Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The 32-year-old suspected of gunning down scores of young people at a summer camp and setting off a bomb in downtown Oslo that killed at least seven is a mystery to investigators: a right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists.

“He just came out of nowhere,” a police official told The Associated Press.

Seven people were killed in the bombing at the prime minister’s office and at least 85 were slain in the shooting spree on the island, police said Saturday. The warned the death toll could rise further as many people remained missing.

Public broadcaster NRK and several other Norwegian media identified the suspected attacker as Anders Behring Breivik, a blond and blue-eyed Norwegian who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the Internet. Police have the suspect in custody but have not confirmed his identity.

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Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

A right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the Internet?

That defines ME, at least 90% of ALL the people I know and most REAL Conservatives in America. I post anti-Muslim and Right Wing views on the ‘net almost every day.

Here is a picture from Breivik’s Facebook page. The page has been taken down by Facebook but a special thank you goes to Rob at American and Proud, Rob found the PDF of the page and it is linked below.


Anders Behring Breivik

A Facebook page under Breivik’s name was taken down late Friday. A Twitter account under his name had only one Tweet, on July 17, loosely citing English philosopher John Stuart Mill: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”
Anders Behring Breivick

Here is even more from Rob on the Norway massacre;

And once more, expect to hear renewed calls for more citizen disarmament, that is, an expansion of the potential victim pool for those who count on such measures to make their diabolical tasks all the more easily executed.

The fact is if you disarm the public, you must protect that public or slaughter the public. This is what happens time and time again and the same people come out screaming about the gun he used, rather than the laws that prevented OTHER guns to be a deterrent.
Norway Massacre: Gun Control

Then we have this from the New York Times;

The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a man they identified as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian in connection with a bombing in central Oslo and a shooting attack on a nearby island that killed at least 92 people. Officials said the death toll could climb as they continued to search for the missing. SOURCE

Right wing, fundamentalist Christian, conservative, anti-Muslim Facebook user, an occasional blogger on some Norwegian political site, a gun person.

Maybe Breivik had some motivation for his work. Perhaps he was at his wits end regarding the direction his nation was taking.

More from the NYT;

Most of the 600 campers, many from political families, had gathered in the main assembly building for a briefing on the bombing in Oslo. Relatives of many of the youths worked in the vicinity of the blast.

Yesterday, all stories were pointing out the fact that Norway is ruled by The Labor Party at this time, and that the island camp was a getaway for Labor Party youths and young adults.

In Europe the *Labor Party* is a nice way of saying Socialist, Communist, Liberal, a conglomeration of all three names perhaps, in other words, what we here in America call the MOONBAT left, the party of Obama, the Democrats, their supporters, libbers, the hate America, pro-abortion type slugs that are destroying OUR nation as sure as you are reading this piece.

I’m not saying that wholesale massacre was the correct thing to do, but as I said, maybe Breivik had some motivation for his work. Perhaps Breivik felt that he was doing his part to save Norway and that by getting rid of some on the LEFT, Commies, Socialists, Union supporting Labor Party people et al, maybe, he felt he was cleansing the gene pool a bit. Just sayin’…

“Compared to other countries I wouldn’t say we have a big problem with right-wing extremists in Norway,” Mr. Stoltenberg told reporters at a news conference. “But we have had some groups, we have followed them before, and our police is aware that there are some right-wing groups.”

The Norwegian PM can’t say that any longer. They have at least ONE in Norway that is an extremist and has gone OFF on the Labor Party and the government itself.

“We all read and watch the news about the shootings in the United States,” Mr. Groven said. “But it doesn’t happen here.”

He said the process of obtaining a handgun license for sports shooting was strict, requiring a safety certification and a police background check.

Mr. Breivik had been known as polite and conscientious man by former colleagues. But his writings on a right-wing Web site,, revealed another side, an abiding obsession with Marxists, Muslims and Norway’s multicultural ideals.

Lets break this all down to how I, and a couple of others are seeing this shape up as it applies to the USA.

The Obama administration is already scared out of its wits by people like this Anders Behring Breivik and the massacre he created.

That means the American left is as afraid of folks like me, most of my readers and at least half of the American people. We ARE the people that these articles from AP and the NYT describe; we believe ourselves to be America 1st patriots, the left believes us to be anarchists.

Many Americans are concerned, and rightly so, about the USA becoming a part of the U.N. gun ban treaty. Here are a few links for those wanting to familiarize themselves with the U.N. gun ban effort.

