Katrina Pierson: Perceived Racism, The BLACK TEA Party, Malcolm X, *Deformed Veterans* and the upcoming Election

Katrina Pierson: Perceived Racism, The BLACK TEA Party, Malcolm X, *Deformed Veterans* and the upcoming Election

Once again I am going to venture out there with some seriously *hard core* political opinion. Most of that opinion is based on FACTS and the only place in this entire post where I use supposition I duly note that I had no proof and was relying on *The Rumor Mill*. Sometimes the *rumor mill* is more accurate than all of the news media combined.

Do you want to know the REAL Katrina Pierson? If you do, read on and watch the attached video and hear HER words, as SHE speaks them. Hear Pierson sound as racist as a person can get. Once you have listened to, and seen her speak, remember this; she is, in MY not so humble opinion, NOT what we need representing us in Washington!

Katrina PiersonAllow me to open this by saying; I do not like Katrina Pierson and I am reasonably certain that this post will cover ALL the reasons why. I only hope it garners enough attention to make others here in the 32nd Congressional district see her for what I believe her to be; a race based opportunist and the wrong person to represent this part of Texas in the U.S. Congress.

What follows is a discussion about the BLACK TEA Party held at the far LEFT political site, The Huffington Post, and moderated by what I can only refer to as a very liberal host.

Hosted by: Marc Lamont Hill

• Kevin J. Dotson @kevin_j_dotson (New York , NY) Director of ‘Black Tea: The New Civil Right’
• Lenny McAllister @Lennymcallister (New York , NY) Republican Strategist and Author
• Katrina Pierson @KatrinaPierson (Dallas, TX) Texas Tea Party Activist
• Niger Innis @3568NI (Washington, DC) Strategist for TheTeaParty.Net

I see and hear a lot of blatant RACISM in this video, not from ALL of the participants but I detect some solid words of RACISM being spoken by the only person in this discussion that matters to us here in North Texas … Katrina Pierson.

The TEA Party, TEA standing for Taxed Enough Already, was NOT founded as a BLACK or WHITE group, it was founded as an AMERICAN group, for ALL Americans. The TEA Party, in its inception, was founded on these principles and beliefs, and this is what the TEA Party once stood for;

• Uphold the U.S. Constitution
• Limited Government
• Fiscal Responsibility
• Free Markets

What immediately follows below is the Mission Statement of the TEA Party here in Rowlett, TX. I know that it is, or was, I helped draft it before I parted ways with the TEA Party when they were taken over by Ron Paul supporters and lost their way, becoming what I have long called *The Rudderless TEA Party*.

The mission of the Rowlett Texas TEA Party Patriots is to organize like-minded individuals, educate and inform others about our core values, secure public policy consistent with those values, and to positively affect the outcome of elections.

Nowhere in that mission statement or founding principles is there so much as ONE WORD about affirmative action, abortion, Illegal immigrants, racism, homosexuals, women’s rights or any mention of a BLACK TEA Party.

There was a statement made by Katrina Pierson in the above video that sent shivers down my spine; that was when she referenced to Malcolm X, a radical and racist Black Muslim that made NO secret of his hatred for *The WHITE Devils*, that would be White people in general, and Pierson proudly stated that he, Malcolm X, was the 1st TEA Partier.

And again, constantly going on with the references to a BLACK TEA Party

It appears to me that Pierson is more concerned about RACE, and using the BLACK TEA Party moniker to bring about some type of *racial equality* than she is in promoting North Texas and doing everything she can to help ALL of the residents of this Congressional district. ALL residents, not just the BLACK ones Ms. Pierson, not just the *African-American* ones, but ALL of us.

Many in the Black community scream about *racial equality* and then constantly harp on the African-American thing. Aren’t we ALL Americans? How many of MY readers call themselves British-Americans or German-Americans? 

Are you, Ms. Pierson, by chance an *African*? I seriously doubt that you are but I have to ask given your continual references to African-Americans and the BLACK TEA Party.

I say this in ALL sincerity; racial issues in this nation could end, but to do so people like Ms. Pierson will have to stop playing *The Race Card* when it’s convenient and then turn around and pander WHITE voters when it’s not.

What would the BLACK community and the news media call it if a WHITE candidate was constantly referring to a fictitious group called  The WHITE TEA Party?

I’m pretty sure we ALL know that answer, and quite frankly, I have never heard ANYONE make references to the TEA Party as being WHITE or BLACK, until Ms. Pierson and the group from Huffington post did so.

