EXCLUSIVE from Quorum Report Tonight: TEA Party Challenger to Pete Sessions Criticized for Collecting Unemployment

EXCLUSIVE from Quorum Report Tonight: TEA Party Challenger to Pete Sessions Criticized for Collecting Unemployment

Former Dallas County GOP Chairman calls Katrina Pierson a “fraud”; Pierson says there’s no scandal

Pete Sessions 675x825The Republican challenger to Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, came under fire this weekend for what some point to as a blatant hypocrisy and “fraud” in the form of taking advantage of a government program while consistently railing against the government. Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson, who Sen. Ted Cruz has called “utterly fearless,” was on unemployment benefits leading up to her decision to run for Congress, newly released documents show.

According to the Financial Disclosure Statement she was required to file when running for federal office, Pierson received over $11,000 in unemployment benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission between January of 2012 and November of last year.

“She is a fraud,” said former Dallas County GOP Chairman Jonathan Neerman, who is supporting Sessions in his reelection bid. “She is taking advantage of a government program while, at the same time, attacking Republicans for increasing the size of government,” Neerman said.

Pierson was quick to respond and took offense to the accusation that this revelation proves she is somehow a hypocrite.

“Not sure what the scandal is here,” she told QR on Sunday evening. “A single mom getting child support loses her job because of Obamacare and had unemployment.” She said she is now working as a consultant for businesses and campaigns in Dallas County.

Pierson has garnered national attention because some wonder just how long Sen. Cruz’s coattails really are in Texas. She also recently got the endorsement of former Gov. and Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin.

“A few months then starting my own business with Dallas based clients deciding to run for office is a crime?” she asked. Pierson said that the GOP is “throwing wet noodles against the wall” as they try to discredit her. “They aren’t use to “regular folks” running for office,” Pierson said.

You can see Pierson’s Financial Disclosure Statement here.


You can read the top part of this entry on the site, Quorum Report, but to read it ALL on their site you must be a subscriber at a cost of $325.00 per year.

Well, I have to tell you, I am an old retired guy and I just can’t afford to pay for that kind of subscription, luckily, I have a friend that sent me the full text and I present it here, with full citation back to the original source.

Now according to the story from QR Ms. Pierson was on unemployment from January of 2012 until November of *last year*, 2013 if I am reading this correctly. If that’s not a misprint then I am left to assume that Ms. Pierson drew unemployment for at least 22 months.

Basic unemployment in Texas is for 26 weeks according to the person I spoke with at the Texas Workforce Commission, but extended FEDERAL benefits, as I understand it, go on for a very long time, with us, the TAXPAYER, footing the bill.

I am very curious as to how Ms. Pierson came up with the money to launch and run any kind of a viable campaign given the HUGE differences between HER campaign money on hand, money garnered while on unemployment I presume, and that of Rep. Pete Sessions, a hard working Congressman that is NOT on unemployment.

But still; just how much money can you make on unemployment?

The above article says Pierson drew $11,000.00 in unemployment over those 22 months; how in the hell do you pay a mortgage, a house note, feed and clothe a child, buy food and maintain ANY standard of life on $11,000.00 over a 22 month period of time and then SUDDENLY become the Belle of the Ball with the Garland TEA Party and raise $76,187.00 to wage a campaign against a well known and highly effective Congressman like Pete Sessions?

WASHINGTON — Tea party leader Katrina Pierson’s has raised just $76,187 in her bid to unseat veteran Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas.

Sessions, a member of the House GOP leadership and chairman of the influential Rules Committee, hasn’t filed his end-of-year campaign finance report yet. But even through the end of September, he had more than $1.3 million stockpiled. SOURCE

I’m not going to make any accusations but I am going to state MY opinion; this entire campaign by Katrina Pierson and her ilk SMACKS of racism, race baiting, irregularities and questionable statements.

Anyone call fall on *hard times* and need financial assistance, I fully understand that, but I am of the opinion that someone is paying Pierson’s bills for her and I want to know who it is.

You don’t *fall on HARD times* and come up grinning. Unemployment, as I understand it, doesn’t pay enough to finance a run for the U.S. Congress.

And one other thing; the endorsement by Sarah Palin doesn’t mean a thing, her picks in the past have been nothing to write home about, and one pick Palin made, the *Black Mass* participant, Christine O’Donnell, was a total embarrassment.

Edit to add: Ms. Pierson; one of MY sources tells me that you were NOT fired due to the implementation of ObamaCare. I am told that your were fired for incompetence and then sued your former employer by playing THE RACE CARD, which is something that I am very aware of you doing. You did it to me when I quoted your words, WORD FOR WORD, but somehow, using YOUR words made ME a RACIST. Yes indeed Ms. Pierson, you DO use your *RACE* and the RACE CARD when it’s convenient.

