Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

Once again I am compelled to bring you another great piece of work from a fellow blogger. This was published on August 29, 2009 as a *what if* scenario, and I’m thinking that it’s even more accurate now than it was 7 months ago! I hope you enjoy this piece by Mark Epstein.

Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

The great danger in historical revisionism is the potential for future generations to make the same mistake. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were no friends to the US Constitution, but few Americans know this fact. Even more egregious is the dearth of Constitutional knowledge in America. However, that is changing, which does not bode well for the Obama Administration.

Never in our country’s history have Americans witnessed the travesty of such an anti-constitutional administration and congress. And a great deal of the responsibility falls on both major political parties and the media. However, there are others, including American voters who refuse to intelligently discuss the issues and critically analyze what the administration is doing. As a result, the likelihood of another civil war or second revolution increases with each passing day and each new power-grab by the Obama administration.

This past week, while garnering the largest market share of any news media outlet, Glenn Beck painstakingly analyzed what the Obama administration is really all about and what it is actually doing. There hasn’t been one White House denial. At the end of the week, Beck presented five questions Americans should ask their politicians. Questions based in our Constitution. Glenn suggested in the strongest terms that Americans ask their political representatives each of the questions and then following-up with the question “Are you in or out?” And if the representative is not on board with the questions, then Americans need to vote them “out” in the 2010 elections.

Although I completely concur with Mr. Beck with respect to his analysis of this administration and the previous one (Beck is no fan of Bush spending, etc.), there are a plethora of reasons America will not make it to the mid-term elections in 2010. The analysis of this potential reality and a possible scenario follows.

The Coming Armed Revolution: Can it be avoided? If not, are you in or out?

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, Van Jones, and a host of others are making a mockery of our Constitution — and the American people know it.

People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America. We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country. Senator Jim Inhofe

Currently, there are admitted radical Communists serving as Obama’s “czars,” a congressional bill to allow Obama seizure of the internet, and the administration is responsible for nationalization of industry and a blatant attempt to nationalize health care. The Obama administration is engaging in generational warfare and Obama-supporting union members have attacked US citizens participating in Town Hall meetings. There are provisions in Obama’s health care overhaul bill that contain loopholes that will result in health care benefits to illegal aliens, and ACORN registers illegal aliens to benefit the current administration. The government vilifies citizens, talks of mandatory H1N1 vaccination, and federal tax dollars pour into organizations to enable voter fraud. There is an immoral leftist boycott of one of the world’s most socially-conscious companies occurring, and the Democrats have been involved in silencing critics through physical intimidation, lawsuits, refusal to air commercials, and slander — and the list goes on.

To say the majority of Americans are upset about the country’s direction would be a gross understatement. They are pissed-off and willing to take up arms.

The thought of Americans engaging in armed revolt was unthinkable 12 months ago. After SEIU thugs beat-up a man attending a Town Hall meeting, other Americans showed-up at Town Hall meetings armed with semi-automatic weapons — including a meeting the president attended. There hasn’t been a union “beat down” of a Town Hall attendee since. The message is clear: Tyrants and bullies can be dealt with, even if it’s at the “business end” of a firearm.

Although the federal government is monitoring a number of known militia groups, these groups are not a threat to the government. The current threat to the federal government is the average American who realizes the federal threat to his personal freedoms and to his children’s freedoms and financial solvency. Americans are furious. They are not just angry. Moreover, many realize it may take the forcible removal of the Obama administration, as well as its direct and tacit supporters on both sides of the aisle, to restore our freedoms and sanity to Washington. Therefore, what follows is a “potential” scenario, which in no way should be construed as advocating an armed revolt against the federal government.

The Trigger

It’s difficult to pinpoint a particular spark that could or would ignite another civil war or revolution, but certainly mandatory H1N1 vaccination and presidential seizure of the internet are possibilities. It may even be a terrorist attack that many suspect the administration is setting-up the country for in its grand design to impose a dictatorship on the country. However, regardless of what touches-off the growing powder keg, we do know that (1) once angered, it takes a lot to calm Americans and (2) there would be a great deal of collateral damage.

