In US, political split outgrows the voting booth

In US, political split outgrows the voting booth

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Political polarization in America has broken out of the voting booth.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds Americans are divided by ideology and partisanship not only when they cast ballots, but also in choosing where to live, where to get their news and with whom to associate.

And peaceful coexistence is increasingly difficult. SOURCE

I am that person described above. I am what I am and that’s all I can be. I know what I am and I am very comfortable with it.

I detest Liberals, most, if not ALL Democrats, atheists, abortion on demand people, the welfare crowd that has only one job; milking the system, those that are doing their level best to dismantle and destroy the America so many of us grew up in, and any number of others despicable creatures that don’t fit into a specific category.

According to the poll, the share of Americans who hold across-the-board conservative or liberal views has doubled in the last decade, from 10 percent in 2004 to 21 percent today. Only 39 percent of Americans have an even mix of liberal and conservative positions, down from 49 percent 10 years ago.

Personally, I don’t associate with Liberals, Progressives as they like to call themselves, I can’t tolerate their whiny attitudes, the way they blame all the ills of the world on WHITE GUILT and how the claim to be so tolerant of *others* and their opinions until a time when others speak up. Then they launch the *caveman* and *knuckle dragger* attack. Yes indeed, very tolerant!

The numbers of ideological purists are larger among the politically engaged than the general public, suggesting the ideological stalemates that have become more common in Washington and statehouses around the country are likely to continue. A third of those who say they regularly vote in primaries have all-or-nothing ideological views, as do 41 percent who say they have donated money to a campaign.

And among partisans, ideological purity is now the standard. Majorities in both parties hold either uniformly liberal (on the Democratic side) or conservative (among the GOP) views.

The above is a perfect example of mainstream media and their bias; most Conservatives don’t believe that the GOP is conservative enough. We tell them so, we have a name for them, RINOs, Republicans In Name Only, and we are finally waking up and demanding that our GOP elected officials do the RIGHT thing, the America 1st Conservative thing.

When is the last time you heard a Democrat or Liberal demand accountability from one of their own?

The shift toward ideological purity has been more visible among Republicans due to the popularity of the tea party, seen most recently this week in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss to a tea party-based challenger in Virginia, but the survey found it’s happening in nearly equal measure among Democrats.

Dave Brat was NOT a TEA Party challenger, but since he won, on his own, the TEA Party has rapidly moved to embrace him and claim his as their own.

David Brat’s surprise victory Tuesday over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was quickly embraced by the tea party movement – especially national tea party groups that have been looking to score a big win in their battle against GOP incumbents this cycle.

So how much did their groups spend to help Brat win?


I hate groups that misrepresent their actions, attempt to take credit for the success of others and throw themselves into the limelight as much as I detest Dems and Libbers.

I have a really bad habit according to *some people*; I tell the truth, I don’t sugar-coat a word and I will call a sleazeball exactly what they are. And I don’t care who likes it or not. For the TEA Party, Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks and the Madison Project to suddenly jump on the Brat bandwagon as if his winning was all because of them is very wrong and indicative of what I have long believed the TEA Party to be.

I will call out the TEA Party if I believe they are doing something wrong, that’s something Dems and Libbers NEVER do with their own Party, but I expect more, a lot more from Conservatives and the TEA Party and someone needs to hold their feet to the fire. It might as well be me.

Put that in your Conservative pipe and smoke it!

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9 Responses to In US, political split outgrows the voting booth

  1. Texasperated says:

    A couple of quick observations if you don’t mind.

    1. I sometimes have occasion to talk to liberals. In my “line of work” I’m supposed to talk with everyone. What seems to baffle most of them is that a coherent conservative message can be expressed. And they don’t mind saying that to me when they think I have done so. At that point they usually add something like how different I am from other conservatives. At which point I routinely ask them, “And just how many conservative friends do you have with whom you’ve discussed this?” The answer, usually after much hemming and hawing, is none. Liberals make a point of not having their views challenged. I think that is one of the reasons that Obama has very obviously surrounded himself with sycophant advisers.

