A Word to the Criminal Migrant

A Word to the Criminal Migrant

If you haven’t seen this video by Pat Condell you really need to watch. If you support Pres. Donald Trump and his idea of vetting immigrants and stopping the illegal surge, if you want to see America great again, watch this 10 minute video and then KNOW; we either do this the RIGHT way and we STOP the invasion by radical Islam or our once great America goes down the crapper just like the EU has.

If so much as ONE PERSON in America is hurt by a *refugee*, of any type, and from any nation, these 3 jackasses pictured below are to blame, William Canby Jr., Richard Clifton and Michelle Friedland, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 3-some that heard the case and took a stand against Pres. Trump and the American people.  

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6 Responses to A Word to the Criminal Migrant

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Make California, Oregon and Washington the mandatory depository for all muslim refugees and see how fast attitudes change. Start with San Francisco and Los Angeles. The wailing from the left coast will be able to be heard in NYC.

  2. James Shott says:

    Somebody set up a booth on a busy street in a large city, telling people he was helping to settle refugees from Muslim countries. The people he talked to were supportive of the idea. He then said that ultimately he wanted to connect the refugees with American citizens, so that they could take them under their wing, or at least provide financial assistance.

    Not one would agree to take in one of the refugees, or get personally involved with them.

    Can you spell hypocrisy?

  3. Wayne says:

    There is a grand plan, a plan for the whole world to become one ethnicity. If you Google the words ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’ you will be shocked to find out how long this ‘plan’ has been pushed upon the unsuspecting population of the world. The Progressive is not planning to be among the general population here. The idea is that there will be the producers of wealth to feed the smarter people at the top of the ‘food chain’. I’ve read where there will only be two classes of people in the new world order, players and pawns. When this happens, in their minds, there will be equality among the masses and peace and some form of prosperity (misery) for all will be the norm. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is the real deal, headed for us at breakneck speed with Soros and his minions pushing the pedal to the metal. I expect these ‘protests’, funded by the many groups associated with the global government crowd to become more violent. WE THE PEOPLE may have to confront them on their own terms. As the country starts the fourth week of the Trump administration I hope for the appointment of the rest of his cabinet. So far as I see it, the country IS awakening to a new way of handling the “so called democrats” along with the “so called judges”. AG Sessions is a no nonsense law and order advocate. I hope D.T. comes up with a new version of the ban on immigrants from muslim majority nations. Most of us know by now thet islam is not a religion.

    • Jim Bee says:

      That Wayne, is the biggest problem. There are so many people that have been brainwashed into thinking/believing that islam is a religion!! It’s NOT a religion it’s a frikken …CULT!!!!( Moon god) People better start getting this thru their thick sculls or they won’t have any sculls left to use.

  4. NativeSon says:

    I’ve always loved that Brit! Says it like it is!!!

  5. James Shott says:

    I guess I didn’t explain things very well.

    The guy is opposed to the stupid policies of the liberal left on immigration and accepting refugees from Middle Eastern countries with ties to Islamic terrorism, as all sensible people should be.

    His purpose was to show that the very people who defend refugee entry and loose immigration oversight are all talk: hypocrites.

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