It’s Time for a Dose of Truth and Reality

Big Eagle 1It’s Time for a Dose of Truth and Reality

I’m sure some of you have heard that the town of Sarita, TX has been taken over by members of La Raza as they lay claim to what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Sarita Texas Captured By La Raza Illegal Immigration Activists | Civic Tribune

There is one really BIG problem with that story; it’s FAKE.

This is from a news source, a REAL one, in Corpus Christi, TX; Law Enforcement Officials say an Article Claiming Chaos in Sarita is a hoax.

People, DO NOT fall for the fake and irresponsible reporting supposedly coming directly from a *reporter* that is in Sarita, or so the story goes. Use your head, think, investigate, ask questions of those actually living in Texas, or in that particular area of Texas, ask folks that have real police connections and information. Don’t make an ASS of yourself by posting FAKE news stories and then suffering the embarrassment of being *called out* for your CRAP story.

The TRUTH is harsh enough, don’t add fake news to the mix, always investigate and verify.

I can’t believe the incredible stupidity and gullibility of some people, “But Fred, it was on the ‘net AND Facebook had it posted so it must be true… “

Well 4 years ago this month the BIG STORY was this: Multiple Ranches in Laredo, TX Taken Over by Los Zetas.

People that are buying this story are the people that claim to be against the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

Has ALL of America gone totally stupid? ALL of the USA? The people buying into this BS CLAIM to be American Patriots. If they are THAT damned stupid, then we, as a nation, are totally screwed!

3 percenters

A loose affiliation of like-minded Americans who vow to refuse to comply with laws that violate the second amendment right to keep (own) and bear (carry) firearms. The name “3 percenter” comes from the fact that only 3 percent of colonial British subjects took up arms against the King during the revolutionary war. Three percent of the population was enough to overthrow a government and win independence.

“We are the 3 percenters, we will not comply, we will not be disarmed.” SOURCE

I had a guy try to tell me that the Sarita story was real and what we had to look forward to all over the USA in the near future, but not to worry; The Three Percent people were going to save us all. Normally their name is represented by this: III%

The concept of the III% is this; 3% of the American population stood against the British Empire and won the freedom of the Colonies. So far, these modern III% folks have failed to mention that France played a vital role in that defeat and that as military armaments go, ALL Armies were pretty much armed the same, with cannons, muskets, flintlock pistols and bayonets for the muskets.

It was a simpler time, the opposing armies took to the field in nice, tight little rows of troops and they took turns blowing one another’s heads off as they exchanged fire in a respected and gentlemanly manner. Continue reading

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Bowe Bergdahl returned to regular Army duty

Bowe Bergdahl returned to regular Army duty

Bowe BergdahlWASHINGTON (AP) — Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, was returned to regular duty Monday with a desk job that makes him available to Army investigators for questioning about his disappearance in 2009.

In a brief statement, the Army said Bergdahl is now assigned to U.S. Army North at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston in Texas, the same base where he has been decompressing and recuperating from the effects of his lengthy captivity. SOURCE

Call me overly cautious, maybe I am, but for some strange reason I don’t trust Bergdahl any further than I could pick him up and throw him, and I have a VERY sore shoulder at the present time.

Once upon a time Bergdahl would have faced a full investigation, and possibly a Court Martial, not a return to duty.

I suppose Bergdahl, I refuse to address him by ANY military rank, has been evaluated by the *shrinks*, at least I would hope so, but you have to remember this; the Ft. Hood shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, was one OF the Army shrinks, and how many people did he kill and wound? Hasan went down on 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder, does anyone even remotely wonder if Bergdahl might, at some point, snap and do the same thing?

His exact administrative duties were not immediately disclosed, but a Pentagon spokesman, Army Col. Steve Warren, said Bergdahl is not restricted in any way.

“He is a normal soldier now,” Warren said.

I hope Col. Warren isn’t basing any of this on the two most diametrically opposed words in the English language; Military Intelligence.