You see, there is NO WHITE TEA Party, none, nada, it does NOT exist, but to hear Ms. Pierson talk there must be a BLACK TEA Party out there somewhere.

The TEA Party needs to stick to its CORE VALUES and leave RACE out of the equation.

Ms. Pierson is touted as a TEA Party candidate and TEA Party leader. The TEA Party was indeed founded as a group, but as a group for ALL people, no special color, race or religion, but as a group of Americans united in a common cause and that cause was NOT to espouse a BLACK TEA Party or to make ridiculous references to Malcolm X.

With all of this BLACK TEA Party stuff I have to wonder if Pierson and many others in the TEA Party even remember what TEA stands for and what the founding principles were.

Apparently not…

Another thing that causes me concern about Ms. Pierson, and what I believe to be her lack of ability to lead as a Member of Congress, is her relationship with Ken Emanuelson.

I can’t state this as a FACT because all I have is a *gossip line* that runs between Rowlett and Garland, with Garland being where Ms. Pierson resides, but I have been told that Emanuelson and Pierson are involved in a personal *relationship*.

Now quite frankly, that in and of itself in none of my business, I don’t care who sleeps with whom, if that is in fact what they are doing, and if they are *involved* I wish them great luck and happiness, but it seems that Ken Emanuelson and Katrina Pierson are BOTH prone to making those *off the cuff* remarks that turn into full blown gaffs that have to be apologized for, and I have to presume, covered up as soon as possible.

Ken Emanuelson, Texas Tea Party Activist, Calls GOP Black Voter Comments ‘A Mistake’

A Texas Tea Party activist is in hot water over comments charging that the Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote because of tough odds.

Audio posted by Democratic group Battleground Texas on Tuesday has Ken Emanuelson, a leading state Tea Party figure, answering a question about black voters at a May 20 Dallas County GOP event.

“I’m going to be real honest with you,” Emanuelson said. “The Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote if they are going to vote 9-to-1 for Democrats.”

Pierson, in the video above, tried to say that this remark by Emanuelson was taken *out of context*.

Maybe it was taken out of context, maybe not. Personally, I can’t see how it could possibly be taken for anything other than what it was; a very STUPID statement.

Gaffs can be killers for a political candidate and Ms. Pierson made on hell of a gaff by saying this; “David Dewhurst exploits deformed disabled vet in intro video,” Pierson wrote. “So sad.”

Deformed? Did she call a combat veteran that suffered injuries that left him physically disfigured DEFORMED? Oh yes, she did! UPDATED: Cruz supporter apologizes for calling disabled vet, a Dewhurst backer, ‘deformed’ | Dallas Morning News.

Pierson apologized; the Cruz campaign apologized while pointing out that Pierson was NOT an official in the Cruz campaign but that she was an unpaid volunteer.

If Dan Moran, the veteran in question, is willing to accept a FORCED apology, OK, that is HIS decision. As for me, I am of the opinion that Katrina Pierson is what I like to call *a basic moron*; she talks a good game, she talks fast, says little, she insults Veterans, seems to admire Malcolm X and is one that has NO business making public statements on ANY level.

As I said, I don’t like Katrina Pierson and of course there will be those that say I don’t like her because she is Black or because I’m supposedly afraid of strong-willed women and am a misogynist.

Nothing could be further from the truth! I don’t like Katrina Pierson because she was so STUPID as to refer to an injured Veteran as *DEFORMED* and now she is, IN MY OPINION, showing herself to be nothing more than a Black Empowerment RACIST that only cares about Black and African-American advancement in the 32nd Congressional district of Texas.

Pierson draws conservative stars in battle against Sessions

“I’m not going to sugar coat this,” she told supporters last Monday. “This is an uphill battle. I’m not your typical Republican candidate. I’m not from one those ZIP codes. I don’t have that pedigree. I’m not a multi-millionaire. But the good news is, I’m not your typical Republican candidate.” SOURCE

I personally see little, if ANY Conservatism from Ms. Pierson but I do see a lot of self-promotion in an attempt to fool voters into thinking that she is, or could possibly be a Conservative.

In closing I must say this; I fail to see why Katrina Pierson is running in a GOP primary save the fact that, much like a hero of the TEA Party, Ron Paul, if she ran as what she truly is, she couldn’t get elected as dog catcher.

If Katrina Pierson is the best that the TEA Party has to offer, if she is their best and brightest, then I believe her words and actions posted above offer all the reasons needed as to why she doesn’t need to be in the U.S. Congress and why I believe that Pierson would be a disaster as a Representative from the 32nd Congressional District of Texas.

