What makes a Muslim Happy?

What makes a Muslim Happy?


They’re not happy in Gaza …

They’re not happy in Egypt …

They’re not happy in Libya …

They’re not happy in Morocco …

They’re not happy in Iran …

They’re not happy in Iraq …

They’re not happy in Yemen ….

They’re not happy in Afghanistan ….

They’re not happy in Pakistan …

They’re not happy in Syria …

They’re not happy in Lebanon …


They’re happy in Australia …  Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Election in American History

The Dirtiest Election in American History

the-candidates-2016 Continue reading

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A letter to Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

I received this via email and I have not found anything to debunk the letter written by Hugh W. Galyean (FBI Agent, Retired). This is a LONG post too, and if you read it all you will find I have some commentary at the end of this story.

EDIT TO ADD; one of my friends messaged me, he was raised with Hugh Galyean and is very familiar with his background and assures me this is 100% real and accurate..

A letter to Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

September 2, 2016

Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Sir, I am writing regarding your public statement in July, 2016 informing the American people that the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton was being closed without referring it to a Federal Grand Jury or the Attorney General of the U. S. for a decision whether or not to indict her. Strangely, you eloquently laid out enough of the evidence deduced from the investigation to strongly indicate there was abundant evidence uncovered during the investigation and interview of her to not only indict but to convict her in Federal Court. However, you personally re-worded and soft-pedaled the actions she took as Secretary of State describing her actions as “extremely careless” in using a personal email and un-secured server for her communications while Secretary of State. You rewrote the statute, which is not your job.

As a retired Special Agent of the FBI, I have standing to write this letter. My thirty years in law enforcement, including 22 years as a Special Agent with the FBI have given me the knowledge, expertise and experience to question and confront you for your perplexing actions, which (as you well know) were outside the normal standard operating procedure of the FBI and Federal judicial procedures. Some of the finest people in the world proudly carry the credentials of FBI Agent and you have soiled them and not allowed them to speak. But I will not be silent. Continue reading

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Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”

Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”

dead-gopPHOENIX, AZ (AP) — For months now, rumors have circulated the Internet that individuals were being paid to protest at rallies held by presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Today a man from Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona back in March has come forward to say that he was paid to protest the event.

“I was given $3,500 to protest Donald Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills,” said 37-year-old Paul Horner. “I answered a Craigslist ad about a group needing actors for a political event. I interviewed with them and got the part.”

Trump supporters have been claiming that protesters are being paid by the Bernie Sanders’ campaign, but Horner disagrees.

“As for who these people were affiliated with that interviewed me, my guess would be Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” Horner said. “The actual check I received after I was done with the job was from a group called ‘Women Are The Future’. After I was hired, they told me if anyone asked any questions about who I was with or communicated with me in any way, I should start talking about how great Bernie Sanders is.” Horner continued, “It was mostly women in their 60’s at the interview that I went to. Plus, all the people that I communicated with had an AOL email address. No one still has an AOL email address except people that would vote for Hillary Clinton.” SOURCE

Again I say; Donald J. Trump is NOT perfect, BUT, what’s going to happen when the truth comes out and all of these outrageous allegations against Trump are proven false and his claims of *rigged* voting, paid protesters and various other shenanigans by the Democrats are proven to be true?  Continue reading

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