North Korean and American Political Humor, sort of

North Korean and American Political Humor, sort of

Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general. This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.

He hadn’t even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon. So he is made the “Beloved Leader” Of North Korea.


Oh nuts, I’m sorry… Continue reading

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Ted Cruz says he’ll vote for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz says he’ll vote for Donald Trump


WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – Ted Cruz says he’s voting for Donald Trump for president – a shocking about-face after he rocked the Republican convention by dramatically refusing to do so.

The Texas senator says on Facebook that he made the decision for two reasons. First, his promise to support the Republican nominee. And second, his belief that Democrat Hillary Clinton is “wholly unacceptable.”

Cruz finished second to Trump in a bitter primary and for months balked in offering support, despite his previous pledge to endorse the eventual Republican nominee.

Polls have since suggested that Cruz’s popularity was slipping nationally and back home in Texas, where he could face a primary challenger for re-election in 2018. SOURCE

Isn’t it amazing the effect a well placed threat can have on a politician? Candidates who don’t back Trump may not be allowed to run again, RNC chairman says.

Quite honestly, I didn’t think Reince Priebus had the *stones* to do it, but, I may have been wrong about him. Maybe Priebus has more to him than what was 1st thought.

Ted Cruz KNOWS that there are folks here in Texas that want to see him OUT of the U.S. Senate, I am one of them, and he also knows that there’s a good chance Rick Perry will run against him in 2018. Cruz is going to *walk the line* for the next 2 years.   Continue reading

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Riots, Anarchy, Chaos, Gas Attacks — The United States under Barack Hussein Obama

Riots, Anarchy, Chaos, Gas Attacks — The United States under Barack Hussein Obama

Read the news of the day, U.S. troops attacked with Mustard Gas, police shot and killed every day right here in the United States, mobs of Black animals riot, loot and burn and basically destroy everything they touch in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Mainstream Media uses all of the power they have to work out a way to blame it all on Donald J. Trump as they attempt to sabotage the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Go ahead, read the stories, I’ll wait.

ISIS suspected of mustard attack against US and Iraqi troops
Eye Opener: Chaos on the streets of Charlotte
Charlotte police insist protesters have wrong story on shooting
Tension Grips Charlotte After Second Night of Violent Protests
Charlotte officials appeal for calm
Chief reveals new details about N.C. shooting video
Trump supports ‘stop and frisk,’ calls for unity in wake of Charlotte riots
Will Trump’s response to shootings hinder efforts to woo black voters?  

OK, I have to presume that if you’re still here then you MUST be as angry as I am at what can only be called the darkest times in modern American history, and if you read here often then you know what comes next; my not so humble, straight from the heart opinion.
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A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction Level Event

Once again I have to say; my friends and readers are the very best! This was sent to me by a gentleman I attended High School with, and he has as much hard-core Conservative in him as I do. There is no link to this because it came to me via email and I am accepting it at face value, I hope you enjoy this and will share it with friends and family.

A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction Level Event

Hillary 1Forget the arrogance and corruption — $153 million in Clinton family speaking fees from 2001, mainly bribes during her State Department years. Forget the lies, the lies about lies, and the perjury. Forget the security breaches. Forget enabling America’s most prominent sexual predator. Forget the trail of bodies stretching from Little Rock to Benghazi. Forget every scandal from Whitewater to deleted e-mails. Forget all of it.

Instead, focus on coming attractions — what a Clinton presidency would mean for America. It would be the political equivalent of an extinction level event. Obama began the process of transforming America. Hillary will finish it — and us too.

On the Supreme Court, Scalia’s replacement will be a judicial activist on steroids. This will give the left what it’s dreamed of since the Warren Court — a 5-4 majority to rubber-stamp statism and Cultural Marxism. Hillary will replace decrepit justices, like Ginsberg (83) and Breyer (78), with their young and vigorous clones who’ll be there for decades.

The Second Amendment will be repealed, even the most modest restrictions on abortion ended, and a green light given to the assault on religious liberty. As early as 2014, Democrats had appointed a majority of federal appeals court judges. Hillary will expand the left’s domination of the second most powerful courts in the land.

Clinton will, of course, push amnesty (designated a “pathway to citizenship”). There may be a 10-foot-high wall around the Clintons’ Chappaqua estate, to keep out the great unwashed. But our Southern border will continue to be wide open to the influx of new Democratic voters. Continue reading

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