, that is an $80 BILLION dollar default. Can you imagine what a Senior Citizens revolt would look like? A lot of the disabled wouldn’t be able to fight but the *Old Farts Brigade* might be a force to be reckoned with.

Something else that was brought up was *what next*, and what direction will Ted Cruz and the TEA Party follow.

I have been told that this question was asked of Cruz, recently, and that Cruz had no answer to that question, no immediate plans past *Defund Obamacare*. It seems that the fight is now in the House of Representatives, at least for the moment, because the Senate is locked down under the thumb of Harry Reid and there is a lot more to this fight than just Obamacare and defunding it.

I asked Rep. Sessions, point blank, is John Boehner going to *cave* and give in to Reid and the Dems, and Sessions told me, just as point blank, “No, John is doing exactly what he needs to be doing right now. There’s a lot of strategy in place right now, John is doing just fine.”

Pete Sessions has never, to the best of MY knowledge, lied to me before and I am going to take him at his word on this information.

I was also told by a highly reliable source, not Pete Sessions, that there was an interview of Harry Reid done Friday or Saturday, and the person doing the interview asked Reid if he had personally tried to reach out to House Speaker Boehner or had Boehner tried to reach out to him.

According to MY source on that event, Reid was asked repeatedly by this interviewer about reaching out to Boehner and Reid deliberately avoided the question and refused to provide ANY answer. Silence speaks volumes.

I have never had a lot of respect for John Boehner but I DO know that he did reach out to Harry Reid and Reid has spurned every attempt.

If Pete Sessions is correct, and I have NO reason to believe otherwise, the House GOP is doing all they can do and getting NO positive response from the Democratic Senate or the White House. I believe we have no choice other than supporting our GOP Representatives.

Also, one other thing to share; the entire Texas GOP House membership gathered at the WWII memorial with Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) in the lead and they pretty much had their way as they got WWII Veterans into the Memorial.

Mr. Ralph went with a set of fence pliers in his hand, a gesture meant to convey the idea that these folks were going to the Memorial and didn’t really give a DAMN about Obama, the shutdown or, as they are now called, the Barry-cades…

I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but I DO know this, and I say it in all confidence; Barack Hussein Obama and his brand of Socialism, along with that of his Socialist minions, is killing this nation.

2014 can’t get here soon enough.

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27 Responses to Rep. Pete Sessions and TexasFred Visit regarding the Obama Shutdown

  1. Rich Glasgow says:

    Hi Fred,

    Good post. Rep. Sessions is my rep and I’ve given him much grief on twitter regarding HRes36 and his apparent unwillingness to not have a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi debacle.

    Do you have any idea why he hasn’t signed on to HRes36?


    • TexasFred says:

      Yes, as a matter of fact I do…

      I asked Pete that myself a while back and he told me that
      1. Issa was doing an excellent job and wasn’t needing help at that point
      2. As Chairman of the House Rules Committee he was entirely too busy to take on a project of that magnitude…

      I believe Pete is a lot like you and me Rich, he’s going to do whatever he does and do it well and won’t take on something that he can’t give 100% to…

      I do know he supports this effort though!

      I hope that helps, and glad to see you back making a comment… Don’t be a stranger!

  2. LD Jackson says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, Fred. If you listen to the national news, you would hear the media trying to explain to Americans that many members of the GOP do not like where they are with this shutdown and would like to get out of it, using whatever means necessary to do so. Your conversation with Pete Sessions seems to tell a different story altogether. The GOP is really sticking to their guns on this and I am glad they are. It is time they did what they were sent to Washington to do.

  3. Gary says:

    Occasionally, it sucks to be right.

    So many of us spoke out in 2007-2008 warning this would happen. Without any positive record to review, and a history of socialist ideologies, we warned that Obama would bring this country to its knees.

    With minions like Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, et al, the current administration is dismantling liberty, one freedom at a time. Their relentless assault on the 2nd amendment, the idea that government can compel the citizen to buy or sell against his will, the overt attack on the 1st amendment and Christianity, etc, these are the obvious examples we all get to helplessly watch while our former great mainstream media looks the other way.

    By omission, John McCain has continually supported their nefarious efforts by breaking Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, ‘never speak ill of a fellow republican’. The ‘old guard’ GOP are simply are ridiculous fools in office for no other reason than to earn a paycheck at the expense of we the people.

    Let me ask you this, has congress withheld their own paychecks during the current government shutdown? Why is Air Force One still in the air? Why aren’t secret service agents and capital police furloughed?

    I have long lost confidence in our elected officials as they have proven over and over by ‘looking out for number one,’ integrity doesn’t matter.

    Yeah, we saw this coming.

    What a shame.

    • LD Jackson says:

      Yes, we tried to warn the rest of America about Barack Obama, but enough of them refused to listen that we have been stuck with him for over five years, with three more to go. It’s maddening to me that we would not be going through this, if only people had listened.

      • TexasFred says:

        3 more to go? Maybe…

        If the Senate turns in 2014 and the GOP retains the House you are going to see impeachment papers appear so fast that you’ll think they were already written up… 😈

        • Don’t tease me Fred…Impeachment, that would be SWEET MUSIC TO MY OLD EARS…

        • Gary says:

          Hell, Fred.

          Clinton was impeached for lying to congress, and then finished his second term.
          Impeachment don’t mean sh*# anymore.