The First Days

Conceivably, within the first days of an armed revolt, numerous politicians, Obama hacks, federal judges, and media members would be killed. Although the president may order active-duty military forces to supplement local law enforcement, it is doubtful that more than 40% of the military would obey his order to shoot American citizens and most of the military’s trained “gun fighters” are otherwise engaged in overseas combat zones. Additionally, many law enforcement personnel would opt to focus on humanitarian aid for those Americans caught in the crossfire versus taking on a well-armed and determined citizenry. Likewise, Obama could expect little to no support from the governors, as federalizing National Guard troops would not be in a state government’s interest when the focus of the revolt is the federal government. Additionally, it is conceivable that media outlets would be seized to enable communications for those Americans in revolt and voice their demands for a general and unconditional surrender of all politicians — including the president. Undoubtedly, Obama would exacerbate the problem by requesting UN assistance in the form of foreign Soldiers when his own Soldiers refused to shoot Americans.

The First Week

As the inevitable food and water shortages began within the large urban areas, the administration would be saddled with responding to this crisis. Additionally, with the seizures of transportation routes, medical supplies would quickly be problematic and the wounded would be dying for lack of medical treatment. Although the administration would likely attempt to harness this for political purposes, the non-existence of media in many areas, the lack of internet access, radio, digital television, and the destruction of key emergency networks would stifle the administration’s attempts to coalesce support from those Americans not involved in the armed revolt. In other words, the country’s communications infrastructure would have its weaknesses revealed and these weaknesses would benefit those in revolt. Meantime, from their areas of refuge, the administration would communicate via secure satellite systems in its attempts to re-establish authority.

The Second Week

After a brief lull in the killing, this period would be remembered as the time of purging. Obama supporters would be summarily executed in their homes and on the streets. Since the administration had gone so far as to seek UN assistance, the general American animosity toward the organization would come to the forefront and, again, this would only exacerbate the anger and trigger more bloodshed. By this point, gasoline is either unavailable or in the hands of those in revolt. The economy would have already ground to a halt, public transportation would be useless, and people would be dying from thirst.

The First Month

By this point, the military would be experiencing the highest desertion rate in its history, as active-duty members sought to ensure the safety of their own families or joined the revolt. Local law enforcement and the state’s National Guards would be providing humanitarian assistance only, and their orders would include not firing on armed Americans and using their own firearms only to defend women and children, having already experienced losses themselves for interfering with summary executions of male Obama supporters. Within the administration, the FBI would be vilified for its failure to understand the totality of American opposition to big government, as exemplified by the Obama administration. University professors would now be targeted for killing, economic collapse would be in full view of the world, the first foreign Soldiers would be on American soil and their dead would already be in the process of repatriation to their respective countries. At the local level, those bureaucrats who had exceeded their authority would also be targeted. Certain states would be sealed-off and its citizens refused access to another state. For example, fleeing Californians could expect to be shot at any eastern border, with their only egress point being Interstate 5 into the western half of Oregon. Since there is no gasoline at this point, the exodus would be on foot. Additionally, the country would be effectively split in half, as Americans from North and South consolidated their hold on the middle of the country in preparation for eastward and westward movement to support the warriors prosecuting the revolt in those areas. The urban areas would be in complete chaos as amoral thugs raped, looted, and burned large sections of the cities. Again, local law enforcement would be so busy with trying to protect people and property that they would not have the resources to put down the revolt. Obama could empty the prisons and attempt to arm any inmate who would support him. The upside to this move is that America would rid itself of a large portion of its prison population as these individuals were gunned-down mercilessly.

The First Six Months

In a last desperate bid to maintain power, Obama would extend peace-feelers to the informal government taking shape across the country. However, with the anarchists dead, the cities burned, local, state, and federal human targets neutralized, and its own inner debate ongoing, the revolutionists would only repeat its demand that Obama surrender himself and any remaining members of his administration and congressional representatives in the House and Senate, in order to stand trial. One of the key focal points of the new government would be enacting laws pertaining to those who had prosecuted the administration’s war against the revolution and, unlike the Revolutionary War where Americans held to Christian principles, Obama and his cohorts would face the very real possibility of being tried under new laws resulting from an internal compromise within the revolutionaries to dispense with the very protections Obama and Congress attempted to strip from Americans. In essence, those who had engaged in Washington’s “status quo” could expect no quarter.

The First Year

By this point, the Americans who had participated in the war would be working alongside local law enforcement and National Guard troops to maintain order, repair infrastructure, ensure logistical hubs were operating unfettered, and prosecuting war criminals on both sides of the conflict — including Obama, his cronies, and the current crop of Congressman and Senators. A new government would be in place and the borders with Mexico and Canada would be sealed completely, with illegal entry met with deadly force. Ports along the Gulf Coast would be receiving oil and supplies, debt repayment to the Chinese and Japanese would be in the process of negotiation, the assets of those who opposed the revolution would have been seized and being used to pay survival wages to those engaged in reconstruction efforts, communication infrastructure would be restored, and special tribunals would be enacted to determine the mainstream media’s complicity in triggering the war.