    2. The distinction should be made between tea party organizations (usually local), tea party members (or those who identify with the tea party), and tea party fundraisers. The organizations who are now running around trying to raise funds “to help” Dave Brat had no interest in helping him before. Local organizations are spotty at best and downright loopy at worst (maybe even dangerous to conservative causes). However, the enthusiasm of local “TEA” people was, in some measure, helpful to Brat. It should be pointed out that probably in the neighborhood of four to five thousand Democrats also voted for him (according to Faux News).

    Here are my conclusions: First, there never was a monolithic TEA party, there is not one now, and what we are seeing and calling by that name is people who are tired of simply yelling at the TV and are willing to get into the arena. Because they have a little money to put up, organizations such as the ones you listed are more than happy to take it and give their presidents a nice salary. Second, most of us choose our friends according to common interests. So it is not at all surprising that you, Fred, or an increasing number of people are simply aggravated by people who want to undermine our country. The Book of Proverbs in the Bible says “even the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” I think that is precisely the situation with liberals. They THINK they are being kind, but they are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Keep your powder dry

    • “First, there never was a monolithic TEA party.”

      Texasperated: TRUE. The American Media Maggots wish to portray what is generally considered the TEA Party as unified and speaking as with One Voice. That is SO far from actual.


  2. Capt Ron says:

    Texasperated is well-spoken, but in Fred’s defense there are a lot of us who think like Fred, and speak out, that are far more than just aggravated by those who want to undermine our country- we want our country back, ran according as outlined in our Constitution, without the rhetoric or misinterpretation that has been going on for sometime by those with their self-interests that drive them. I also believe the Tea Party Movement has a true driving force, the People, and as a whole is a force to be reckoned with. Here locally our Tea Party was taken over by moonbats, but I don’t believe that is the case in most of the country.
    Texasperated quoted a passage from the bible that I also believe fits perfectly. Tex, I enjoy your commentaries. They are thought out and well-spoken. A beer to you.

  3. Capt Ron says:

    I also believe there are liberals who are just down-right mean and mean spirited, in it to suck out of the country for themselves what they can get, and leaving carnage in their wake. Those need to be hung, and a few need to be keel-hauled then hung.

    • Texasperated says:

      No argument from me on many of them being mean-spirited. And I think I even know the reason — they KNOW that what they are doing is going against the grain of what we used to call Americanism. The only way they can accomplish their goals is to undermine our country. That is, in itself, evil. As we used to say back in the day “we are fighting for hearts and minds.” The bad guys have the schools and the mainstream media. It is up to us greybeards to turn things around before all hope is lost.

      Keep your powder dry

      • Capt Ron says:

        Every word of that is true, my Brother. We have to stick together to get things put back right.

        My powder is dry and well stocked. 🙂

    • Wayne says:

      Seems you don’t like the Clintons and their pals.

  4. Wayne says:

    I’m with you Fred. Mark Levin said something about the TEA party on his radio show last night. I’ll paraphrase his comment. He said the TEA party is grass roots America. The people who latched onto this wagon are the mainstream, the backbone of America that go to work and pay taxes and are tired of the people in Washington who see more ways to waste money by creating programs to help a certain group while at the same time funneling money to the people who will kick back to them in the form of campaign contributions. Call me a Reagan conservative, a TEA partier, an American firster, anti illegal immigrant supporter or any other descriptive adjective. I am an American citizen and support the Constitution and the RULE of Law. A patriot. Keep your powder dry.

  5. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    Yesterday while I was in a national chain store I overheard a store employee talking with a shopper. The shopper was saying that she had come over here (to America) to get a job and that she was currently staying with her sister. Sounds mostly OK, right?

    Then she states that her sister is graduating from school with a 2 year degree in computer science but cannot get a job. Why? Because her sister has no “papers” and NO Green Card!!!!

    Both women were Muslimes!! Think maybe Obummer is misdirecting our focus with the kids from Mexico while he is letting others who have no love for our country and want to destroy us slip in?

    I don’t like Progressives and I don’t deal with them. They are anathema to our way of life and our great country. Be prepared because if things don’t start changing, and soon, it could get very bad very quickly. Just look at the latest IRS issue…lost e-mails?? Really?? And this is a department that can destroy anyone or any company in the blink of an eye.

    Molon Labe!

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