International Gun Ban Treaty?

The U.N. Gun Ban Treaty That Threatens Your Gun Rights


U.N. gun ban faces pre-emptive attack

I can see the Obama administration, and libbers in general, whipping up a new anti-gun effort here in the USA. I can see them pointing to ALL of the traits and characteristics of Anders Behring Breivik as citation to back their beliefs that guns MUST be removed from the hands of American citizens.

They will of course, be terribly wrong in that thought.

Norway has some of the most restrictive gun laws on earth; Gun politics in Norway, guns are NOT illegal in Norway, but they are highly restricted, and apparently, those restrictions played NO role in keeping Anders Behring Breivik from his deed.

Gun control has NOTHING to do with guns and EVERYTHING to do with control.

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17 Responses to Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

  1. Texasperated says:

    Apparently his Facebook page was only started on February 17th as well. Strange…maybe someone should see if he went off his meds on the 16th.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. Rich Timm says:

    Throw in the fact that DHS released their “Domestic Terrorist” vid a couple of days ago and this man fit into that profile quite nicely.

    I wonder if his online name was “Lee Harvey”

  3. reliapundit says:

    if only a few of the camp grounds counselors/leaders/adults had been armed then only a few would have died.

    the cops took 40 minutes to get there.

    the kids were sitting ducks.

    they need more armed citizens in norway, not fewer.

  4. TexasFred says:

    reliapundit — Sorry, but I have NO sympathy for those camping kids of The Labor Party… They were COMMIE PUKES in training… Maybe you missed that part…

  5. Shady says:

    Just another platform for the ANOINTED one, better known as the DECEPTICON President of the United States to crow for gun control. You can see in real time how effective he is as a leader. He has been castrated as a leader, nobody, not even his own party will follow him, well maybe Pelosi and Reid might follow, but that is it.

  6. Robert says:

    Well let me set the record real straight for anyone concerned. I AM A RIGHT WING EXTREMIST. You Can read my “Extremist” views at my site under the “About the Author” page. The fact that those are “Extremist” views is a testament to how far off reality our nation has gone.

    Now let’s discuss Gun Control: I am for all party’s liberal/progressive/republican/Conservative/independent/green and or any other political affiliation you can dream up BEING ARMED. NO MATTER WHO you vote for, WHAT IDEOLOGY you subscribe to. YOU SHOULD BE ARMED if you are an American Citizen and you have NOT LOST YOUR RIGHTS BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICES!

    Tell me exactly how many other guns were on that island? How many of the adults who were charged with the care of the youth were armed? No look at the body count. Do you happen to see a common thread? Less guns in the hands of population equal MORE DEATH by the dredges of society no matter WHAT society it is.

    Poor unarmed sheep were slaughtered yesterday by a sick idiot. But he was aided in his actions by the very government he detested. Sound familiar?

  7. TexasFred says:

    Rob — I guess if you feel that way, OK, it’s your opinion, but I see 80 or so less COMMIE pukes in the gene pool..

  8. Robert says:

    Well there is that 😐

  9. TexasFred says:

    It was a Labour Party Communist training and indoctrination camp…

    The vast majority of the Labour Party youth movement attendees were between the ages of 16 and 22, though some were as young as 13 and others as old as their early 30s, Roberg-Larsen said. They had been planning to attend political training classes and participate in group activities during the day and sleep in tents at night, he said.

    Police: At least 87 dead in mass shooting, bombing in Norway

  10. BARR says:

    I know, ya’ll gonna call me crazy….believe you me, but this hit me like a ton o’ bricks.

    It seems tragically possible that, Anders Behring Breivik is a soviet KGB agent.

    This seems the same as the Soviet Union bombing Finland in 1939, and accusing Finland of starting hostilities.

    Is the Communist/Labour party in Norway killing their own, to advance communism?

    These communists would eat their own young if they thought it would advance their political objectives…

    A WHITE right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists who expressed right-wing and anti-Muslim views on the Internet?

    The standard KGB procedure, commit a crime and make it look like your enemy’s responsible…

    It is apparent the soviets are attempting to advance their agenda of gun control through the corrupt United Nations…

  11. TexasFred says:

    BARR — I don’t think it’s crazy at all…

    This guy was a highly efficient killing machine, he went about his business in a very methodical manner, cold, impersonal, and for lack of a better word, extreme efficiency…

    You don’t learn those methods *down on the farm* or at the local gun club, and it’s not something you learn online…

    Thank you for registering and for this comment, it has been discussed but not posted until now, and it is a possibility…

  12. Rich Timm says:

    Public Intelligence site has a vid from the Norway suspect that he posted on 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence. Youtube has since removed it, but PI site has it.

