Yemen’s president open to dialogue with al-Qaida

Yemen’s president open to dialogue with al-Qaida

SAN’A, Yemen (AP) – Yemen’s president said he is ready to talk to al-Qaida members who renounce violence, suggesting he could show them the same kind of leniency he has granted militants in the past despite U.S. pressure to crack down on the terror group.

Yemen is moving cautiously in the fight against al-Qaida, worried over a potential backlash in a country where anger at the U.S. and extremism are widespread. Thousands of Yemenis are battle-hardened veterans of past “holy wars” in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and Iraq, and though most are not engaged in violence now they preserve a die-hard al-Qaida ideology.

“Any movement against al-Qaida will lead to the fall of the Yemeni regime,” warned Ali Mohammed Omar, a Yemeni who fought in Afghanistan from 1990-1992 and says he met Osama bin Laden twice during that time.

If the U.S. or its allies become directly involved, “the whole (Yemeni) people will become al-Qaida. Instead of 30 or 40 people, it would become millions,” he told The Associated Press in an interview.

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Yemen’s president open to dialogue with al-Qaida

The nation of Yemen. What good is Yemen to the United States I have to wonder?

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world, with 40% unemployment as of 2007, dwindling natural resources, and rapid population growth. Yemen has a weak economy compared to other Arab states, mainly due to Yemen having relatively little oil.

Yemen’s economy depends heavily on the oil it does produce, and its government receives the vast majority of its revenue from oil taxes. But Yemen’s oil reserves are expected to be depleted by 2017, with fears of a resulting economic collapse. Yemen does have large proven reserves of natural gas. Yemen’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant began production in October 2009.

Rampant corruption is a prime obstacle to development in the country, limiting local reinvestments and driving away regional and international capital. The government has recently taken many measures to stamp out corruption, but efforts have been met with only partial success. Foreign investments remain largely concentrated around the nation’s hydrocarbon industry. SOURCE

So, again I have to ask, just what good is Yemen to us and why are we not annihilating the place?

Yemeni forces recently launched their heaviest strikes and raids against al-Qaida in years, and Washington has praised San’a for showing a new determination against al-Qaida’s offshoot in the country.

Once upon a time we poured money and other resources into Afghanistan, then we had to go to war in Afghanistan. Once upon a time Saddam Hussein was an ally of the United States, but eventually, we went to war in Iraq. Once upon a time Iran was a good friend to America, but that too changed, as soon as the Islamic hordes took over the government.

Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to save the money and resources, money and resources we don’t have to spare I might add, and just go ahead and nuke the bastards?

Hundreds of al-Qaida fighters, foreigners and Yemenis, are believed to be sheltered in mountainous areas. Al-Qaida Yemenis get help from relatives, sometimes out of tribal loyalty more than ideology – and when the government kills or arrests militants or their relatives, it risks angering the heavily armed tribes.

But President Ali Abdullah Saleh wants to negotiate, have meaningful talks with al-Qaida.

That sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it? Isn’t that what OUR President wants to do? Talk, discuss, negotiate, reach out a hand? To his brothers in the *Religion of Peace*?

Another factor is the regime’s alliances with hardline Islamists, such as Sheik Abdul-Majid al-Zindani, one of Yemen’s most prominent clerics. The U.S. has labeled him a terrorist for alleged links to al-Qaida. But the government relies on his tacit support and denies he is a member of the terror group.

All the reasons to destroy Yemen are right here, in the original story. This post has written itself, it doesn’t get any easier to make a case. The MSM reporting the facts as they truly are, well, that’s all you need.

The regime has also used Islamic radicals to fight in an ongoing bloody war against Shiite rebels in the north and to oppose secessionists in the south – two threats that many feel the government sees as more dangerous than al-Qaida.

As said in previous posts, Islam is NOT the *Religion of Peace*, it is an ancient and violent cult of death, destruction and domination.

Muslims can’t even get along with each other. They make war over who is a Shiite, a Sunni or whatever particular sect they may belong to. They make war on each other because one cleric interprets a passage in the Quran a bit differently. If they DO stop fighting each other, it’s only long enough to attack the USA, Great Britain or some other Christian or Jewish part of the world.

That is akin to the Baptists and Methodists ganging up on the Presbyterians over a difference of opinion in Christian ideology. And it makes no sense at all.

Again I say, IF a people declare themselves to be our mortal enemies, if that people declare that they will KILL us if we don’t submit to them and their evil cult, if that is the case, and it is, wouldn’t WE as a free people have every right to fight back and kill those that seek to kill us??

That may not be the Christian way of looking at things, but I am NOT a turn the other cheek kind of guy. What we are engaged in right now is WAR. You don’t fight a war by turning the other cheek and being benevolent towards your enemy.

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  1. Vigilante says:

    Just another festering shithole that has their hands out for some of our money we have to borrow from china. I say let them go directly to china and let THEM finance their needs. The whole thing in a nut shell is……….we don’t want them depending on somebody else, WE want to control them and threaten to cut them off the tit if they don’t go along with what we want them to do. Am I right???

  2. TexasFred says:

    Actually, I think Obama would be happy to turn them into our 58th state…

  3. minuteman26 says:

    The message that should be sent to the Yemeni Govt. Kill al-Qaida or choose to die with them when we take them out.

  4. Vigilante says:

    Yeah, but MM26, we’re too chickenshit to do that. It just ain’t PC. I say read them their miranda rights and then melt the sand they are standing on.

  5. TexasFred says:

    One minor issue… Screw Miranda…

  6. mrchuck says:

    At the same time and place with tactical nuclear bursts,,, make sure the pirate bases close by also get their share.

    Anybody here remember the USS COLE?

    As I loaded the cruise missiles, that is what I would write on the sides of them.

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