Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen

Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen

Some Democrats are joining Republican lawmakers in opposing the transfer of suspected terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay prison to Yemen, citing Al Qaeda’s increased activity in the poor Arab nation.

President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, told Fox News that the transfers will continue if the administration deems them warranted.

“The Guantanamo facility must be closed,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It has served as a propaganda tool for Al Qaeda. We’re determined to close it. We’re not going to, though, do anything that is going to put American security at risk.”

But some Democrats, including Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein of California, have urged a halt — echoing Republicans who oppose plans to close Guantanamo.

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Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen

I have long maintained, not ALL Democrats are anti-American moonbats. Granted, many are, especially those that are classified as hard-core libbers, but some Democrats really do have good sense, they just need a bit of steering and education to open their eyes to the dangers presented by the most dangerous man to ever inhabit the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama.

Six Yemenis returned last month were released after the government there determined they were not a threat, officials in Yemen told The Associated Press.

And as soon as they were released by the Yemeni government, they immediately took up the mantle of terrorist and confirmed hater of ALL things American. Bet on it!

Which brings me to this:

SAN’A, Yemen (AP) – The U.S. and Britain locked up their embassies in Yemen on Sunday after fresh threats from al-Qaida, and the White House expressed alarm at the terror group’s expanded reach in the poor Arab nation where an offshoot apparently ordered the Christmas Day plot against a U.S. airliner.

President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, cited “indications al-Qaida is planning to carry out an attack against a target” in the capital, possibly the embassy, and estimated the group had several hundred members in Yemen. Security reasons led Britain to act, too; it was not known when the embassies would reopen. SOURCE

So, we have some sort of threat(s) that are taken seriously enough to warrant the closing of the U.S. and British embassies. That would seem to be a very serious threat, at least to my way of thinking.

I don’t know who secures the British embassy but the U.S. Marine Corps is still the protector of U.S. interests overseas, embassies and such. So, once again I am wondering, what in the HELL is Obama and Company thinking with this? Is Obama telling the world that we can’t protect our embassies and other American interests overseas?

That sounds like a surrender to me. But what do I know? I’m just a right-wing Conservative with a blog. It’s not like I have not been saying, for quite a long time now, the USA must move against our enemies! Those enemies being the various sects of Islam.

And again, in my mind, I am seeing SURRENDER written all over the next few paragraphs.

The U.S. does not plan to open a new front in Yemen in the global fight against terrorism despite closing its embassy there in the face of Al Qaeda threats, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser said Sunday.

“We’re not talking about that at this point at all,” White House aide John Brennan told Fox News when asked whether U.S. troops would be sent to Yemen.

“The Yemeni government has demonstrated their willingness to take the fight to Al Qaeda,” he said. “They’re willing to accept our support. We’re providing them everything that they’ve asked for.”

Full Story Here:
Despite Al Qaeda Threat, U.S. Not Planning to Expand Terror Fight in Yemen

John Brennan has his head so far up Obama’s ass, should Obama make a sudden change in his direction of travel, Brennan will suffer a broken neck!

The Obama administration was taken completely by surprise when Abdulmutallab was able to nearly pull off a horrendous act of terrorism on Christmas Day. They were so taken aback that the head of DHS made outlandish statements saying that “The system worked”, and was later forced to retract that inaccuracy.

The Obama administration was taken by surprise and has spent the last 9 days trying to get the ‘barn door’ closed after the horse is out and on the run.

To release any terror ‘suspect’ to the nation of Yemen is a mistake!

To bring the Guantanamo prisoners to the United States, to place them on trial here, possibly forcing our legal system to afford these prisoners the same legal rights enjoyed by American citizens, is WRONG!

To close our embassy in Yemen, and then not address the cause of that closing with the FULL military might of the United States is WRONG!

All of the above are actions being taken by the Obama administration. It is my firm belief that Barack Hussein Obama is a coward of the 1st order and is failing to fully protect and defend this nation from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic! Failing miserably!

It is also my fullest belief that Barack Hussein Obama is failing in his duties because he is one OF the enemies that has come against this USA!

There, I said it. Now they have all the reason they need to place ME on a terrorist watch list. You can takes bets that they won’t be placing any REAL terrorists on it…

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12 Responses to Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen

  1. Doc Roy says:

    Morning Fred….the scary thing is that we are so afraid of al- Qaida we’d close an American Embassy. This is really hard to take so early in 2010. Are we to close our embassies anywhere al-Qaida exists? Think about that. The Hawaii sun must have addled the little, America-hating squirrel

  2. minuteman26 says:

    1. Obama is an enemy of the USA as founded in 1776.
    2. John Brennan is a freaking asshole.
    3. Who’s making money from GITMO closing and the opening of that Illinois prison?

  3. TexasFred says:

    Minuteman, correct, on ALL 3 counts…

  4. Silver Fox says:

    Some Democrats oppose GITMO transfers, starting to sound like an election year. I thing their may be a few sane ones left in Washington, but their numbers are shrinking.

    It would seem that we could protect our embassy in Yemen, but then what do I know. Wonder how far we can send our forces out from the embassy’s outer walls. Just a thought.

    Almost every movement BHO makes is a mistake—civil trials, closing embassy, terrorist watch list, and I could go on and on and on. Will this guy every get it right, or is it maybe he just doesn’t care. Maybe his agenda and mine are not the same, ha! So he will never get it right as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m glad the holidays are over, still recovering from all the action around the house. Things may get back to normal soon.

  5. This is just another in a series of defeatist Obama moves.

    Instead of, perhaps, further FORTIFYING our embassy he chooses to shrug his shoulders and say “nah, give up.” This sends clear signals to terrorists: America, once again, has no balls.


  6. extex_cop says:

    I don’t know why we even have or opened an Embassy in Yemen. Didn’t we learn enough when they blew a hole in one of our Navy ships over there ???

    If we want to open something…let’s open a cemetery to bury all the shitheads we kill over there.

  7. TexasFred says:

    extex_cop, cemetery? Why?? Just vaporize the bastards and be done with it…

  8. extex_cop says:

    I figure we could get some money back from burying them…but I do like your idea better…:-P

  9. Annie Oakley says:

    Obama = Terrorist

    Brennan = anal sphincter that squeezes the shit out

    Chicago???? Was BHO planted there as a Senator to make way for the extra prison “room” for these Guantanamo prisoners w/ more to follow eventually, therefore allowing them safe passage in to the US? Who the hell knows…… Seems convenient that they would be placed in Obamas territory, doesn’t it?? Just a bit???

    C’mon America. Open you’re frickin’ eyes and see BO for what he is, an American hating, raghead muslim terrorist, dressed in sheeps clothing…….fools!!

    and Fred YES, there are a few could Dems in congress. Lets hope they’re not persuaded or intimidated to go along with BO….

  10. Vigilante says:

    A O

    They ain’t gonna open their eyes till something BIG happens, and then the first thing that will come out of their complacent ass mouth will be, “Why doesn’t the goverment DO SOMETHING!!!!” (does Katrina ring a bell?)and most will be standing around hugging
    and crying on each others shoulder while rome burns and dipshit fiddles around wondering what to call it besides terrorism. I’m gonna throw up…………….

  11. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    I find it odd also that faced with a threat in Yemen the United States decided to abandon the embassy. The embassy is well protected and if we can not hold off a threat there we are telling our enemy that we can not hold of a threat anywhere. The United States ran away from a threat that we must have had good intel on. Why are we not following up on this intel to grab the people who were plotting this? It makes no sense.

  12. Annie Oakley says:

    Good point Mr Pink Eyes!

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