Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says

Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says

DALLAS — On Monday evening, there was a steady stream of people in and out of the southeast Dallas home where 14-year-old Luis Avila lived with his family. No one could understand how he ended up where he ended up on Monday morning.

Luis should have been in a seventh grade classroom at 11 a.m., but he and two friends had apparently skipped school.

They ended up at a home in the 7300 block of Vallejo Drive. Police said the three teens rang the doorbell at the home of 51-year-old Lee Cobler. Cobler and his 25-year-old son were home, but did not answer the door.

The men called 911 as the boys allegedly kicked in the back door of the residence.

Cobler was armed. He fired his gun at the teens, and Luis Avila was killed.

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Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says

Well Boo freakin’ Hoo. A budding life of crime cut short by a Texas homeowner, standing his ground, defending his CASTLE and putting rounds on target!

YEAH BABY!! That’s what I call WINNING … thank you Charlie Sheen. 😛

Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m sorry that a 14 year old kid got killed like this, it’s a sad statement to the life in which he was raised or the path that he had chosen, but HE made a conscious decision to do the crime, HE made the decision to break into and burglarize a residence. There is no one to blame for the death of Luis Avila except Luis Avila.

Personally, I would hate to kill a kid like that, I don’t want to have to kill anyone like that, but if you come breaking into MY house, and I’m here, I don’t give a damn if you’re 14 or 44, it’s MY house and in MY mind, you are here to do me and/or my wife harm.

That is NOT going to happen if I have a say in the matter.

Sure, the libbers and anti-gun moonbats are going to get all up in the air about how ‘he was just a kid’, well, that’s true, but he was a kid in commission of a crime. Now he’s a dead kid, and the gene pool has been chlorinated a bit.

I can hear it now, ‘That TexasFred guy is an ass, he’s heartless, he has NO feelings for this poor child being killed…

Well, damn, ya got me on that one… 😛

I really don’t have ANY feelings for the kid, he was STUPID and it cost him his life, and likely saved the state of Texas a ton of money in court costs and prison time supporting him as he progressed.

But TexasFred, he was just misunderstood and was trying to *fit in* and he succumbed to peer pressure…”

I don’t know about YOU, but I had a real HARD CASE Mom, “If all of your friends go and jump off the bridge are you going to jump too?”

Even as a kid, that made sense to me. The follow the crowd thing, that was for losers, that was for people that were so stupid that they threw their lives away for little or nothing, and that is exactly what happened to this Luis Avila. He may have been on the receiving end of peer pressure, but all he had to do was say NO and stay at school, educating himself so he never had to resort to a life of crime.

Yeah, but TexasFred, he may have been doing it just for *kicks* man, you know? For the *thrill* of it all…”

Maybe so, it’s a damned shame he’s not here now so the bleeding heart anti-gun libbers could ask him about the *kick* or the *thrill* he got when the bullet struck him.

To Mr. Lee Cobler, kudos for doing what you had to do. Sleep well, don’t let it get to you and know this; you’re going to catch all manners of hell from the anti-gun libbers and bleeding hearts. It’s no big deal. YOU were in YOUR home, they invaded YOUR home and YOU stood your ground, as you are entitled to. There’s not a Court in Texas that will charge you over this.

And speaking of crimes and kids:

7-year-old boy linked to string of arsons

JUNEAU, Alaska — A 7-year-old Juneau boy has admitted setting five arson fires over a little more than four months, according to fire officials in Alaska’s capital.

Juneau fire marshal Dan Jager tells the Juneau Empire that the boy caused about $1,000 in damages by setting fires in restrooms at Harborview Elementary School and the Terry Miller Legislative Building, plus a downtown grass fire and two fires at a Fred Meyer store.

Full Story Here:
7-year-old boy linked to string of arsons

A pyromaniac is born.

And as he gets older I would bet that he will continue to be an arsonist. Even though he’s 7 years old, he has had the *thrill* and once a *thrill* has been experienced, the person involved WILL seek to gain that *thrill* again.

It’s human nature.

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12 Responses to Dallas teen’s death should send a message, neighbor says

  1. Rich T says:

    You play big people games…sometimes you don’t always win.

    I have no sympathy for him being killed.

  2. Capt Ron says:

    I’m with you, Fred. A young teeenager was killed, he made the choice to invade a home, and paid the consequences. When I was young, it was very rare that you heard of kids doing things like that. Now, it’s commonplace and a travesty.

  3. sdkar says:

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore Fred. If you look like a threat to me and mine, I will choose mine and you will end up dead. No one wants to kill a child. But with so many of them so willing to harm and kill others at such a young age these days, no one can afford to take chances. Better him than me or mine.