I’m not an Army Colonel, I don’t play one on television or in the movies and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but in MY opinion, just plain common sense says that when a soldier spends 5 years in *captivity* that he is not, especially in this short as time, what could be referred to as *a normal soldier*.

The Army said that in his assignment to U.S. Army North he “can contribute to the mission,” which is focused on homeland defense. It said the Army investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance and capture by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan in June 2009 will continue.

You don’t suppose Bergdahl’s contribution to *the mission* would have anything to do with how to spot a deserter and traitor to this nation do you? Seems to me that Bergdahl might just have a few *indicators* that they haven’t been able to remove just yet.

Bergdahl walked away from his unit after expressing misgivings about the U.S. military’s role — as well as his own — in Afghanistan. He was captured by Taliban members and held by the Haqqani network for five years. He was released May 31 as part of a deal in which the U.S. released five top Taliban commanders who had been imprisoned at the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Some former members of his unit have labeled him a deserter and said some were wounded or killed looking for him. The Army has not ruled out disciplinary action against Bergdahl.

Continue reading

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For Perry & Hannity — Guns on the Border, for Obama — BBQ

For Perry & Hannity — Guns on the Border, for Obama — BBQ

Rick Perry and Sean Hannity show guns at border

If President Obama wouldn’t go with Gov. Rick Perry to tour the border, he found someone else who would.

Fox News host Sean Hannity posted pictures of his excursion with the governor on Thursday, apparently posing on one of the heavily armed patrol boats maintained by the Department of Public Safety. SOURCE

Perry on the BorderPerry and HannityWe have some incredibly STUPID people here in Texas, read the comments on the above story from the Dallas Morning News about Perry, Hannity and guns.

Obama’s attempt to change subject in Austin falls flat

AUSTIN — President Barack Obama brought his besieged administration to Texas this week to talk about a bright spot — the recovering economy — and to say that problems bedeviling the country can be fixed if Republicans would only help. Continue reading

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6 dead, 4 children, in suburban Houston shooting

6 dead, 4 children, in suburban Houston shooting

SPRING, Texas (AP) — A father opened fire at a suburban Houston home Wednesday, killing four of his children as well as two adults who were with them, and critically wounding his 15-year-old daughter, authorities said.

The teenager was able to call 911 and later warned deputies that her father planned to go to her grandparents’ home to kill them, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The suspected gunman eventually surrendered after a three-hour standoff with deputies who had cornered him in a nearby cul-de-sac.

The sheriff’s department said precinct deputy constables were called to the house in the northern Houston suburb of Spring about 6 p.m. Wednesday and found two adults and three children dead. Another child later died at a hospital.  SOURCE

UPDATE: Deputies: Man shoots estranged wife’s 7 family members; 6 dead

Guns-Dont-Kill-PeopleI have been around guns nearly all of my life, I always have at least one gun in reach and readily available at all times, and I have NEVER had any thought of committing *mass murder*. 

I have studied people, the psychology of what makes a person do such a thing as this, and for the very life of me, I just don’t understand how someone can go on a *shooting spree* and gun down innocent victims, especially when those victims are the offspring of the shooter.

How a person can kill a child has always baffled me. Do any of you remember this one? A murder committed by Dena Schlosser of Plano, TX? Baby dies after mother allegedly severs arms.

How about this one? It happened right up the street from where I now live right here in Rowlett. Darlie Routier killed her two young boys .

Then there was this case, one that stunned a lot of people when the truth came out. The Susan Smith Murders 15 Years Later.

One particular case that has always stood out in my mind was this. Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her 5 children.

Children drowned, 2 instances, stabbed and dismembered, these are the methods used by mothers to kill their children, and yet you hear nothing of banning mothers from having knives or taking their children to bodies of water.

Traditionally men kill with a gun, but even that observation has changed of late. Rowlett Police: Girlfriend killed boyfriend then killed self.

This is another case that happened right up the street from me and right around the corner from the former home of Darlie Routier. The woman in this case shot her Ex and herself with a .45. An interesting choice of firearm for a woman I must say, not one that is classically associated with women murdering an Ex or spouse. Continue reading

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