New 2016 Presidential Straw Poll Results are in: the GOP Establishment Won’t be Happy About it

New 2016 Presidential Straw Poll Results are in: the GOP Establishment Won’t be Happy About it

Tea-Party-MovementWhile the leftstream media, the GOP establishment, and the RINO political consultant class are busy pushing the narrative that squishy moderates like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and now Jeb Bush are the most “electable,” a new 2016 presidential straw poll shows that the grassroots, as they did in the Reagan years, have a completely different preference. SOURCE

Tell me once more GOP leaders; what was that you guys said about how insignificant Ted Cruz and those that support him are?

It makes me seriously HAPPY if the GOP establishment is  unhappy, you see; the GOP establishment is a major part of the problem here and with a bit of luck Conservatives won’t be denigrated and disregarded again.

Wacko birds? Wasn’t that what they were called by your esteemed colleague, Sen. John McCain, about the time you guys decided that the TEA Party was going to be *co-opted* by the GOP if they should actually WIN seat in the House and Senate?

You guys claim you’re all for bipartisanship. I guess that entails kissing Barack Hussein Obama’s ass just because you can and kissing John Boehner’s ass to get and/or keep those positions on committees and chairmanships that apparently mean more to you than the will of The People.

You fight REAL Conservatives. You run the weakest candidates imaginable, fight the desirable and truly Conservative candidates and then stand there scratching your head wondering how the Dems won the White House TWICE with a moron like Obama.

The TEA Party was a wonderful idea in its original inception, and on a national basis it may still be, but locally one TEA Party group was indeed co-opted by the GOP while the TEA Party the MY town was run by *The Little Old Ladies*, the ones that could turn on the tears at the drop of a hat and weren’t going to have ANY such nonsense as leadership get in the way of their time away from *The Home*. 

After the local TEA Party was taken over by a bunch of rabid scum, Ron Paul supporters, Conservatives, real ones, walked away and eventually, with no other viable option, they supported GOP candidates, hoping against hope that their words were truth and yeah, getting the same old song and dance once again, you know the one; I’m going to do what you want me to do, I am going to fulfill the will of The People.

As soon as these RINOs were elected ALL bets were OFF and the promises became lies.

Reince Priebus is still the head of the RNC, Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader, John Boehner was reelected as Speaker of the House and the GOP, as a whole, is nothing more than *Dem Lite*. 

I may be wrong but isn’t that bunch of RINO weaklings the same RINO weaklings that ran the GOP in the last election, basically costing the GOP the last 2 presidential elections? 

Considerably back in the field were Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican loser, all in the 5-6% range.

Ted Cruz 1Ted Cruz may not be the perfect candidate, if such truly exists but at this time, to the best of my knowledge, Cruz hasn’t lied to We, The People, he’s raised all manners of hell and stirred a great deal of hate and discontent, and that was just with the GOP.

The TEA Party may not be the ideal situation and the GOP may indeed be too strong to take on with the small numbers the TEA Party claim as members, or it could simply be a case of Americans being too damned lazy to actually get involved. Continue reading

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Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia

The day the Saudi King died I asked my Facebook friends who they thought Obama would send to represent the USA.

Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will cut short his three-day trip to India and visit Saudi Arabia to pay respects after the death of King Abdullah, U.S. and Indian officials said Saturday.

The schedule change, announced shortly before Obama left for India, means the president will skip plans to see the Taj Mahal, and instead pay a call on an influential U.S. ally in the volatile Mideast.

The king, who died Friday, was aggressive in trying to check the spreading power of Saudi Arabia’s chief rival, Iran. Obama visited the ailing monarch in his desert compound last March.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president and first lady Michelle Obama would travel to Riyadh on Tuesday and meet with new Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud. Vice President Joe Biden was to lead a U.S. delegation, but Earnest said the White House changed plans after determining that Biden’s trip coincided with Obama’s departure from India. Biden will remain in Washington. SOURCE

Obama Bows To Saudi King

Obama Bows Prayer Cloth

Ladies and Gentlemen; after France was attacked for 3 days, once the French authorities had the situation under control, European and world leaders gathered in a show of what can only be called strength and solidarity. 

Obama, the President and person that should be the foreign representative of the United States, was conspicuously absent from that gathering, as was ANY OTHER PERSON of authority in the Federal Government.  Continue reading

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GOP lawmakers face pressure from base to target ObamaCare – or else

GOP lawmakers face pressure from base to target ObamaCare – or else


WASHINGTON – Republican lawmakers are facing rising pressure from conservative groups and activists to go big – or potentially go home – in their fight against ObamaCare.

After taking control of Congress thanks to big victories in the November midterms, Republicans who ran in part on their opposition to the law are starting to roll out legislation undoing pieces of it. But the party is stuck in an internal debate over how far they can really go – risking a potential backlash from the party’s right flank if they don’t go far enough.

Tea Party activists say they are frustrated with the pace of progress toward conservatives’ goal of upending the Affordable Care Act.

Some activists are encouraging members to “fax blast” all 435 House members and 100 senators and demand they “drive a stake through the heart of ObamaCare once and for all.” SOURCE

Or else? Or else what?

Or else we’re not going to vote for them in the next election?

Or else we’re going to stomp our feet, form a new TEA Party and still CRY every time we don’t get our way because the TEA Party has the most ridiculous *non-leader* leadership a Party ever had?

Do you even remotely believe that there is more than a very small handful of Congressmen and Senators that give a DAMN about you, what you want and what this nation needs?

Do you even remotely believe that there is more than an incredibly small handful of Congressmen from the GOP that will do ANYTHING unless *Boss* Boehner approves it?

*Boss* Boehner, kind of makes you think of the Tammany Hall era.

These clowns, with apologies to all REAL clowns, these clowns in Congress don’t give a DAMN about you, me or anything that WE, THE PEOPLE believe this nation should do.

All we are is a vote and a check when election time rolls around and I for one, am fed up with it.  Continue reading

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