    It is no one’s fault but the parents. It is the parents that failed this kid. The parents of these kids see them as nothing more than an increase to their welfare payment and pop them out left and right. They then don’t instill them any decency and respect, and instead, tell them to run from the police or that you don’t have to listen to your teachers. Then, when the kid becomes a teenager, these parents demand to know what the system can do to control their children. Well, at this point, the damage is done…it’s just too late. You can’t put spoiled milk back in the fridge and expect it to go good.

    I love the Hollywood movies that show the single black mother working two jobs and have almost no time for their children, but have a 10 year old with the wisdom and goodness of a sage. That is not real life. Keep your kids off the streets. Teach them respect and the importance of an education, and you may, just may have them turn out decent.

    But, if parents don’t care who their children hang out with, let them stay out all hours of the night for days on end, don’t become involved in their lives, and instead, tell them to run from the police and that they don’t have to listen to anyone that is white, well, I can almost assure you how the kid will turn out. Parents allow their kids to act like animals, and then act astonished when they get put down like a rabid animal. They then blame everything and everyone but themselves. It’s the fault of the system…it’s racist. The cops didn’t like him. He was picked on or framed. Targeted for his skin color….blah blah blah. Well, point the finger at yourself instead. The system is geared to give your child every chance to succeed, yet despite that, your bad parenting allowed him or her to avoid every opportunity extended to them and set them up for failure. Not the system…you the parent.

    My favorite saying is “He’s really a good kid mixed up in the wrong crowd”. Well, if you asked the parent of every member of a gang, they would say the same thing. “Not my kid”. Just who is the bad kid in the crowd then? Maybe your little angel wasn’t as good as you thought. There is nothing anyone can do to reverse years of bad parenting. But it’s much easier to blame the system.

    Elvis got it right….”and another little baby child is born…in the ghetto.”

    You can’t keep raising your children this way and expect anything different to occur. Break the cycle and teach decency, respect for others, and the importance of an education. I know, it sounds crazy…but it just might work.

  4. BobF says:

    They just didn’t break into the house, they kicked the door in. That’s a violent invasion which should be, and was, met with a violent response. Someone kicks in my door, I’m not going to ask their age, I’m just going to respond.

    Nobody wants to shoot anybody but in today’s world, you have no choice as when your home is invaded because you’re most likely going to be beaten or killed. It’s too bad that elderly couple in Tulsa weren’t armed as that vermin came into their home to rob and beat them, while raping an eighty five year old woman and killing her.

  5. I probably shouldn’t write this, because I’m still on the street, but I’ve told my troops before and it’s no secret that I would drop the hammer on a teen every bit as readily as I would an adult, for the MAJOR reason that a teen holding a gun has no concept of reality, no concept of injury, no concept of life or its value.

    That said, you commit an adult violent act, expect to be met with a like violence. There’s a cost to being stupid. And, as I said at EVOC and now as a Patrol Supervisor: you can’t fix stupid.


    • TexasFred says:

      Teens think DEATH isn’t real, they KNOW that there’s a re-set button somewhere…

      Poor little Luis, he forgot to hit the re-set button… 😈

  6. Lee says:

    Lee Cobler needs to send a bill to Luis Avila’s parents to replace the ammo he had to use. Until a child is 18 years old the parents are financially responsible for their childs actions,,, bill them for replacing the door also.,,,if Mr. Cobler needs consoling, add that to the bill,,,,some day, parents might start being parents or atleast stop breeding.

  7. NativeSon says:

    Well said Fred (and all commentors) couldn’t agree more I don’t think!

  8. Personally, I prefer my police fire first and ask questions later (and stay alive) when encountering dangerous criminals , regardless of their age. You are just as dead when you are shot by a 50 year old as you are when shot by a 14 year old. I also think homeowners shouldn’t even own a weapon if they aren’t prepared to use it with lethal effect. Also, I think the parents should do some time for doing such a poor job of raising this “kid”. Jus Sayin…

    Great post and comments, like NS, I couldn’t agree more.

    • TexasFred says:

      Also, I think the parents should do some time for doing such a poor job of raising this “kid”.

      You can NOT be serious??

      So, if your kid does something wrong, and I know, your kid is grown, but if he was 14 and screwed up, YOU should go to jail? Seriously?

      • Well, when you put it that way, yeah, it doesn’t make sense. But I’ve seen so many parents that enabled the behavior from the crib that I’ve often wondered why they weren’t punished along with the kids. I also know that is not necessarily the case with every kid that goes the wrong way too.

  9. denimflyz says:

    I am sorry that this kid got shot…but as its been said, he crossed the threshold of a homeowner who was armed, enough said.
    This kid should of had MY parents, my dad was a cop…enough said.

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