The Next Five Years

In the aftermath of the war, there would be unprecedented change. Lobbying would be outlawed, free speech would be curtailed in the aspect that certain political entities would no longer enjoy a right to exist (Communist Party USA, Nazi Party, Socialists, etc.), and all Americans would be forced to live within their economic means. Although suspended for the first five years, mortgage payments would resume, but at the current market value of ones home. In other words, banks and large mortgage entities would suffer catastrophic losses on their initial loans. Second Amendment rights would be near sacrosanct and those who had aided and abetted the administration by manipulating media coverage of Obama and Washington would still be enduring trials — and the courts would have the ability to sentence guilty parties to death for the court’s finding the accused had hidden facts from the American people. Churches would also be released from their current constraint on addressing political issues, but radical America-haters like Jeremiah Wright would be tried for treason. Another change to the country’s laws would include executions being carried out by firing squads and a streamlining of the appellate process. Americans in general would return to a time when being a neighbor and helping one another was more important than receiving government largess. America’s “elitists” would be marginalized or dead (Hollywood, professors, career politicians, etc.), and inner-city youth would be working on public projects for food and shelter, with misbehavior or criminal activity met with summary execution. All “guilty” findings for rape and looting would result in execution, and prisons would house only those currently serving sentences, awaiting trial, or sentenced under a new War Crimes Act. Death Row would be abolished and those that had been awaiting execution would be shot.

Six Years and Beyond

By this point, the dead are buried (approximately 50-70 million), full foreign trade is restored, and true “warriors” command the country’s Title 10 forces. Farms are in the hands of individuals, the free market is established with new regulations, and the people are represented by non-career Congressman and Senators who willingly answer to the people. Those who participated in the revolution have returned home to their families and are re-building their lives, while local law enforcement maintains order. Governors are the backbone of the country’s interstate agreements and the non-essential elements of federal bureaucracy are dismantled (e.g., Department of Education, etc.). The axiom “all politics is local” takes on a new meaning in the country, and Americans actually feel empowered to participate in collective decision making and working with their representatives in D.C. Although the nightmare is far from over (it will take at least another two generations), real hope is restored and people are once again proud of their country and being known as an “American.” Despite the unfortunate sub-war that broke out along racial lines during the revolution, racial tensions are at the lowest they have ever been, because the race-baiters and welfare-pimps are all dead or awaiting execution, and Americans have been universally forced to rebuild alongside their neighbor, regardless of race. Foreign governments that aided and abetted Obama during the war are slowly re-entering normalized relations with the US, and those countries that sent troops to support Obama under the UN mandate had their assets seized to pay for reconstruction, including merchant ships, aircraft, and weapons. Totalitarian regimes around the world are labeled as such by the new American government, and immigration laws are changed to prevent known enemies from attending American universities or entering the country. As a further amendment to Freedom of Religion, those religious entities that refuse to abide by the Constitution and foment sub-cultures and lobby for “religious law” are banned, their assets seized, and said assets distributed to Americans for the “general welfare” — regardless of the recipient’s religious beliefs or lack thereof.


Far fetched? It couldn’t happen here? Maybe and maybe not. However, it would behoove all of America’s “political class” to recognize that an armed citizenry is not to be trifled with or ignored. So, Washington, what is it? Are you in or out?

The Original Story is Here:
Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”? « Mark Epstein

Americans are angry! We are getting more angry with every day that passes! If this piece doesn’t open some eyes, maybe the fictitious scenario depicted by Mr. Epstein really does need to come to fruition.

I am NOT advocating violent civil insurrection against the elected government of this nation, but there are those that do, and I am not going to rule out joining them either.

What the hell will we have left to lose??

Hope and Change?

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32 Responses to Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

  1. Dick Robie says:

    Hmmmm! Sort of mirrors the thoughts of this old American who will shortly in the hands of the government for end of life counseling (death panels). I woulnt rule it out. Thank god the founding fathers are not here to see what is happening.

  2. Dick Robie says:

    By the way, that video is awsome. I forwarded it to over 100 folks.

  3. wildbill208 says:

    One of these days, very very soon, the American people will revolt, and mark my words, it is not very far off. Reid, Pelosi, Sharpton, Jackson, Dodd and the rest of you un-American scum in Washington, beware.