    Utøya Gunman Anders Behring Breivik Video Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

    It is a interesting video that shines a light on the near future of our nation.

    If he indeed make this, it would appear that he was fed up with the socialist govt and decided to act.

    Perhaps the island was his way of insuring that the “leaders of today” for the labor party had no heirs to take up the movement, so to speak.

  13. myfoxmystere says:

    I find Barr’s comment about the gunman possibly being a KGB agent quite interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is. Of course the moonbat media wouldn’t report that, if it’s true. It’s also true that if you speak out against the government of Norway, you risk going to Prison or a re-education camp.

  14. BARR says:

    When the headlines for this tragic story first broke it had the unmistakable stench of Soviet KGB Propaganda.

    Think about it…
    If the MSM (Marxist Soviet Media) had said ..A white male suspect….
    But instead it was …A White/ Christian/ Right-Wing / Anti-Muslim suspect…

    Now the fact that he’s white, ie. The color of his skin is insignificant.
    But if he’s Christian, it would signify that he’s probably literate and has a moral compass.
    Second, If he’s right-wing that would show an ability to reason…
    Third, if he’s anti-Muslim it would show awareness…

    Now it’s only logical that a literate,reasonable, aware person with a moral compass would posses enough knowledge to know that command and control would be the objective…

    And this victory would be obtained through the political system, not by a cowardly bomb.

    And a literate,reasonable, aware person, with a moral compass, would look to fight an enemy combatant, some-one in an enemy uniform.

    At least a towel head with an AK-47, or a grenade launcher in their grips…. NOT UNARMED CHILDREN……

    How can murdering un-armed children advance justice?

    Only a SOVIET / UN-GODLY / COMMUNIST KGB / PRO-MUSLIM would slaughter un-armed children, to advance their communist political cause!

  15. TexasFred says:

    BARR — *Children* is a moot point, most of these people were late teens and early 20’s so the stories were saying, until the spin machine decided that *children* sounded better as a propaganda tool…

    All I know is that it was a Commie training camp and the bomb itself was directed at a Labour controlled government… Past that, who knows…

    And the KGB has been out of existence for a number of years now.

    When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the 80’s he made sweeping reforms in the KGB. As a result the KGB became less aggressive towards political dissidents and curtailed its struggle against foreign countries.

    In August 1991, KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov led a failed coup against the government. It was the beginning of the end for KGB. This event and revelations about other activities, including the infiltration of Russian Orthodox Church, created popular demand for the reformation of KGB.

    Russian president Boris Yeltsin split the organization after the Soviet breakup. As a result five agencies were formed, each with a separate function. KGB officially ceased to exist on 6th November, 1991.

    Does Russia still have a *version* of the KGB? Sure they do, but the KGB itself has been kaput for a long time.

  16. BARR says:

    First of all, please pardon my bad manners…Texas Fred, Thank you, sir! and your welcome , sir!

    Yes, you are correctabout them using the term “Children” as a propaganda tool..

    I’m still sayin’ this has Soviet stench through it.

    And thanks for the update on the KGB…

    Even though I was incorrect by using the “KGB” term, I still mean Soviet Secret Police and associated agencies

    Remember..Putin was the head of the former KGB…

    Anyway ya’all probably don’t want me postin’ here to often…I get ruff as guts sometimes…

  17. BARR says:

    Perhaps this would be useful to any American seeking pertinent info; This set also contains many great U.S. WWII films…ya won’t be disappointed, I guarantee.

    War Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection
    Format: Box set, Color, DVD, NTSC
    Language: English
    Region: All Regions
    Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
    DVD Release Date: September 28, 2004
    ASIN: B0001HAGWO

    This is a MUST THE ONE YOU NEED TO SEE IS # 28

    The KGB Connections (1982-TV doc.)

    The KGB Connections (1982-TV doc.)

    The focus of this documentary is on the nature of Russian espionage through-out the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, by KGB officers operating as diplomats, businessemen, and officials of the U.N. It emphasizes the use of propaganda and disinformation to distort America’s perception of reality.
    Also shown is the use of blackmail, bribery, sabotage, sex, and assassination to accomplish KGB objectives within the target nation.

    See MARXIST Fidel Castro espouse “Social Justice”

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