No charges in Keith Lamont Scott police shooting, Charlotte DA says

No charges in Keith Lamont Scott police shooting, Charlotte DA says

keith-lamont-scottThe North Carolina cop whose shooting of a black man in September touched off riots and helped fan fanned racial flames around the nation will not face charges, a prosecutor said Wednesday as he painstakingly laid out evidence the dead man brandished an illegal gun at police and ignored repeated commands to drop it.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray determined that Officer Brentley Vinson’s actions in killing Keith Lamont Scott were justified.

“We cannot know what Scott’s intention was that day,” Murray said.

Scott’s family has said he was not armed. SOURCE

Of course his family says he wasn’t armed, that’s what people like this do.

I am pretty sure he was a good boy and loved his Mama, attended church every time the doors were open, donated to the Red Cross, Jerry’s Kids, the Salvation Army, Shriners, and worked 2 full time jobs so he could be the fine, upstanding person his family wants us to believe he was.

So, if Keith Lamont Scott was such an upstanding citizen, why then did he have to buy a gun illegally?

“Mr. Scott illegally purchased the gun on Sept. 2,” Murray said. The seller admitted to selling the gun to a third party on Facebook.

And for what it’s worth, Facebook has a very strict policy about the sale of guns through their website. As founder and Chief Admin of The United States Gun Owners Association page on Facebook I receive regular reminders regarding the rules applied to gun pages by Facebook and the consequences that we could have imposed upon us if we don’t adhere to the rules.  Continue reading

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Ohio State Attack: Friend says Abdul Razak Ali Artan ‘Loved America’

Ohio State Attack: Friend says Abdul Razak Ali Artan ‘Loved America’

abdul-razak-ali-artanMinutes before his car-and-knife attack on the Ohio State University campus, Abdul Razak Ali Artan posted a message to his Facebook page — a rant full of anger at the United States with vague references to ISIS and “lone wolf attacks.”

But friends of the Somali refugee said Tuesday that the screed and the violence that followed it did not square with the mild-mannered Somali refugee they knew.

“He actually loved America,” Ameer Kadar, who last saw Artan two weeks ago, told NBC News. “He loved the fact of the opportunity he had here to go to school… He loved the fact that he was able to get a college degree.”

Haroon Khan, who met Artan and his family when they lived in Pakistan, said he could not believe the young man plowed his car into a crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife before being shot dead by a police officer.

“He was a very sweet and humble person,” Khan said. “He can never do such an act, honestly.” SOURCE

I have a little something for you to contemplate there Haroon Khan; you’re actually quite right, although I am pretty sure it was unintentional, but your good buddy Abdul can never commit an act such as this ever AGAIN.

He DID commit this heinous act of terror, he DID kill people with a car and a knife, regardless of what you say or think, he DID it, and now the sorry, no-good Somali Muslim son of a bitch is DEAD.

And for what it’s worth; I do not MOURN his death in ANY way, nor that of any terrorist, no matter where they come from, but I WILL celebrate his death for his actions in which he attacked and killed Americans. Burn in HELL you bastard.  Continue reading

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Here’s what is wrong with America

Here’s what is wrong with America


But the FIX is on the way…  Continue reading

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Cruz: If GOP doesn’t deliver, there will be ‘pitchforks and torches’

Cruz: If GOP doesn’t deliver, there will be ‘pitchforks and torches’

ted-cruzAlthough Texas Sen. Ted Cruz promised to work closely with the Trump presidential administration, he also warned on Sunday that there will be “pitchforks and torches in the street” if Donald Trump reneges on any campaign promises.

“If we’re given the White House and both houses of Congress and we don’t deliver, I think there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets — and I think quite rightly,” Cruz told journalist Martha Raddatz in an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

Noting that Republicans will soon control the White House and both chambers of Congress, Cruz said he was ready to “deliver on the promises we’ve made” to deregulate the energy industry and repeal the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Although Trump regularly called Obamacare “a disaster” on the trail, and said he believed it should be immediately repealed, he has since indicated that he would be open to amending it, instead. SOURCE

First and foremost; I don’t like Ted Cruz, I have never liked Ted Cruz and I doubt that I ever will, but in this instance, he DOES speak the truth.

Conservatives held their noses and voted Republican; a lot of GOP folks did the same thing simply because there was no other legitimate candidate in the race. No self-respecting Conservative of GOP member could vote for a disaster like Hillary Clinton, so, we all stuck together and voted TRUMP!

The GOP will soon have control of the Senate, the House and the Oval Office and if they sit back on their RINO asses, pitchforks and torches in the street is the least they can hope for. Americans are tired of being lied to, tired of hearing all of the *sales pitch* BS that comes from so many in office today.

We want action, decisive and fair action from our elected leaders. Is that too much to ask?  Continue reading

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