  4. TXSonOfLiberty says:

    The scenario above, gets more and more likely as the days go by and the current crop of Marxists, Communists, and Fascists keep to their plan of jamming their collectivism down our throats. It seems that “We the People” are no more than an irritant to them. So it is “Pay Up and Shut Up” these days. The Collective is more important than the Individual……which is 180 out from what our Founders set up for this Constitutional Republic.

    My heart is in tears as I watch them continue with their evil agenda! I am also beyond furious!!! My family has already decided that if this “death-care” bill passes we will not sign up for their Marxist brand of health care. We will not pay the fines….and when the IRS comes to our door to put us in jail…we will resist to the death!!

    I have hopes that this Great State Of Texas will Secede and call on it’s National Guard, State Guard, all of us “Ol Vets and other Patriotic Texas Citizens to mobilize and defend our Sovereign State and her citizens.

    If not, my family will fight alongside our patriotic neighbors friends or malitias…..and if that is not possible…we will fight alone, as a family…but, we WILL NOT submit to the yoke of slavery that the current administration and congress is forcing on us!!! Never…Never….Never!!! Better to die, with freedom, than live in the Marxist State the current evil Collectivists are forcing on us!!!

    This is a very sad and dangerous time for This Great Land…..and I will not sit quietly by and watch “those who hate us, hate the constitution and hate This Country” run Her over a cliff!!!

    Keep Your Powder Dry!

  5. minuteman26 says:

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams. It is quite obvious that those on the left in this country are neither moral or religious. If they were all the crap that they are pushing on We The People wouldn’t be happening. What we have now are Communists running the federal govt with Obama as the HMFIC. I spent almost two years of my life getting shot at by…..Communists while in The Republic of Vietnam. I will not allow these assholes to govern my country. If push comes to shove, I will again put myself in harms way for the good of my country and family. You’ll find me standing next to TXSonOfLiberty and others like him.

  6. Basti says:

    Fred I’ve been posting for some time now that the US is in the same position as France was in pre-French Revolution days. The country is ungovernable and the ‘so called elite’ aren’t in tune with much of the nation. Revolt IMO is a real possibility.

    As for triggers I’m not sure. Martial law could be the trigger or just people have had enough. It’s not just Obama and his band of merry 40 thieves. The country has been restive for decades and not happy with much of the Left Wing bullshit. (Being talked down too is a real sore point with me)

    There is talk of ‘Velvet Revolution’, but IMO that’s not going to fly. Only violence and bloodshed have traditionally settled anything.

    Anyway count me in. My people have always been rebels in the old country and here. I’ll not let down the side.

  7. Vigilante says:

    Dick Robie……..
    I wish to heaven that our founding fathers WERE here. The Tea Parties NEED a leader(s) and we’d never find better ones than them.

    TxsSonofLiberty & minuteman26,…..need some help? I’m volunteering.

  8. TexasFred says:

    A lot of folks keep bringing up the topic of the TEA Party needing to have REAL leaders…

    As a member of a TEA Party, I have to say, I fully agree with you, this every group independent and grass roots is a good idea, at least it was in it’s inception, but strength comes from NUMBERS!

    A fragmented cause just hasn’t got the stroke…

  9. WhoBeen says:

    Hope you don’t mind the cross-post with the addition of my commentary:
    Storm’n Norm’n: Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”? with forward by Storm’n Norm’n

  10. ng4779 says:

    Is this not the same anger that fueled the American Revolution?

  11. Dick Robie says:

    Vigilante: Ur right. I meant that rhetorically. Yes, if we had folks like them in Govt none of us would be writing this material.

  12. Dick Robie says:

    Ya know, sometimes I just dont get it. It is like smoking, we know its bad for us but we do it anyway–we know this Govt is bad for us and we just let it keep rolling along.

  13. Katie says:

    I’ve been feeling this since 2008. It is coming!

    Great Video!

  14. Robert says:

    What a great article. And I’m in of course. DC needs to be reminded that they work for us, it’s all too evident they think we are only pawns in their game of chess…Time to right the ship.

    That being said, I see a few flaws with the predictions:
    The first thing that must be done is to cripple the air power. One fully loaded f-16 can do a lot of damage. Banking on enlisted men NOT to fire on Americans is placing a lot of faith in political issue. Next the artillery component must be neutralized as well as heavy armor. We are a well armed nation, but not well enough against the best armed military the world has ever seen. The next prediction question is the “Most of our force is overseas” Well they can get home in a hurry if they had too…

    I’d rather not see an armed insurrection on our soil, but I must say it’s closer now than it’s ever been. The fight now should be relegated to the voting booths, IF that fails then there will be little choice.

