Texas presidential endorsements beginning

I have been meaning to post a story on this and was reminded by a friend, neighbor and a regular reader. Thank you TomR. I skipped the first 3 paragraphs and *cut to the chase*, Pete Sessions and his support for Jeb Bush.

Texas presidential endorsements beginning

What about the other presidential candidates?

Well, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, seemed to be pretty much backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, in one report although he was noncommittal when asked by the Star-Telegram. According to Politico, Sessions got a call from Bush two months ago and “told the former Florida governor he’d be backing him.”

There are some strong ties: Former President George W. Bush lives in Session’s district and former President George. H.W. Bush named his father, William Sessions, to be FBI director.

“I would guesstimate that there are 20 members right now that are in support of Jeb,” Sessions told Politico. SOURCE

I wasn’t surprised when I read this a while back, the article above is from May of this year, I even expected Pete Sessions to support Bush, it’s what *political buddies* do.

It’s called cronyism.

I’m not saying Jeb Bush is evil or anything like that but he is certainly not MY cup of tea. I perused this site, Jeb Bush on the Issues, it is a pretty comprehensive site, I just don’t know much about its accuracy, and I saw *some* issues that I could support Bush on, but I also saw quite a few that weren’t even close to being Conservative, leaving me feeling that Jeb Bush really IS the RINO he is accused of being.

A RINO is a Republican In Name Only, a despicable critter, one that will use the GOP to attain their goals while being closer to the platform of the DNC, the Democratic Party, than they are to the *advertised* platform of the GOP/RNC, and not even remotely close to the beliefs of Conservatives.

In fact, some so-called Republicans HATE Conservatives, some of them hate the TEA Party and everything it represents too, and honestly, I can’t disagree with their dislike of the TEA Party and its disorganization.

Yet when asked by the Star-Telegram, Sessions said in a statement, “Our party is blessed with an outstanding field of candidates who believe in the conservative ideals I have worked to promote.”

Pete Sessions really needs to remember what he told some of his former supporters about Conservatives and how he reportedly calls people like Ted Cruz all kinds of names in private. At least John McCain had the guts to call names in a public format.  Continue reading

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Congressman says NYC federal building gunman got ‘raw deal’

Congressman says NYC federal building gunman got ‘raw deal’

NEW YORK (AP) — A man who gunned down a security guard at a federal building in Manhattan before killing himself was a whistleblower who had been given “a raw deal” by the agency that fired him, a New Jersey congressman who took up the man’s case said Saturday.

Rep. Bill Pascrell said he did not know what made Kevin Downing, a military veteran who had once been employed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, open fire at the New York federal building on Friday.

“What made him snap?” Pascrell told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “I don’t know.”

Downing had endured a string of misfortunes as his live-in fiancée died of breast cancer, his house was in foreclosure and he suffered health problems after a car accident, Pascrell said. SOURCE

After reading the full story I am inclined to believe that Kevin Downing was NOT dealt a *raw deal* as much as he was handed something called *life*, a thing that we ALL have to face, good or bad, and handle it in our own way, no matter how that may be.

Life is full of disappointments, raw deals and bad luck. I personally know people that have lost everything material, some have lost family but the folks I know like that are survivors and they don’t need some Dem/Lib declaring them to be a victim that got a *raw deal*.

If everyone that has ever lost a job or a loved one were to take up the gun and kill someone and then commit suicide because they couldn’t handle the reality of life, well, the world would be sparsely populated to say the least.

Do you know who I feel sorry for? FJC Security Services guard Idrissa Camara and the family he leaves behind.

Idrissa Camara was going about his business and doing the job that he signed up for, but he paid with his life because a man that had been given a *raw deal* felt like he had to strike out at *the system*.

Sadly, Downing felt he needed to make his mark on the world before he left and Idrissa Camara was the first target of opportunity, but a dumber than dirt Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell, instead of calling this what it is; an act of senseless violence, wants to make the shooter the victim, and worthy of our sympathy.

Things like this fully illustrate exactly WHY we need to remove Democrats from power and bring in REAL Conservatives, not some bunch of Dem-Lite RINOs.

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TexasFred Speaks; For the Record, for Truth, for History, for Heritage and for The Confederacy

TexasFred Speaks; For the Record, for Truth, for History, for Heritage and for The Confederacy

While many have cried, shrieked, torn their hair out and made wild threats regarding what they would do to bring havoc on those that support and still defend the Confederate Flag and Confederate War memorials, pay attention ya brain-dead bunch of numbskulls.

For the record

This is a part of MY history, not hatred, HISTORY and HERITAGE.

Crossed Confederate Flags

Long may they wave.  Continue reading

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Protests in St. Louis after police shooting of suspect, 18

Protests in St. Louis after police shooting of suspect, 18

Cop with shotgunST. LOUIS (AP) — Officers arrested at least nine people and deployed tear gas amid protests in St. Louis over the death of a black 18-year-old who was fatally shot by police after he pointed a gun at them, the city’s police chief said.

Chief Sam Dotson said at a press conference late Wednesday night that a group of protesters who had blocked an intersection threw glass bottles and bricks at officers and refused orders to clear the roadway. Inert gas was used and when that didn’t have any effect on the crowd, police turned to tear gas to clear the intersection, Dotson said. Those arrested face charges of impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest, he said. SOURCE

Well, here we go again; civil unrest simply because a Police Officer does his/her job and is left with no choice other than to use deadly force against an armed criminal.

Of course the Negros don’t see it that way, but I am way past the point of giving a damn what the *hood rats* see, want, like or care about. If these lawless bastards didn’t deal dope, rob, rape and point guns at Police Officers, they wouldn’t be getting shot down in the street.

The protesters immediately start up with their chant about *black lives matter*, well, yes, they DO matter, but WHITE LIVES MATTER and POLICE LIVES MATTER. To me, ALL lives matter, but according to the *race baiting* Negro leaders anyone saying that *all lives matter* is now racist. Go figure …

If you point a gun at a Police Officer, let me assure you, it doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Brown or green with purple polka dots; you’re going to get shot, not because you are a particular color, but because you were STUPID. The so-called *leaders* of the Negro communities need to get used to that fact.  Continue reading

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