If you lost your job because of Obamacare, well, I find that VERY hard to believe, in fact, I am calling TOTAL BS on that one. To begin getting unemployment in January of 2012 you would have had to have been fired several weeks prior, in the year 2011, if the article that this is taken from is correct.

To the best of MY knowledge no one had lost their jobs as a direct result of ObamaCare at that particular time.

I also find it offensive that you lived off the Government that you claim to hate, and instead of using your unemployment money to support your son, you jet to NY and DC to try and be somebody instead of doing something productive, like getting a job in the fastest growing job market in the United States of America.

Ms. Pierson, I am of the opinion that you are nothing more than a *welfare slug* that used the system to your advantage and are, quite likely, nothing more than a duplicitous LIAR of the 1st Order.

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13 Responses to EXCLUSIVE from Quorum Report Tonight: TEA Party Challenger to Pete Sessions Criticized for Collecting Unemployment

  1. Texasperated says:

    While I may think the term “hard working Congressman” is an oxymoron these days, one has to wonder if one of the campaigns that has hired Pierson as a consultant is her own campaign. Could all this simply be a dodge to live off campaign contributions? Just wondering at this point.

    Is there any record of Pierson voting in past primaries? Is she a “Jenny come lately” who suddenly saw the light or is she a long-standing warrior for conservatism? Again, just wondering.

    Keep your powder dry

    • TexasFred says:

      I have been made privy to some court records where she was *fired*, let go for a less than stellar job performance but DAMN, what do you know, the fact that she supposedly SUCKED at her job was NOT the reason she was fired, or so she says…

      Take a guess at what the reasons were for her being let go…

      If you guessed RACISM and the fact that she is kinda/sorta Black you would be correct..

  2. Fred, the question is how does this BROADZILLA generate any support at all? With her background her arrest and now it is reported that she lived off of the taxpayer dollar…how can anyone support a candidate like that. Unless that is a pre qualification needed to seek the office. If that is the case then Congressman Sessions must bow out of the race due to the fact that he is a gentleman, has not been arrested to my knowledge and has not lived on unemployment….

    Go get’em Pete..

    • TexasFred says:

      Brady, she DOES have support, the Garland TEA Party, the Rowlett TEA Party and the Dallas TEA Party seem to believe her to be the Belle of the Ball…

      That is all the reason I need to NEVER support these TEA ‘tards again…

      Oh, and by the way; I am sure that now YOU are a racist too… You dared to speak of Pierson in less than glowing manner…

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        I wouldn’t trust Katrina Pierson to do a good job in any position. She doesn’t want to work at all- just collect taxpayers money so she can pretend to be QUEEN. She even told me she was from Cuba.

  3. TexasFred says:

    OK, I have heard from 2 very reliable and confidential sources concerning the birthplace of Katrina Pierson.

    She was born in Kansas. Apparently her mom was 15 years old and her grandparents sent her there to have the baby because there was an adoption service that specialized on biracial adoption. Her mother gave birth and then had second thoughts and kept the baby. Brought her back to Dallas area to live with her grandparents. At some point her mom went off the rails and got into drugs and her grandparents pretty much raised her.

    So, if Pierson told Mary Anne Harper that she was from Cuba, once again there appears to be some *conflicting information* manifesting itself in the Katrina Pierson corner…

    And as always; this is stated as OPINION on my part…

    • Mary Anne Harper says:

      She told me that after a Ted Cruz debate when I saw her for the first time in years; I didn’t know it was untrue. It appears so many things she says are untrue. I know she is spreading untruths about Pete Sessions in her flyers. Will the Tea Party be willing to see her lies and do the right thing for their group or follow her down this path she is taking?

      • TexasFred says:

        It appears to me that the TEA Party is furthering her LIARS agenda… Maybe that’s why so many people told the TEA Party to *piss off*… The hypocrisy of the TEA Party and their Libertarian masters is a sad story, akin to a Greek tragedy..

  4. Mary Anne Harper says:

    I worked in the medical field and know with additional people having health care and the long waits for appointments,Katrina Pierson could have gotten a job instead of collecting unemployment for as long as she did. Did she even try or did she COLLECT AND WORK ALSO as I see it. Did she break the law?

    • TexasFred says:

      Did she break the law?

      Well, it wouldn’t be her 1st time.. 😛

      • Mary Anne Harper says:

        I wonder if she even tried to get another job in healthcare. Does unemployment pay a person to do all the unrelated things she did during almost all of 2012 and 2013? Temp jobs in the healthcare field were available. I wonder if she is expecting to get a job such as Sarah Palin has so she can pay herself as much as she can. One person told me they didn’t like seeing her drive around Garland last Sat. in such a fancy car when she is talking about being a single mom on unemployment.

        • TexasFred says:

          I don’t *wonder*, I deal in facts with proper citation…

          All I know is that anyone reading the FACTS about Pierson, and still supporting her, is a few fries short of a Happy Meal…

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