British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for “Texit”

British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for “Texit”

TexitThe historic “Brexit” vote has the Texas Nationalist Movement calling on Governor Greg Abbott to support a “Texit.”

“It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy,” TNM president Daniel Miller posted on the group’s website. “The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say.”

On Thursday British voters decided to leave the EU following a bitterly divisive referendum campaign. Britain’s electoral commission said 52 percent of voters opted to leave the EU. Turnout was high with 72 percent of registered voters casting ballots.

“It’s a victory for ordinary people, decent people. It’s a victory against the big merchant banks, against big politics. I’m proud of everyone that had to stand up and do the right thing,” said Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party leader. SOURCE

Sure it’s something to consider, but there are a lot of questions to answer as well, primary for me and folks in MY age group being; what happens to our Social Security and Health benefits that many of us paid into for 40 or more years?  

Do you suppose the USA will give a damn about us if Texas leaves? Would Texas make up the difference for those currently on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare?    Continue reading

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Lynch: “Most effective response to terror is compassion, unity, and love”

Lynch: “Most effective response to terror is compassion, unity, and love”

The best advice the Attorney General of the United States can provide on how to respond to terrorism is that we should offer a little love and compassion. SOURCE

Muslim Beheading 2

Compassion, unity and love, yes indeed, Loretta Lynch seems to have great vision when it comes to bringing peace into this world, she is a genius regarding how to get along with radical Islam. Yes, that IS sarcasm.

And do you remember this from White House BIMBO Marie Harf? State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS.

Well, there you go, we’ve been taking on terrorism the wrong way all this time, I mean what the hell, maybe over all these years we took on ALL kinds of war fighting the wrong way.   Continue reading

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DA Susan Hawk seeks additional inpatient treatment

DA Susan Hawk seeks additional inpatient treatment

Susan Hawk FruitcakeDALLAS — Susan Hawk is once again seeking inpatient treatment, according to a statement released Monday afternoon from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

This treatment is Hawk’s third hospital stay since she took office back in January of 2015.

“Under the guidance of my doctors, today I’m entering a treatment facility in Arizona that specializes in mood disorders,” Hawk said in the statement.

The district attorney’s office said the Arizona facility is different from the one located in the same state where Hawk sought treatment for prescription drug use during her campaign.

For lack of a better description; Susan Hawk is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Hawk, whose salary is in the range of $218,000, also disclosed her pledge to continue her role as the city’s district attorney.

That’s some pretty good money for a woman that’s totally bonkers and hasn’t done much work to be *earning* that kind of money.

Since Hawk was sworn into office more than 17 months ago, she’s struggled with her mental health.

I’m not totally hard-hearted, I know, and understand that mental problems are very real and that people should, or need to seek treatment if they are suffering any form of mental illness, but for that *someone* to be the Dallas County District Attorney, well, that is an office and position that needs the full attention of someone in 100% full possession of their mental faculties, and Susan Hawk is NOT that person.  Continue reading

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FBI, DOJ release new, full transcript of Orlando shooter’s 911 call

FBI, DOJ release new, full transcript of Orlando shooter’s 911 call

Omar Mateen 2Under pressure from Republican leaders, the Justice Department on Monday afternoon released a full, unredacted transcript of the Orlando terrorists 911 call on the night of the massacre, calling the morning’s furor over omissions in the document “an unnecessary distraction.”

An earlier version of the transcript had deleted the word “Islamic State” and the name of ISIS leader “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” Omar Mateen made the 50-second 911 call in which he claimed responsibility for the assault and pledged allegiance to the terror organization’s chief at 2:35 a.m., more than a half hour into the June 12 slaughter at gay nightclub Pulse.

“I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State,” Mateen says on the new transcript.

The old version had several words scrubbed and read: “I pledge allegiance to [omitted] may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of [omitted].” SOURCE

Today I have seen many sites reporting on how the FBI and DOJ were both complicit in the *scrubbing* of certain words from the shooting transcript.

According to House Speaker Paul Ryan this action was “preposterous” and I have to agree with him on that statement.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch went on numerous Sunday talk shows with the news that the partial transcripts would be released on Monday, immediately generating controversy from not only elected officials, but media outlets. On Monday, the White House said the decision was made solely by the Justice Department.

Continue reading

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