  15. Ron Russell says:

    That is a great piece of fiction! It is a great look at what could happen. I have written several shorter pieces on what a revolution would look like. Let me say at this moment I pissed, so mad its making me sick. I started not to even make my rounds today. Think after this short comment I go to the store and get a six-pack. Wish I were a young man I would drive to Washington and be there on the capital steps Saturday. Looks like we may lose this battle but the fight will continue. Only thing I can say is those radical commie bastards better stay away from my front door or my Desert Eagle will smoke and spit at them!

  16. Melissa In Texas says:

    Folks, I am with you.
    I always knew Spring of 2010 was going to be dangerous.

  17. brwnavy says:

    Count me in!
    When We The People are shut out by our own government and have exhausted all avenues of redress there will be no other choice unless it is to live on our knees as slaves.

    First of all both my knees are bad. Age and injuries have not been kind but no matter. If I cannot live out the rest of my days as a free man then let me die standing against tyranny and enslavement.
    While I may not be able to run a mile or walk 20 with full battle rattle these days I can still shoot straight and I can sure as hell teach others younger than me to do the same.

    I absolutely refuse to kneel or bow to tyranny.

  18. BobF says:

    I watched a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center on TV and he said the group that concerns them most was Oath Keepers. He was flabbergasted at the thought that military and law enforcement personnel would obey their oath instead of following the orders of their superiors. A good friend, a senior NCO, asked me if I knew of Oath Keepers. I told him I did and asked him why. He said that any active duty personnel joining them will most likely loose their security clearance. If the left fears the Oath Keepers, than it’s an organization to support.

  19. PatriotUSA says:

    Locked and loaded. Buying more as I can afford them.
    CC, you bet. E$xcellent post Fred. I will be cross posting to
    Patriot’s Corner with links back. Video is superb.

  20. ratsofred says:


  21. You think something like this is absolutely impossible? Just you wait. Wait until regular people, taxpayers, working people, start getting FINED for NOT turning in their census forms. THAT is going to happen. For the first time ever — under THIS administration.


  22. I’m in.

    Socialists & fascits must go.

  23. Always On Watch says:

    A year ago, the above scenario didn’t seem even remotely possible.

    But we are closer to that scenario now.

    there are a plethora of reasons America will not make it to the mid-term elections in 2010.

    I tell you that these politicians (POTUS and Congress) are indeed acting as if they won’t be held accountable in the next election.

    Now, politicians have always been arrogant. But this crop is beyond the pale. We’re seeing a coup!

    Am I in for an armed revolt? If necessary, though I have my hands full as a caregiver for my bedfast husband. My house WOULD make a good base, though. I’m very close to D.C.

  24. You can count me in. My future grandchildren are counting on me to defend their freedom! As Vigilante likes to say… “Keep your Powder Dry”!!!!

  25. Brian says:

    Interesting artical yet hardly the scenerio we see unfolding before our eyes. Ppl think leftists are stupid. They have taken over every sector of society from the brain washing of children (education) to entertainment and the media. They know they must control the military too or risk certain failure. So the process of “socializing” the military has begun. When this process is complete resistance will be futile.

  26. phred says:

    I`m in. Nuff said. I let my actions do my talkin.

  27. Dick Robie says:

    Is this site being monitored?

  28. TexasFred says:

    Dick, I can’t give you a definitive YES or NO but I would say it’s a safe assumption… 😎

  29. WhoBeen says:

    Ref:”Is this site being monitored?”

    I can guarantee this site is monitored just as my site is. All you have to do is monitor SiteMeter and you’ll be surprised who visits. One thing SiteMeter does not tell you is when the NSA is on…they use contractors such as Quest Communications and others (Fact). Besides the U.S. Senate and the House of Representaives (who monitor most of us right wing terrorists) I had a distinguised visitor…Obama himself! At least I’m quite sure it was him…I listed him in with all the other visitors (includes many businesses, colleges and universities, almost all government agencies including various State Supreme Courts)…if you want to see just a partial list of visitors (these were from my site, but they also visit Fred)
    you can check them out here:

  30. minuteman26 says:

    Whole lot of monitoring going on. Hope you folks in DC have figured out you’ve got a big problem on your hands unless you get back to following the Constitution. If not, so long its been good to know you or not.

  31. They have been monitoring most of us for quite sometime…

    When I first read this back last year I thought then that it was an interesting scenario. Today, it looks more and more like something that could actually come about.

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