What have I become?

What have I become?American Freedom EagleI used to think I was just a regular person, but…I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s standards, makes me a fascist.

I am heterosexual, which according to gay folks, now makes me a homophobe.

I am non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.

I don’t support Islam and I detest Muslims, which now labels me as an infidel.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which now makes me a member of the vast gun lobby.

I am almost 63 and retired, which makes me a useless old man.

I think and I reason, therefore I doubt much that the main stream media tells me, which must make me a reactionary.

I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, which makes me a xenophobe.

I value my safety and that of my family and I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual’s merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.

I (and most of the folks I know), acquired a fair education without student loans (it is called work) and no debt at graduation, which makes me some kind of an odd underachiever.  Continue reading

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Donald Trump Again Alludes to Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Again Alludes to Violence Against Hillary Clinton

donald-trump-1MIAMI — Donald Trump mixed policy with intimations of violence in Miami on Friday, reversing his position on re-engaging with Cuba and pushing for Hillary Clinton’s security to disarm because of her proposed firearm reforms.

Trump represented Clinton’s position on gun rights as wanting to “destroy your Second Amendment” and said that her bodyguards should no longer carry firearms in light of her policy stance, which includes expanded background checks for gun sales.

“She doesn’t want guns, take theirs — let’s see what happens to her,” Trump said. “Take their guns away, okay? It’ll be very dangerous.” SOURCE

If you don’t believe the American news media is in the pockets of the DNC, Hillary Clinton and every wealthy Dem donor, just read the insinuations of this story from NBC and if, after reading it, you’re not convinced where the loyalties of the media lie, then you need to LEAVE this blog, never to return, because YOU are too damned stupid to breathe.

Does that mean I *alluded* to the death of dumber than dirt Dems?

I don’t know if Hillary Clinton and her entire campaign staff are that dumb, that desperate or just have NO idea what the truth is, I mean TRUTH!

Donald Trump didn’t *allude* to anything, he stood in the spotlight and he did what Donald Trump is so well known for doing; he spoke the truth and he was very blunt while facing the world in doing so.

Trump’s comments were slammed by Clinton’s campaign on Friday night: Continue reading

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TexasFred and Friends — Yes, we ARE Deplorable!

TexasFred and Friends — Yes, we ARE Deplorable!

eagle-deplorable-enhancedHillary Clinton, speaking at a New York fundraiser on Friday night, generalized that “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables” referring to Trump’s support among racists, xenophobes, and sexists in America. SOURCE

I’m PROUD to be a part of America that Hillary and the Democrats call *deplorable* and I wear that name as a badge of honor.

The government of the United States lies to the citizens. They ALL lie, Democrats, GOP, Communists, Socialists, Greenies, Libertarians and anything else you can think of that carries a Party title.

THEY LIE Continue reading

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What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary Clinton

What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary Clinton

By Gregory N. Hicks
Published September 11, 2016

gregory-n-hicksLast month, I retired from the State Department after 25 years of public service as a Foreign Service officer. As the Deputy Chief of Mission for Libya, I was the last person in Tripoli to speak with Ambassador Chris Stevens before he was murdered in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi post. On this, the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi tragedy, I would like to offer a different explanation for Benghazi’s relevance to the presidential election than is usually found in the press.

Just as the Constitution makes national security the President’s highest priority, U.S. law mandates the secretary of state to develop and implement policies and programs “to provide for the security … of all United States personnel on official duty abroad.”

This includes not only the State Department employees, but also the CIA officers in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. And the Benghazi record is clear: Secretary Clinton failed to provide adequate security for U.S. government personnel assigned to Benghazi and Tripoli.

The Benghazi Committee’s report graphically illustrates the magnitude of her failure. It states that during August 2012, the State Department reduced the number of U.S. security personnel assigned to the Embassy in Tripoli from 34 (1.5 security officers per diplomat) to 6 (1 security officer per 4.5 diplomats), despite a rapidly deteriorating security situation in both Tripoli and Benghazi. Thus, according to the Report, “there were no surplus security agents” to travel to Benghazi with Amb. Stevens “without leaving the Embassy in Tripoli at severe risk.”

Had Ambassador Stevens’ July 2012 request for 13 additional American security personnel (either military or State Department) been approved rather than rejected by Clinton appointee Under Secretary of State for Management Pat Kennedy, they would have traveled to Benghazi with the ambassador, and the Sept. 11 attack might have been thwarted. Continue reading

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