Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part V

Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part V

Tonight I finally got the response from our Mayor that I had been expecting. Well, sort of.

You see, our Mayor not only has, in MY opinion, an EGO problem, he appears to have a problem with civility when dealing privately, away from the PUBLIC eye, with issues related to Rowlett business, the Council and City employees. He (Harper) apparently has a reading disability and comprehension issue as well.

Today I sent out an email blast to the citizens of Rowlett, to email addresses that I garnered through city sources, ie: HOA’s, PTA’s, concerned citizens and civic groups, local businesses, various groups and organizations in various places throughout the city, ALL given to me by the multitude of Rowlett citizens wanting Mayor John Harper to just resign, leave, otherwise go away

I was asking the recipients of that email to let the Mayor and City Council know what their issues were with Mayor Harper, and to do so via the CITY email address that is used to contact the Mayor and Council en masse.

Mayor Harper apparently missed that part of the email, and has now asked his fans to send ME emails telling me what a swell guy he is. I’ve received FOUR emails. 😛 

From: John Harper
Sent: Sunday,  March 27, 2011 6:26 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Subject: Fw: To the Concerned Citizens of Rowlett Importance: High

TexasFred is a blogger in Rowlett. His email is below. He wants me to resign or face a threatened recall election.

Let me tell you why he and his followers are angry. He does not like my message that the City of Rowlett City Council and City Manager knows that the city operating budgets are unsustainable beyond one year unless spending is reduced.

The City Manager response is to survey citizens to see what municipal services you will accept being reduced. I have called for a review of employee benefits as well as for other program reviews to reduce spending now and avoid a tax increase.

So, those who do not agree apparently want to stop that message by stopping the messenger. Please respond as TexasFred has requested and express how you feel about deficits and tax increases.


To which I responded:


Mayor Harper, I never thought I would see an email that so fully illustrated a lack of reading comprehension. I thought a PhD had to have some serious reading skills.

If you had actually READ my several pieces you would KNOW, I said, “Your numbers may be SPOT ON, it’s not your numbers I question, it’s your presentation“…

Mayor Harper, you bully, belittle, insult, denigrate, threaten and embarrass the members of the council and city staff.

I have been told that you have said to a certain individual, “If you cross me, I will castrate you..”

You try to force your will on the Council as if you were the KING of Rowlett, and Sir, you are NOT!

This is NOT a dictatorship.

Because YOU think one way, and the Council, as well as the City Manager thinks another way, doesn’t equate to an ‘attack by RINOs’, it’s a Council and it’s called a disagreement, a difference of opinion.

You Sir, have turned it into a WAR.

Your public persona and your PRIVATE persona is that of two entirely different people, THAT Sir is MY issue and opinion, and it’s time that your fits of anger and lack of professionalism are known to ALL.

You said, “If you want me to go, say so, Cooper wants me full time“, well Mr. Mayor, I am saying this, in MY opinion, it’s time for you to GO, if Cooper wants you, that would be the place for you to be!

And one last thing Sir, I have NO problem with you attempting to garner support, but do NOT misrepresent my words or opinions, they are on the blog for ALL to read and if you are going to state MY reasons for doing something, state the TRUTH, or say nothing at all…

So, the BATTLE has been joined and the chips will fall where they may.

Mayor Harper doesn’t like being challenged, in ANY way. The words Civil Discourse are not in his impressive vocabulary. Or, if those words are there, he either ignores them or has no concept of their definition.

BREAKING NEWS: And now it has come to my attention that Mayor Harper wants me to be investigated regarding MY sources, my city sources. This is my response to what I once believed to be the most eloquent and well read individual I had ever known:

Mayor Harper, investigate until HELL freezes over, I wish you much luck in your effort to trample on the Constitution of the United States of America and my protection under the 1st Amendment of that Constitution.

I am a BLOGGER, I present News, Opinion and Commentary, that sir, gives me the legitimacy of being a NEWS person!

Sources, and their protection, is an item that has already been tested in the COURTS, as has the legitimacy and Constitutional protection of reputable bloggers, but if you want to blow more of Rowlett’s money, go for it!

As I said, let the battle be joined and the chips can fall where they may!

The headlines that this will garner are going to be awesome: Rowlett Mayor tries to intimidate local blogger, and my favorite, Rowlett Mayor Attempts to trample U.S. Constitution.

