GOP Doesn’t Cry Foul on Trump’s Executive Orders

GOP Doesn’t Cry Foul on Trump’s Executive Orders

The day after former President Barack Obama delivered his 2016 State of the Union address, Rep. Jason Chaffetz penned a letter chastising the commander in chief’s use of executive orders without working with Congress.

“It is unilateral, overreaching and unconstitutional,” the Utah Republican wrote. “Left unchecked, it is behavior that undermines, and will ultimately erode, the foundation of our democracy and our freedom.”

Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican, decried in June 2015 an executive order by Obama that expanded a program that allowed children of undocumented immigrants and their parents a path to avoid deportation. SOURCE

The GOP is whining a bit, not like the Liberals, but Conservatives are loving the things that Pres. Trump is doing, loving it like a hungry hound loves gnawing on a rib bone. We have been on the receiving end of a HUGE screwing for the last 8 years and now WE have our agenda, plus control of BOTH Houses, and these are the things we want.

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5 Responses to GOP Doesn’t Cry Foul on Trump’s Executive Orders

  1. Capt. Ron says:


  2. Wayne says:

    Yeah! That’s the ticket! That list describes just how far left the progressives have taken the country. 8U.S.C.11182 says it all. Why is there even an argument when the law is there, plain as day? The President HAS the plenary power to decide who comes in and who is not seen fit to join our society. Screw the progressives.

  3. petermc3 says:

    Yes and while President Trump is indeed on the right path let’s not forget, meanwhile, there is more than one n___r in the woodpile looking to take him down: I remain convinced that ‘the future is female,’ says Hillary Clinton. The bitch has no intention of going away while there’s still a chance to put Chelsea in the White House with Cory Booger (Sen-NJ) as her running mate.

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