Additional Reading: Just one big donor leaves Pete Sessions for tea party challenger Katrina Pierson

Disclaimer: The opinions stated in this post are MINE. I have not been compensated by the Sessions campaign to make this post!

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15 Responses to Katrina Pierson: Perceived Racism, The BLACK TEA Party, Malcolm X, *Deformed Veterans* and the upcoming Election

  1. TexasFred says:

    The tea party has more productive ways to flex its political muscle than to go after Rep. Pete Sessions, whose conservative credentials are as bona fide as they get. Sessions, 58, of Dallas has served in Congress since his election in 1996. Under his leadership of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP has won and retained control of the House.

    We might not always agree with Sessions’ individual political stances, but at least he recognizes the reality of Capitol Hill politics and grasps the notion of give-and-take in negotiations with the Democrats. To make concessions that end a government shutdown or produce progress on immigration reform is not a crime against conservatives. It’s pragmatic politics. And it’s good for the country.

    We say this because his opponent, concierge consultant Katrina Pierson, 37, of Garland is invoking the tea party banner to challenge Sessions as not conservative enough. She exhibits a naive and inconsistent view of how Washington works. Her idea of immigration reform is to hold a national constitutional convention. She opposes government efforts to control carbon emissions as wanton government regulation, yet she embraces the 1990 federal mandate that phased out leaded gasoline use in cars.

    The winner will face Frank Perez, who is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

    Editorial: We recommend Sessions in the 32nd Congressional District’s GOP primary | Dallas Morning News

  2. the unit says:

    I don’t know how kindly other sites are taken here to refer to, but I’ll post and Fred can delete if against the rules.
    Pertains to A frickin Americans…

    • the unit says:

      Fred it’s not my blog, just one I frequently read. Like you my name is public record. Tom Cooper, Milton Florida, just passed three score and ten. Working on next score… three pointer at least!

      • TexasFred says:

        OK, I deleted it.. 🙂

        That’s a lot of *scoring*… LMAO 😀

        • the unit says:

          Well I prefer a touchdown and extra point on top of those three score and ten, but will be thankful day by day. 🙂 Even would like to enjoy one, two or three overtimes. I’d get a kick out of that. 🙂

  3. TexasFred says:

    And apparently I was right… I said I would be called a RACIST…

    Katrina Pierson for Congress He has a history of race baiting…
    TexasFred is a race baiter

    TexasFred Note: The story linked above has been deleted… Apparently the truth DOES hurt…

    Ms. Pierson, feel free to point out where I have been a race baiter… I speak the truth, and apparently, the truth hurts…

  4. Wayne says:

    It’s good to see you say something a little more positive about the TEA party movement Fred. I think the spirit of the movement will overtake the desire of certain elements to control the message of limited government, less tax and a return to fiscal conservatism. We should support candidates who walk the walk and not the panderers of popular discourse, who would betray their oath for financial gain. Political correctness has to be confronted and defeated.

    • TexasFred says:

      I don’t see Pierson as being PC, I see her as being a opportunist that throws the RACE CARD in ANY direction that she believes may help her…

      And I wasn’t intentionally being positive about the TEA Party, it’s their allowing people like Pierson to take over that made me leave…

  5. Wayne says:

    Wow! I just read the facebook post. This is what I tried to convey in my last response. Those who run for political office should not be so thin skinned as to quickly fire back with a baseless accusation. Mr. Gallops had the perfect response. She would have been better off not responding at all, instead she exposed a little more of what she is really about.

  6. Capt Ron says:

    Watching the interview gives credence to something I pointed out on several different issues: The biggest racists come from the black community. If racism is going to go away, it has to start there. The black community does more to divide people than anyone else, i.e., the Black Tea Party, Black Miss America, the Black Yellow Pages (yes, this does exist at least in our Metroplex). These are groups formed for only either black Americans, or in the case of the black yellow pages, for businesses ran/owned by black Americans or for business specifically for black Americans. This is wrong, it causes the very division that the black community espouses they want eradicated. It is blatant hypocrisy.
    In the video, we see the host talk over and basically dismiss what a black gentleman guest had to say because the gentleman guest didn’t openly profess blackness.
    I do not believe Dr. Martin Luther King had this in mind.

  7. mrchuck says:

    I know WHAT she is !!!!! Once black,,,,you never go back !!!

  8. mrchuck says:

    013675, this number is above your name. What is it ?????

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