Where is our nation going?

Where is our nation going?

We are facing the most dangerous time in American history. This is from Fox Nation.

Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Planes

A Kuwaiti newspaper is reporting that President Obama, angered at Israeli plans to strike Iran nuclear facilities in 2014, threatened to shoot down Israeli planes before they could reach their targets.

The paper, Al Jarida, cites only anonymous sources and just a handful of other publications have followed the story. But according to israelnationalnews.com, the Arabic newspaper quoted “well-placed” sources as saying Benjamin Netanyahu and two top aides “had decided to carry out air strikes against Iran’s nuclear program after consultations with top security commanders.”

“The Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back,” the website said. Read the full story here

How in the world could Obama threaten Israel like that you ask? Well, just look at who he would be defending; the Iranians, and there you have a close look at where Obama and his loyalties lie.

This action *supposedly* took place in 2014, and is, to the best of my knowledge, just now hitting the Mainstream News, but there are quite a few sources, reputable sources, that have picked up on the story. Here’s a couple more just for the record.

‘Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike’ – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva
Report: Obama Threatened To Down Israeli Jets Targeting Iran | The Daily Caller

What can Obama be thinking? Is he thinking at all or is he seriously willing to throw Israel under the bus and defend Iran? Is Obama really THAT evil?

How much more are WE, THE PEOPLE going to tolerate from Obama and those useless bastards in the U.S. Senate and Congress before we take matters into our own hands and rid this nation of Barack the Destroyer?  Continue reading

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America: Raped, Robbed, Used and Abused

America: Raped, Robbed, Used and Abused

What we see coming from the Obama White House is not a presidential administration; it is a dictatorial regime. It is a crime spree, an appalling crime spree that is raping, robbing, using and abusing every working person in this nation. What we are witnessing is the death of America.

Liberty Dying

We don’t have a presidency any longer, we have a not so benevolent dictatorship; one that is being allowed to exist and operate by BOTH Houses of Congress, a dictatorship that is furthered by the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives and EVERY GOP Senator or Congressman that doesn’t challenge Mitch McConnell and John Boehner on their less than forceful attempts to rein in Obama.

I have one Senator, John Cornyn, that isn’t making too much noise about anything of late, he has his head down and his mouth shut, but my other Senator, Ted Cruz, is off to the races in his open criticisms of the Obama regime. Sadly, MY Congressman speaks badly of Cruz simply because Cruz has the courage to challenge the status quo.

Meanwhile, my Congressman, John Boehner’s lackey, uh, blind supporter, uh, wait, his good friend and vote that can always be counted on as long as Boehner is the Speaker of the House, sits back and runs his House Rules committee and pretty much does what he’s told to do.

That’s right Pete Sessions, I am talking about you, and so you know; I personally will not be forgiving you for siding with Boehner, and for the REAL reason WHY you did.

I see a lot of meme’s on Facebook and other sites saying *Veterans before Illegals*, and that is the way it should be, but it won’t ever happen, not as long as Obama is in the Oval Office. You see, Veterans love America, they fought for America, they lost friends in that fighting, and for them America is the greatest land on Earth.

Obama hates America and he sees *Illegals* as just one more tool to help him destroy FREEDOM. That is the REAL reason the Obama regime supports AMNESTY, and the idea that those granted amnesty will become Democrats and vote for Dems in the future.  Continue reading

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Prominent Putin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead near Kremlin

Prominent Putin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead near Kremlin

Boris Nemtsov

MOSCOW (AP) — Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down Saturday near the Kremlin, just a day before a planned protest against the government.

The death of Nemtsov, a 55-year-old former deputy prime minister, ignited fury among opposition figures who assailed the Kremlin for creating an atmosphere of intolerance of any dissent and called the killing an assassination. Putin quickly offered his condolences and called the murder a provocation.

Nemtsov was working on a report presenting evidence that he believed proved Russia’s direct involvement in the separatist rebellion that has raged in eastern Ukraine since April. Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of backing the rebels with troops and sophisticated weapons. Moscow denies the accusations.

Putin ordered Russia’s top law enforcement chiefs to personally oversee the probe of Nemtsov’s killing. SOURCE

I am a harsh critic of Barack Hussein Obama, every person in his evil regime as well as the Democratic Party, and of late I have had harsh, rude words for nearly every member of the GOP as well.

Some people on the right are terrified, they claim that the Democrats have *death camps* and that anyone opposing Obama will be locked away. A funny thing; when Bush was POTUS there were people on the Left that said the same thing.

The Left calls people like me, and most of my readers *dissidents*, I call people on the Left fools and Obamabots so I guess it all comes out in the wash.

The fact is; there are no *death camps*, if the current regime, or any other regime for that matter, really wants you dead, you won’t be going to a *death camp*, someone will walk up to you and start pumping rounds into you and then they’ll walk away, never to be found, arrested, prosecuted or punished.

Those are the types of Executive Orders I fear, the ones that end with the words *to be eliminated with extreme prejudice* tacked on the end.  Continue reading

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