The Katrina Pierson Bubble Bursts

The Katrina Pierson Bubble Bursts

by Christopher Hooks

Katrina PiersonKatrina Pierson, the longtime tea party activist from Garland who’s challenging Dallas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions, is having a bad few weeks.

First, Pierson acknowledged that she had been arrested in 1997, when she was 20, for shoplifting at a Plano J.C. Penney’s—not, altogether, a big deal. Pierson’s talked a lot about how she’s turned her life around after a hardscrabble upbringing, and if anything, the arrest fit into her personal narrative. Then, Slate‘s Dave Weigel attended a Pierson campaign event and characterized her as a “long shot” who exemplified the emptiness of this year’s tea party challengers in Texas. Hurtful, maybe, but probably not a big deal either: Pierson’s potential voters probably aren’t huge Slate readers.

A bigger deal: On Sunday night, the Quorum Report’s Scott Braddock pointed out that Pierson received some $11,000 in unemployment benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission from January 2012 to November 2013—meaning she was receiving government support during a period in which she consulted for Ted Cruz’s senate campaign and was planning for her own run.

Pierson has been a hyperactive tea party organizer for years, doing countless media appearances and traveling extensively around the country to spread her message. When I first met her in the summer of 2011, she was teaching a darkly conspiratorial class on the United Nation’s “Agenda 21″ at a meeting of the Waco Tea Party. Under the UN’s aegis, she told the frightened crowd, Americans would be forced into crowded apartment buildings, and UN-empowered block captains would be “given police power over your neighborhoods.”

When I asked about her activist career, she told me that when “you realize that you’ve been lied to your whole life, it’s an eye-opening experience.” To spread her message, she told me she’d taught classes in Florida, Iowa, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Washington D.C., and all over Texas. It was her full-time job. It had to be, she said, because “our time is limited.” Since then, she’s ramped up her activity. She’s a frequent guest on Fox News.

It’s hard not to think that more than a few of Pierson’s fellow conservatives might be bothered by the prospect that their tax dollars were subsidizing her full-time activism—they would certainly be furious if a Battleground Texas organizer did the same. I wouldn’t argue that the jobless should cease their political activity, but Pierson’s supporters might. Sessions, for his part, called a potential federal extension of unemployment benefits “immoral” just last week.

Pierson’s primary challenge to Sessions has been pretty much the only credible tea party primary challenge to an incumbent representative this cycle, so her failure to launch has really been something. Pierson has seemed to flounder, despite her ties to Ted Cruz’s 2012 campaign (and the endorsement of both Cruz’s father, Rafael, and Sarah Palin,) and her high profile in the activist community. She hasn’t been able to draw on the resources that might help make her candidacy viable—Sessions had accumulated over 20 times Pierson’s campaign cash at the end of January.

Sessions is conservative, make no mistake about it. But in his nearly two decades in Washington, he’s accumulated a thick layer of grime. He was an associate of both Jack Abramoff and Allen Stanford. In a comic example of congressional excess, Sessions once earmarked $1.6 million dollars for “dirigible research” by an Illinois company that employed a former aide as a lobbyist. (The company had no previous experience with dirigibles.)

With the right opponent, he could have been ripe for a challenge. You could tell a similar tale about other Texas candidates like Senator John Cornyn, or state Senator John Carona. Both might have been susceptible to a skillful, well-organized opponent—but they’ve faced chuckleheads. In 2014 the Texas tea party could maintain a lot of its hard-won gains, but fail to make advances in some of the highest-profile races. Could Pierson’s botched run be part of the movement’s high-water mark? SOURCE

I’m not sure exactly where the personal politics of Mr. Christopher Hooks lie, until today I had never heard of him, but in the spirit of *fair and balanced* I am offering his piece that was published on 2-24-14, in its entirety and linked back to him as citation.

Apparently Mr. Christopher Hooks has some *issues* with Rep. Pete Sessions. I personally have NO knowledge of this *earmark* he speaks of, but as I said, *fair and balanced*. Pete is a big boy, if that part of Mr. Hooks story needs to be addressed I am sure Pete or his staff will do so.

Regarding the endorsements that Pierson got from Sarah Palin, Raphael Cruz and Ted Cruz; I had a gentleman tell me last night that he really liked Katrina Pierson and was throwing HIS support to her. This man doesn’t live within 100 miles of the district, so I asked him why he liked her and WHY was he supporting her if she’s not a candidate in his particular area of Texas.

His reasoning for liking and supporting Katrina Pierson has left me shaking my head.

He told me, “Well, I know nothing of HER or these things you say she has done but if she’s endorsed by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Raphael Cruz, that’s good enough for me..”

I sincerely hope that I never become so incredibly blinded in my political thinking.

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13 Responses to The Katrina Pierson Bubble Bursts

  1. Bunkerville says:

    And how many more will join this ignorant thinking.

