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If your user name is not something easily recognized, and pronounced, IN ENGLISH, if your user name consists of all numbers, if your user name is a *product* that you are spamming on MY blog, don’t waste my time or yours, I will not allow you to register your account.

Persons that register with any email address that I consider to be a suspected spammer or hacker email address will not be allowed to register. Persons that register with a name that is designed to SPAM my readers will be deleted. Persons that register with obviously FAKE email addresses will not be allowed to post. Example: [email protected] has been tried, it’s FAKE. My decision is final.


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YOU are a guest on this blog, if you wish to remain as a welcome addition to this blog, please act accordingly.

Constructive commentary is welcome, even commentary that is in disagreement with my position is welcome, as long as it is presented in a reasonable and sane manner, but be advised; no one will be allowed to comment here that comes into this blog and attempts to attack ME, MY beliefs, MY family, MY readers or members of the U.S. Military and/or Law Enforcement.

If you do, you will be BANNED, it’s just that simple.

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God Bless Texas 2