          • TexasFred says:

            Clinton was impeached because he lied about a blowjob…

            Obama has a well documented list of high crimes and misdemeanors… Wait and see, be patient, IF 2014 goes to the GOP and the successful impeachment of Obama doesn’t happen, I will be short one thought to be infallible source..

  4. Miss Beth says:

    God I wish I were in Texas. Instead I’m stuck with McCain and the other Arizona slimes. Grrrrrrr…….

  5. Dave wilson says:

    Geez, I’m stuck with Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer and Jerry Brown! But with my Corsicana and Marshall heritage, I will be part of the fight out here in wonderland.

  6. Let me be brutally frank:

    Pete Sessions has placed an remarkable amount of political grippe in your brand.

    That said and expressed, he will either live or die by your brand.

    That said: he places a massive amount of confidence in your philosophy.


  7. Nemesis says:

    Thanks for this info Fred. I’ve been trying to get as much on this as I can. It really is a dark time for America and Americans. With just over 12 months to wait until the GOP takes both houses, can you all hang on until then?

  8. wayne says:

    This morning on the Mika and Joe show, I could have sworn I was watching commentary on one of yesterdays football games. The idea that R vs D is somehow a game of appeasing one party’s ideas to gain a little favor with voters who would then change thier vote to keep or throw out a politician is the height of absurdity. Our values as conservatives are so much more important than that. I do hope for a Republican/Independant majority in 2014 and that they have the stones to impeach.

  9. west1890 says:


    I’m hoping you can enlighten me as to why what appears to have been massive election fraud in 2008 and 2012 has gone unaddressed. I’ve read several articles, all by the same author, that have reported vote numbers that should have had Americans screaming so loud that the sound shattered windows coast to coast.

    But all I heard was silence. I’ve read that there was a court ruling years ago that precluded the Republican party from challenging/contesting election results, but if the numbers by the author at the link are valid, there have to be other entities with standing in the courts that could have/should have challenged the election outcome. What am I missing?

    • TexasFred says:

      I have no answer to this, and I don’t intend to delve into this too very far… That was the past, there is nothing that I can do to change it, it’s been hammered to pieces by people of greater power and knowledge than myself and now all I worry about is what I can do to affect the FUTURE…

  10. Bunkerville says:

    One of the main concerns is that we maintain an honest election. These electronic voting machines are worrisome. The servers are now in Spain for many states and a friend of George soros just bought it. Scytl I believe was the name bought.

  11. the unit says:

    This from Texas. Here’s what Senator Cruz’s dad had to say.
    Somehow I missed what Obama’s daddy ever had to say.

  12. abigail says:

    I don’t see how paying workers for not working is furthering any cause except the cause of division. Maybe I missed the point but to say that the GOP have voted for this and that funding so as not to have the shutdown that obama and co. wanted is naive. There are many, many people whose lives are being disrupted and whose livelihoods are being negatively affected. I don’t see why federal workers should be treated as an exceptional special class. BUT if they are going to be paid, then damn it have them come back to work. I think it is outrageous to do otherwise.

    • Gary says:

      This is simple.
      If people work, pay them. If they sit at home, don’t because doing so is ripping the tax payer off.

      I’m sad for federal workers, but that is a risk of being a government employee.

      There are no guarantees in life; especially under a democratic administration with extreme socialist and totalitarian tendencies.

  13. BobF says:

    I was listening to Hannity on lunch today and he had on who I believe was Ted Cruz. Hannity asked him about this paying back pay to government workers as he was unhappy about it. What Hannity’s guest said made it sound like a brilliant move on the part of the House Republicans who apparently got House Democrats to take it hook, line, and sinker. Since 100% of the House passed it, the monkey is now on Harry Reids back. If he just lets it sit on his desk like the others sent to him, Republican can say how he wants to hurt government workers who even all House Democrats voted to help. If he brings it up for a vote, Republicans can then say he only cares about government workers and not Veterans, kids with cancer, border security, etc. With the help of Democrats, Boehner may have forced him to bring the other funding bills to a vote, which if they pass the Senate, then puts the monkey on Obama’s back where it should be.

    Also, military commissaries should be opening again on Tuesday…Whiteman AFB is.

    • Gary says:

      Obama IS the monkey, Bob

    • abigail says:

      IF Reid brings it up and it passes and the Republicans say he only cares about gov. workers, yadda yadda, Reid counters with ‘well, it originated in the House, controlled by GOP, so you don’t care either.’ IF Reid lets it sit there, he can say it’s because it is not fair to those gov. employees who are working and getting paid by paying non working gov. employees to sit at home.
      So I don’t see the brilliance here.

      • BobF says:

        The brilliance is they got ALL House Democrats to go it. So far all Reid has done is shoot off his mealy mouth and let every bill the house has sent them sit on his desk. Now, his own party in the House unanimously approved a bill so he has to make a decision on this one. If he lets it sit, he’s gone against all members of his party in the House and probably a lot in the Senate.

        • abigail says:

          Today I read that the WH supposedly wholeheartedly supports this. If that’s so I guess Reid now can do the same.
          Why do politics always have to be a damn game.

  14. Finally, Pete Sessions is absolutely correct: “We are now in the middle of a WAR for the heart and soul of this nation.”


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