You just bit off more than you can chew Sir…bon appetit! 😛

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14 Responses to Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part V

  1. Robert says:

    I like Texas, Texas does a lot of things right. I surely wish I was a resident of Rowlett so I could participate in this removal of an epic failure in leadership….

  2. TexasFred says:

    Mayor John Harper’s OWN words:

    “I am not a politician, I happen to be a Chief Financial Officer. I have been an executive for almost 30 years. I don’t know these games that they play. I’m not sure I’ll finish my term for you because I’m tired of these games. I’m leaving money on the table instead of working full time for Cooper so that I can be in my city, with my colleagues, my community and I’m finding it’s a horrible situation…If you don’t want me to be your Mayor, just let me know. Trust me, Cooper wants me to work full time instead of the part time I’m doing now.”

    Mr. Mayor, YOU are the one playing games, making threats to quit, on several occasions actually, but the fact remains, YOU constantly dangle the threat of QUITTING over our heads.

    By God just QUIT

    If you’re not going to do so, stop making threats. Work WITH the Council, treat them and City Manager Lynda Humble as ADULTS and not like they are school children and you are the school yard bully!

  3. Gawfer says:

    Boy, if he knew you like the rest of us, LOL! Evinrude in a cesspool. I think he needs longer spurs if he’s gonna ride this bull. Yeehaw!!!

  4. GM Roper says:

    All I can say for hizzonner is 😛

  5. TexasFred says:

    If anyone still needs to be shown how far *out there* Mayor Harper has gone, I give you this:

    —– Original Message —– From: “John Harper”
    To: “Lynda Humble” ; “Brian Funderburk” ; “David Berman”
    Cc: “Todd Gottel” ; “Patrick Jackson” ; “Candidates 2011” ; “John Harper RR Account” ;
    Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 8:25 PM
    Subject: Call for an Investigation

    City Manager…regardless of our differences, there needs to be an immediate investigation of this. The blogger, TexasFred, says that he got the email addresses for his message below from city sources! That cannot be ignored.

    I am calling for an immediate external investigator to look into this. Please respond with your proposed plan to proceed with such an investigation. I am available for a Special Meeting of the City Council if that is necessary to authorize an immediate and comprehensive investigation.

    My recommendation is to use the good offices of Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell to lead this investigation.

    Thank you.

  6. Yeah Fred, they’ll be throwing your butt in jail shortly. That’ll teach ya.

    I’m sure you’re just quaking in your boots.

    Instead my guess would be the thought balloon contains the words “bring it on.”


  7. cary says:

    Really? Really?

    How unbelievable is that? The guy threatens to quit, says he would rather be working full time for Cooper, and then wants to stick around and have you investigated for … what, exactly? Having an impressive collection of e-mail addresses?

    Heck, a couple hundred dollars and you can buy a list of email addresses pertinent to your area …

    Has he looked into all the spammers in the area, too? Cause, you know, like, they have a bunch of email addresses too, I understand.

  8. TexasFred says:

    Rumor has it that the investigation Hizzoner wants initiated against a well known and loved local blogger has bit the dust.

    From what I hear through the *grapevine*, Commissioner Cantrell has said he doesn’t want to touch it and a little bird flew over and told me that City Attorney Berman was going to have to tell Hizzoner that it just wasn’t a case…

    So I hear.. Unofficially… From anonymous, unnamed sources… Just sayin’… 😛

  9. cary says:

    Gotta love those anonymous, unnamed sources.

  10. TexasFred says:

    Strangely, at my age, I am having *memory issues*, sometimes I am as clear as a bell, other times I have to look at my I.D. to know who I am… 🙁

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 😛

  11. mrchuck says:

    Mayor Harper wants a pissing contest.
    So, give him one.
    Advertise, build a platform, get it on.
    He who pisses the farthest, wins.
    PS,,, Texas Fred will win easily, so bet on him.
    Mayor Harper is a high school bully, who never grew up, so treat him likewise.

  12. Shady says:

    Is this Bozo as silly as he sounds? An investigation into how you received e-mails? You got to be kidding me. I can go to Rowlett and obtain City e-mails on everyone with a very simple open records request.

    What a buffoon, that guy would give me gas.

    Go get em Fred.

  13. TexasFred says:

    Shady — Yeah, he is that silly… He got shut down almost as soon as he tried this stupid tactic, but here’s the deal, I think he knew it was dumber than dirt, but I think he was convinced that the threat of investigation would be enough to shut me down and get me off of his ass…

    He was wrong, and now he’s gone… AMF! 😛

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