    • TexasFred says:

      Not enough to get her a win, at least I don’t think so, but far too many are blinded by the TEA Party, Palin and Cruz… I don’t mean influenced, I mean totally and completely BLINDED…

  2. Texasperated says:

    Even though I lived in Rowlett for almost 30 years, Pete Sessions was never my Congressman. Redistricting left Rowlett with Pete and Sam Johnson’s district no longer extends into Rowlett.

    Now I’m going to take some flak for saying this (but as someone said, you only take flak when you’re over the target), but the TEA party is by and large a female dominated organization. I am therefore not surprised at the large number of women being fielded by the TEA party organizations. Unlike true conservatives, who love their guns and won’t run from a fight, TEA party members tend to be led by women and think like victims.

    Pierson appears to me to be just one more “victimhood” TEA party woman. And for what it’s worth, I happen to love women — I even married one — but I know that their thought process is a lot different from mine and most Texas men I know. Oh, are there men in the TEA party? Sure, but why should I vote for someone who hides behind apron strings.

    Keep your powder dry.

    • TexasFred says:

      I can’t fault so much as one word of your comment on the blog… Spot on…

      And if some folks don’t know, Richard (Texasperated) is a personal friend and was my neighbor too before he took to the country…

      We served as TEA Party officials, I was there a bit longer than Richard before I woke up and saw the LOCAL TEA Party for being exactly what Richard has said it to be!

      • Beth says:

        It’s a shame, I wish the tea party had more common sense (!), rational adults like y’all running that show, but I guess everyone with common sense and reason bailed a while back, probably about when you did. 😉

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, I don’t know if the tea party groups are necessarily dominated at the grassroots level by women, maybe they are, maybe not. What I DO know is, tea party people (men and women) sure seem to have a strange fascination with identity politics. Remember when Republicans/conservatives thought identity politics was only for losers?

      Do y’all think as I do that Saul Alinksy and all those who are traditionally our bêtes noires are laughing hysterically from hell at what the Right has become thanks to our adoption of identity politics? I know I would be laughing if the Left picked up ideas like “merit-based promotion” and “flat taxes” and a strong and ready military, oh yes I would.

      Remember how in 2012 people were freaking gaga over Herman Cain (and to a lesser extent, Allen West, but only because he was a freshman congressman – not that it deterred a disturbing number from believing Allen West was the answer to Ovomit) “because they can’t call us racists.” Right. Sure they won’t. They call Herman Cain and Allen West racist!

      Remember how they thought in 2008 that Sarah Palin was the magic ingredient that would beat Obama because only HE was chosen because of identity politics. Sarah Palin was of course chosen solely on merit! Her long and historic, important governorship proved her readiness! (But Rick Perry? Not ready for the job. Just ask them.)

      • TexasFred says:

        Here in Rowlett the TEA Party IS dominated by women, Ron Paul women…

        That is why I left the TEA Party, a bunch of disingenuous Libertarians that try to pass themselves off as GOP because they KNOW, as Ron Paul Libertarians they can’t get elected in this part of Texas!

    • jay bowling says:

      Pete Sessions has an A+ rating from the NRA and the NRA Endorsement. The National Rifle Association gives Sessions, R-Dallas, an A+ rating, and recently gave him a Defender of Freedom Award for his legislative work in defense of the Second Amendment.

      “Gun owners and hunters have a strong ally in Pete Sessions,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA Political Victory Fund. “Pete has stood for principle over politics and has fought efforts to undermine our gun rights by anti-freedom zealots.

      • TexasFred says:

        Pete Sessions is the ONLY choice for this Congressional district…

        His NRA and gun stance are very important to me, but it goes way past just that, Pete knows how to make things happen, this Ron Paul Libertarian hasn’t got a clue…

  3. Gary says:

    I attended a tax day tea party rally in Sacramento a couple years ago. It wasn’t until now that I realized what y’all are saying is true. The event was organized and put in motion by women.

    It never occurred to me.

    • TexasFred says:

      I have no issue with a woman being in a position of power, I’m NOT a misogynist, but the *Drama Queen* BS, the *Woman Card* and claiming all kinds of discrimination simply because she is a Black female, throwing *The RACE Card*, THAT is where MY issues lie..

      Katrina Pierson is, in MY opinion, using the Democratic playbook to run her campaign, all the while claiming to be GOP and Conservative while simply being nothing more than a desperate Libertarian..

      Pierson is running as a GOP candidate simply because she and her cohorts KNOW, she doesn’t have a chance in hell if the REAL political party is made into an issue.

  4. Philosophical Libertarians don’t run on “cards.” That friends, tells the tale…

    • TexasFred says:

      Maybe a true Philosophical Libertarian needs to explain that to these chuckleheads that *call* themselves Libertarians… The Ron Paul contingent has driven what may have been a good thing into the ground and has caused many *Little L* Libertarians to walk away from their madness..

      Once the folks of TX 32 realize that Pierson and her ilk are nothing more than Ron Paul supporters and nutjobs, the TEA Party and it’s Faux GOP wing will bite the dust again…

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