What a way to start 2014

What a way to start 2014

Today I spent the better part of the day at the office of my cardiologist, I had a normal checkup scheduled.

Here is a very recent picture of me and my grandson Keith, it was taken on Saturday, Dec. 29, 2013 and as you can see, I feel pretty doggone good all things considered.

Fred and KeithMy heart rate was good, 68, my blood pressure was great, 121/72 and I was actually feeling pretty good about things until they did an EKG.

There were the normal irregularities, I have had 3 heart attacks, 2 open heart operations and the most recent closed procedure, the stints and angioplasty in August, so there were some irregularities expected, but then he told me that the atrial fibrillation has returned, not too terribly bad, but back none the less, so he wanted to run a sonogram on my heart to take a closer look.

After the sonogram he discovered that my heart is actually pumping stronger now than it was after my last checkup following the procedures in August but the A-Fib IS there.

He said that if it got any worse they would want to do a procedure where they insert a defibrillator, much akin to doing a pacemaker, but that as of now I am not so bad that I meet the criteria for that one.

He did mention the possibility of doing a closed procedure like I had in August where they shocked the heart back into rhythm but even that isn’t needed just yet.

We’re going to monitor my heart a bit closer, increase my Pradaxa and keep the same dosages on the meds I currently take. I have a return visit on May 2nd and unless I feel any difference, if I feel bad, have pain or shortness of breath, that’s the plan for now.

Monitor, medicate and the old *wait and see*.

I just wanted to keep my family and friends informed; there IS a bit of a problem, it’s not serious as yet and we are trying to take care of it.

My wife is sound asleep so please hold calls, she worked all night last night and was then up all day with me, so if you’re inspired to call, please call Saturday or Sunday..

Thanks folks, and there is one thing you CAN count on; as long as I am able I will be going after the Dems and Libbers, attacking those that try to hurt this nation, and hopefully, inspiring others to do the same!

If you feel that you’d like to help us through, the donations link is HOT and your help is always appreciated. God Bless America!

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4 Responses to What a way to start 2014

  1. mrchuck says:

    I’d say,,,you are doing good !!

  2. Wayne says:

    Glad you’re taking care of these things. Problems from inattention to medical matters are always worse when ignored, I know from personal experience. You and your family are included in my nightly prayers. Keep on pluggin for conservatism and may God grant you good health.

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    Glad to hear you are doing okay, just keep monitoring it and you will stay ahead of it. We will be thinking about and praying for you, take care my friend.

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